Read back: First Dress rehearsal of Semi Final 1

The Eurovision week has started today. Tonight is the jury show of semi final 1, but now it’s time for the dress rehearsal. We will find out all the “show elements” such as opening and interval acts, and postcards!

ESCDaily is live in Turin. In the liveblog below, we will describe everything that happens in Eurovision 2022 semi final 1, around the country performances. Do you want to know what to expect from the participants? Check out our case file.

Tonight we will focus on the performances during our special Jury Rehearsal blog.


  1. I only see comments on postcards.. Will you guys fill in the gaps by commenting on the performances? Or will you do that later at the juryrehearsals?

    • Hey Robbert, just like every year we focus on the show elements in Rehearsal 1 and then during the Jury Rehearsal we focus on the performances. Join us later tonight for that one! Kind regards, Steef

      • OK. Very clear, and very nice to hear the betting game will be there again!

        Grtz robbert-rotterdam

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