Read back: The final of O melodie pentru Europa in Moldova

The final of O Melodie Pentru Europa in Moldova takes place tonight and it showcases a lot of unknown names, however a couple of songs were composed by notable people, like Philipp Kirkorov and Michael James Down. Follow O Melodie Pentru Europa 2018 in this liveblog.

2131: Televoting Results.

With an absolute landslide win, DoReDos have won the televote with Tolik finishing in second place. It’s an absolute runaway victory for DoReDos and “My Lucky Day” who will now go on to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon!

2120: Time for the results.

The jury each give out their points, with every single jury member except for one giving 12 points to DoReDos. Of course DoReDos now lead, with Vera Turcanu in second and Anna Odobescu in third place. The gap between first and second place is over 50 points but we still have televoting points to add after the break

2048: Sunstroke Project

Sunstroke Project are back to perform a Medley as part of the interval act.

2040: Interval act

It’s time for another one of Moldova’s legendary long interval acts, we can expect voting results in around 40 minutes. The interval features many segments about this year’s host city of Lisbon.

2029: Green Room

We go back to the green room now to speak to tonight’s artists before the voting lines are opened and we’re given a recap of the 16 finalists in this year’s competition.

2021: Ruslan Tsar – Come to life

“Come to life” is the last song of the night and it’s a light hearted pop-folk song. Ruslan is accompanied by four backing vocalists and he’s giving off the “middle aged man” charm. Although this song sounds slightly out of place for Eurovision, it’s a solid pop song. The vocals are a little shaky but the entry is fun. It’s very difficult to predict what will come of this entry, it could be completely overlooked or it could be an unexpected hit.

2017: Vera Țurcanu – Black Heart

The penultimate performance of the evening is “Black Heart” by Vera Turcanu and it is certainly that; a performance. She is sat next to a male dancer wearing a leotard and performing an interpretive choreographed routine to the song. It’s very reminiscent of a Sia performance and she has a similar style to Dihaj from Azerbaijan. The song is an intense mid tempo modern pop song, very interesting in it’s production and composition, it draws in attention and has the viewers immediately interested.

2013: Viorela – The gates of love

Next on stage is Viorela with “The gates of love”. The song is perfectly pleasant and inoffensive however the live vocal is absolutely shocking. The song is a classic ballad and it borders on cheesy, not bringing anything new to the table. Viorela is dressed in red and accompanied by a backing vocalist and a violinist.

2010: Felicia Dunaf: Alien

Song 13 is “Alien” by Felicia Dunaf, who is another returning artist this year. Her previous entries have stuck strictly to pop music but she’s venturing into drum and bass here and has evolved her sound to produce the very modern “Alien”. The build up to the chorus and the chorus itself are both exceptionally strong and the song is very exciting. She is dressed in black and accompanied by four male backing dancers also dressed in black. Strobe lighting flashes across the stage throughout the uptempo performance.

2000: Doinița Gherman – Dance in flames

Fan favourite Doinita is back. She’s given us so many classic Moldovan Eurovision songs in the past and this is her ninth time in the competition and this year is another bop. The song “Dance in Flames” is a mid tempo anthemic pop song with very loud staging. The costumes are extravagant and over the top, there is a man painted gold, huge shoulder pads, capes, wind machines, pyrotechnics, the lot. The song is instantly memorable and could be a contender to win tonight.

1947: Nicoleta Sava – Esencia del Sur

Nicoleta Sava is next to sing “Esencia del Sur” and this is a real latinpop banger. She is dressed as the salsa lady emoji and is performing an uptempo salsa number. She’s accompanied be four male backing dancers dressed in black and there is so much energy here it’s really infectious. The song is instantly memorable and very catchy. The latinpop sound is very current so she may do well with the televoters tonight.

1947: Anna Odobescu – Agony

“Agony” by Anna Odobescu is next and it’s a rock ballad. Anna is standing alone on stage in a foxy black catsuit. There are some really great vocal runs in this performance and she really manages to deliver the performance very well. The song is a little bit dated and it sounds like a Greek Eurovision entry from the 1990’s. The whole thing could do with a revamp to give it a bit more of a “wow” factor because in a night of fireworks, uptempo folk, dancers, and crazy costumes, this simple song may be lost.

1947: SandyC & Aaron Sibley – Once upon a time

Song nine is “Once Upon A Time” and it’s a uplifting ballad. Aaron is playing at the piano while Sandy stands on stage in a white dress. His vocals are very solid but she does have a few questionable notes which she doesn’t quite reach. The performance is a little cheesy and the song doesn’t particularly go anywhere. There is also a slight disconnect between the artists and it feels like they don’t connect well with the song, this may be picked up by televoters.

1944: Back to the green room

We go back to the green room to talk to more of this year’s artists

1938: DoReDos – My Lucky Day

Song eight is the fan favourite “My Lucky Day” by DoReDos, written by Russian megastar, Filip Kirkorov, the song is an modern folkpop banger. Unfortunately the staging doesn’t quite match the sound of the song. DoReDos have always been known for folk influences and traditional stage costumes, however the male singera are dressed in tuxedos and the female singer is dressed in a silver sequin cocktail dress. There is still the traditional folk dance break half way through the song. The artists are accompanied by moving mirrors on stage in front of a black and silver LED screen.

1933: Cobîlean Constantin – Numai tu

Another rock song follows: Cobîlean Constantin with “Numai tu” and it’s beginning to feel all the same now. This is the third performance in a row to have an orange backdrop with an LED featuring flames. The song has a 90’s sound and classic rock vibes, however, where Che MR had the folk elements to give them an edge, this song doesn’t seem to have a USP. The staging of a male singer in front of a traditional rock band has been done a million times before and the song isn’t particularly catchy either so I fear this is another entry which will get lost.

1929: Che MD – Inima-n stângă

A fan favourite next, Che MR, perform “Inima-n stângă” and this is another strong entry in the competition. The band are a rock band which blend together classic rock sounds with traditional Moldovan panpipes. The whole performance is unmistakably Moldovan and showcases modern Moldovan music whilst keeping traditional folk elements alive. The band are all dressed in black while a female wearing traditional dress plays the pipes. This is ethnopop with a twist and it’s a very unique sound. Flames and images of flames fill the stage once more throughout this performance.

1924: Ilia Soroceanu & Dasha DaGro – Minds & Veins

Song number five is “Minds & Veins” and this is a very strong entry. The song is very catchy and the artists make great use of the stage, using the LED backdrop to project images of both singers. The song is uptempo with a contemporary R&B vibe and latinpop influences which is very current. The singers are both wearing black and are accompanied by four backing dancers as flames fill the stage throughout the performance.

1920: Green Room Interviews

After a commercial break, our green room host then interviews the first four performers of the night before we continue with more of tonight’s finalists.

1915: Anna Timofei – Endlessly

Song four is “Endlessly” by Anna Timofei and it’s arguably the first serious entry of the night. Although her vocal style is quite wacky the song is the first contemporary pop song we’ve heard so far. Her style could be described as a 21st century Kate Bush with the whimsical storytelling qualities she possesses. The song is fairly solid and the staging is quite safe: she is wearing a white dress and accompanied by two female backing singers. There is a lot of focus on the LED backdrop which features gold vines on a navy blue background spiraling around her.

1907: Bella Luna – Moments

This group of three women and one man are very similar to Belarus’ 2010 entry 3+2 in their style. Their vocal performance is also very similar in that it is dreadful. The song is another classic style love song which borders on cheesy. The women are dressed in long sequin dressed whilst the male singer is dressed in a tuxedo. The lyrics to this song are very simple and it’s very predictable.

1900: Lavina Rusu – Altundeva

Lavina is next with the song “Altundeva” and the performance of this song really pops as it’s all black and white and in a pop art style. Lavina is joined by two male backing vocalists and two male dancers all dressed in white. The song itself is a mid tempo sentimental love song, however the vocals are really not very strong here and the melody lacks any discernible hook. This one may be forgotten.

1845: Tolik – Broken Glass

Song number one is “Broken Glass” by Tolik and it’s quite a sleepy opener to the competition, the song is a sad love ballad with dramatic sentiment and a classic feel. Tolik stands alone on stage wearing a floor length black coat while singing into a microphone stand. There is a backdrop of grey stormy weather, similar to the staging of Kristian Kostov in Kiev. The song is somewhat memorable and has a traditionally Moldovan feel to it, however it does tend to drag and lacks any real power behind it.

1840: The show begins

The show opens and we’re introduced to our hosts who tell us about how tonight will work with 50/50 jury/televoting split. We then have a brief section from the green room where our backstage host meets the judges and some of tonight’s artists.

16 acts will be participating in the competition this year for the opportunity to represent Moldova at Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon and they are:

Tolik – Broken Glass
Lavina Rusu – Altundeva
Bella Luna – Moments
Anna Timofei – Endlessly
Ilia Soroceanu & Dasha DaGro – Minds & Veins
Che MD – Inima-n stângă
Cobîlean Constantin – Numai tu
DoReDos – My lucky day
SandyC & Aaron Sibley – Once upon a time
Anna Odobescu – Agnony
Nicoleta Sava – Esencia del Sur
Doinița Gherman – Dance in flames
Felicica Dunaf – Alien
Viorela – The gates of love
Vera Țurcanu – Black Heart
Ruslan Tsar – Come to life

We’ll be updating the liveblog with all the action and the results as they happen so be sure to check back live from 1840CET.