Slovenia chose their Eurovision 2018 act (live report)

Tonight we will find out who will perform for Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Follow the grand final of EMA 2018 in this live-blog with a link provided here. All times will be in CET.

The final of EMA 2018 will be recorded live tonight. Eight qualifiers from last week will compete to represent Slovenia in Lisbon later this year. Tonight’s hosts are local comedian Vid Valič and previous EMA singer Raiven. 50/50 televoting and jury will be utilised with televoting taking priority in the event of a tie.

Tonight’s running order:

  1. Lea Sirk – Hvala, Ne!
  2. Indigo – Vesna
  3. Ina Shai – Glow
  4. BQL – Promise
  5. Marina Martensson – Blizu
  6. Lara Kadis – Zdaj sem tu
  7. Proper – Ukraden cvet
  8. Nuška Drašček – Ne zapusti me zdaj

[21:46] As Lea Sirk reprises her entry. We’d like to thank you for joining and hope to see you again soon!

[21:43] In a shock twist BQL could not catch up to Lea Sirk meaning she will represent Slovenia in Lisbon with the song “Hvala, Ne!”

[21:39] Time for the televote results!

  • 72 points to: BQL – Promise
  • 60 points to: Nuška Drašček – Ne zapusti me zdaj
  • 48 points to: Lea Sirk – Hvala, Ne!
  • 36 points to: Lara Kadis – Zdaj sem tu
  • 24 points to: Proper – Ukraden cvet
  • 12 points to: Ina Shai – Glow

[21:33] Our last commercial break. Lea Sirk has a strong lead but the televoting could change that! Once we return the winner will be announced. Stay tuned!

[21:25] It’s time for the Jury votes:

Sixth juror comprises of ESC artists including Kristian, Aminata, Bojana, Dami Im & Emmelie de Forest

  • 12 points to Ina Shai

Fifth juror:

  • 12 points to Lea Sirk

Fourth juror (Television):

  • 12 points to Lea Sirk

Third juror (Radio):

  • 12 points to Lea Sirk

Second juror:

  • 12 points to Lea Sirk

First juror (OGAE Slovenia):

  • 12 points to Lea Sirk

[21:16] Maja Keuc is back on-stage performing her new (very Swedish) entry “Concrete” even though it’s playback it’s very impressive. Onto our second last commercial break before we find out the results!

[21:10] Raiven is now performing her entry for EMA 2017 “Zažarim” dressed in a blue full-piece outfit with some diamonds. Spotlights utilised quite a bit and great execution. Her new entry is medley-ed into the performance ” Povej (Tell me)” which showcases mirrors, high heels, one backing dancer and an LED big chair.

[21:06] We have our first interval act comprising of Jernej Kozan; a Slovenia’s Got Talent finalist dancing with Omar Naber’s singing a new entry with a strong EDM attribute.

[21:02] We are rejoined by tonight’s main hosts who showcase the numbers for each contestant as televoting has now opened! Followed by our first recap. Hosts explain that televoting will have priority in the event of a tie.

[20:59] #8 | Nuška Drašček | Ne zapusti me zdaj

Song just starts instantly, no intro which I like! Nuška has wavy, short hair and four backing dancers and reminds me of a Nusa Durenda performance. She owns the stage and her vocals give me that classic Slovenian power ballad vibe. Great yet slightly dated song to round off a strong Slovenian national final. Thoroughly impressed especially with those Diva falsetto notes during the bridge delivered flawlessly!

[20:55] #7 | Proper | Ukraden cvet

Proper is up with the main lead singer sitting on a chair while he singers to a microphone. Reminds me of 90s Eurovision performances from Ireland. Song has a great production that provides a journey. Not sure if it can stand out with strong contenders having already performed with great hooks and melodies to top. Definitely an artist to keep an eye out for.

[20:52] We’re once again back. Time for Proper with “Ukraden cvet”.

[20:49] We’re onto another commercial break. When we return last two entries!

[20:44] #6 | Lara Kadis | Zdaj sem tu

Lara wears a pink, prom-like gown with her hair parted down. Visuals consist of cyan and magenta colours which add a youthful quality to Lara. Vocals are unique for a girl her age but the overall song and presentation showcases a song for JESC rather than ESC. However, great vocal belt during the bridge!

[20:38] #5 | Marina Martensson | Blizu

Marina is sporting long red, frizzy red hair while the perform utilises mainly close-ups. Overall it does work well however the downfall is the entry and vocals themself. Both have trouble getting me to connect to the song. Tough song after following BQL.

[20:32] #4 | BQL | Promise

Tonight’s favourites to win tonight. They are the second and last performers to sing in English during this year’s final. Vocals are superb as they were last year. They keep the dynamic chemistry between the two while letting the rhythm and vocals speak for themselves. Definitely can see why they are favourite to win tonight.

[20:31] We’re back with the postcard for BQL. Will the break help them gain the attention?

[20:28] Time for our first commercial break. When we return the following three performances including big favourites BQL.

[20:24] #3 | Ina Shai | Glow

The first of two songs to be performed in English as opposed to Slovenian. She wears a black, glittered dress with the visuals utilising white lightning adding a great dynamic. Another strong contender for tonight’s crown. Vocals are well and I would be happy seeing this represent Slovenia.

[20:19] #2 | Indigo | Vesna

Band Indigo are back with a very similar performance to their semi-final. Main lead singer wears the decorative red items within her hair with the ethnic pattern displayed on the centre stage floor. Song is perhaps too slow paced and lacking in vocal command to keep your attention for three minutes. Appreciate what they are trying to achieve however.

[20:12] #1 | Lea Sirk | Hvala, Ne!

A firm contender starting off the show. Lea commands the stage as she nearly raps her entry with four female backing dancers. She sings incredibly well considering the high-paced energy of her performance. Extremely impressed. Let’s see if Slovenia have more tricks up their sleeves.

[20:09] We’re now shown tonight’s green room with our third host female comedian Andrea Andrassy. Next up tonight’s first act.

[20:00] Opening tonight’s show is last year’s representative Omar Naber performing a rock twist on his Eurovision entry “On My Way.

[19:55] The show will begin in five minutes. In less than two hours we should find out who will be the Slovenian competitor for Lisbon! We’re joined by our two hosts Vid and Raiven. Raiven’s sporting half blue, half pink hair!