Stockholm 2016: Live-blog Day 10

Time for the first rehearsal of the second second semi final. Australia will also be present by Dami Im. ESC Daily is live at the press center to follow all the news for you. 

Please note that the first dress rehearsal will start at 5PM CET. The Jury Show will start at 9PM CET. During that show, ESC Daily will have a separate liveblog up, focusing specifically on potential jury outcomes.

19:25 – Team ESC Daily is getting ready for the jury rehearsal now. We will cover that for you in a separate blog. Thanks for watching!

19:00 – It’s time for Germany, Italy and United Kingdom.

18:50 – INTERVAL ACT. The interval act is very modern: a metallic robot is on stage and they work with laser lights. A robotic hand dances with the dancer on stage – human versus machine. Dancers come on stage: they dance on several world hits: for example Beyonce’s Single Ladies and Thriller by Michael Jackson.

18:28 – Laura and her smiling dancers repeat their last rehearsals. It looks good, though a bit too much Junior Eurovision maybe. Laura screams for participation from the audience. Not sure if that is a good idea.

18:25 – Georgia keeps it psychedellic and funky, while Albania keeps on believing the fairytale. one wonders why they choose to keep the three young backings off stage. In the Euroclub they performed two times on stage and the boy and two girls looked really sweet.

18:16 – Norway is on stage, slightly off key in the verses. Jamala from the Ukraine delivered a flawless performance. No major changes to the act.

18:03 – Rumor has it that… just like the Greek even the Danish fans don’t like their song to qualify.

18:00 – For Bulgaria there are few changes too.

17:54 – It’s the turn of Slovenia. Everything remains unchanged. Coming after Australia this feels a bit missing.

17:51 – In the postcard we see Dami Im in a tunnel inside an aquarium and tries to interact with the fish. After the postcard she gave the best rehearsal Australia’s Dami Im has had all week. Everything comes together during this dress rehearsal. That promises a lot for tomorrow.

17:45 – Finally Donny has chosen the white leather outfit. Controlled vocals and he sings his high notes himself.

17:39 – Kaliopi is leaning against a lamp post in front of something that looks like an ancient monument. Then she’s inside a museum with old pottery and artefacts. After the postcard, we can see a real diva on stage who sings all the notes pitch-perfect.

17:36 – The theme for the Irish postcard is football. Nicky puts on football trainers and then plays some football inside a large stadium. During the performance, there are no changes for Ireland. However, Nicky Byrne sounds significantly better than during the previous rehearsals. Whether it is sufficient to continue, I don’t know.

17:33 – Sanja’s act did not need improvement. Serbia just nails it again.

17:27 – It’s time for IVAN from Belarus. Little changes compared to the previous times. IVAN chooses to switch to a grey suit and wears his hair like Legolas from Lord of the Rings.

17:24 – Few changes for Hovi Star from Israel. At the end, he sings his high note (for the first time) very well.

17:21 – Rykka from Switzerland doesn’t deliver a great performance. Vocal remains insufficient.

17:18 – It is the turn of Poland. Singer Michał Szpak wears his red Napoleon-coat and delivers a very expressive performance. This time, the vocals are not very good. I wonder if this continues.

17:15 – We start off with Latvia. Justs improved the staging to more black and dark mint colours later more dark orange colours are added. He gave his voicec the needed rest which benefits the vocal performance. This is a very good run for Latvia: a flawless performance.

17:00 – The show opens with a funny musical act about Eurovision (which sounds like Michael Bublé meets the Muppets), mocking all clichés about languages and political voting. Petra and Mans playback their way through. The countries singers will this afternoon without an audience and not everybody will show everything.