Five new Eurovision songs after a great Saturday night

Time for yet another big Preselection Saturday. With 5 national finals and the famous Andra Chansen in Sweden, Eurovision fans do not want to miss any of the action tonight! Thankfully, you do not have to go far. ESCDaily covers everything in one convenient blog.

Follow all the preselection action tonight with us! Updates from tonight will appear below with the newest update on top. Keep refreshing for new updates!

23:45 – Portugal still running

Please switch to our Portugal liveblog by Joshua Mayne. This liveblog is done for tonight – thanks for following us!

23:36 – KEiiNO wins Melodi Grand Prix

KEiiNO wins Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2019

23:30 – Netta Barzilai sings “Toy” in MGP

The winner of Eurovision 2018 performs in the Norwegian final as interval act.

23:20 – Anna Odobescu will represent Moldova

Not Siaj, but Anna Odobescu has won the Moldovan national final. Her song “Stay” was the favorite of the jury and finished second in the televote.

Anna Odobescu is the Eurovision act for Moldova

23:16 – Only two left in Norway

Results in Norway at the same moment: KEiiNO will fight with Adrian Jørgensen for victory in Melodi Grand Prix. The other two songs are out of the race now.

Both KEiiNO and Adrian Jørgensen will now perform again.

23:14 – Hatari wins the Icelandic ticket

No Hera Björk and no Fridrik Omar either. It is the controversial newcoming band Hatari that will represent Iceland in Tel Aviv.

More information:

Iceland chooses Hatari for Tel Aviv

23:11 – “Telemóveis unlike any song performed at Eurovision”

Joshua Mayne is impressed by Conan Osiris. “Telemóveis is unlike any song performed at Eurovision before. It combines ethnic and modern instrumental to create a captivating performance. It is between him and Matay.”

23:03 – Overview of the situation

2 entries left in Iceland: Hatari and Fridrik Omar

4 entries left in Norway: KEiiNO, Adrian Jørgensen, D’Sound and Anna-Lisa Kumoji

Portugal and Moldova also have finals running, but there has been no cut-off point there yet.

20:15 CET – Moldova – O Melodie Pentru Europa final
20:45 CET – Iceland – Söngvakeppnin final
20:55 CET – Norway – Melodi Grand Prix final
22:00 CET – Portugal – Festival da Canção final

22:52 – KEiiNO, Adrian Jørgensen to superfinal

Adrian Jørgensen is through to the super final in Norway, together with KEiiNO, D’Sound and Anna-Lisa Kumoji and her song “Holla”.

Mørland has been eliminated.

22:44 – “Matay is a contender”

“Matay’s song has a big Disney feel, and is very charming. Vocals were impressive and composed – definetely a contender.”

You can follow Joshua’s full commentary about the Portuguese final in his liveblog.

22:37 – Finally: a song in Portugal

On half an hour delay, the first song has been performed in Portugal. “A Dois is an enjoyable pop song to commence tonight’s proceedings,” says Joshua Mayne, our Portugal expert. “Not ground-breaking, but nonetheless an enjoyable and well executed opener.”

22:34 – International jury chooses “Mr Unicorn” in Norway

A surprising result in Norway. The international jury has voted for the band D’Sound and their song “Mr. Unicorn”. Adrian Jorgensen finishes in second place.

However, these votes do not count into the actual result…

We are now waiting to hear who qualifies for the Final 4.

22:30 – Hera Björk eliminated, Hatari vs Fridrik Omar in superfinal

Iceland has chosen two superfinalists: Hatari and Fridrik Omar. This means that Hera Björk will not return to the Eurovision stage.

22:23 – Technical issues in several countries

Both in Moldova and in Norway, some songs need to be performed again due to technical issues.

22:16 – Rock song for Moldova?

Sadie Trent follows the Moldovan final, and prefers Siaj so far: “Siaj with “Olimp” has been the best performance so far. With her ‘out there’ costumes, and perfect backing vocalists. I like this rock song.”

22:06 – Mørland vs Mørland

First, Mørland performed himself, and then it was Adrian Jørgensens turn. His song was written by Mørland. Both entries are high favorites to win MGP this year.

22:02 – Lines open in Iceland

Can Hatari upset Hera Björk? We will soon find out.

22:00 – Carina Dahl performs a song by SENNEK

Big time Norwegian celebrity Carina Dahl is on stage in Melodi Grand Prix. She sings a flat, mid-tempo pop song “Hold me down”, which was written by SENNEK (who represented Belgium in Eurovision 2018). Carina Dahl previously tried to represent Norway in 2013 with the song “Sleepwalking”. Despite flashy orange clothes and slick choreography, it does not seem as though she will be more successful this time.

21:55 – Portugal about to start

Is “Telemoveis” your favorite in Portugal, too?

One of these eight will sing for Portugal in Tel Aviv

21:48 – Glamrock in MGP final

Remember Wig Wam, who represented Norway in 2005? Hank von Hell is going for the same genre, with his Kiss-like performance in the Melodi Grand Prix final. “We are born to fake it,” he sings. A nice novelty act, but not a winner.

21:43 – Hera Björk on stage

“In this safe ballad, she proves that she is still one of the best vocalists in Iceland,” says Robin Tas, our Iceland correspondent. “However, the song is nothing we haven’t heard already in Eurovision.”

21:37 – Melodifestivalen 2019 running order

  1. Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Norrsken (Goeksegh)
  2. Lisa Ajax – Torn
  3. Mohombi – Hello
  4. Lina Hedlund – Victorious
  5. Bishara – On My Own
  6. Anna Bergendahl – Ashes to Ashes
  7. Nano – Chasing Rivers
  8. Hanna Ferm & LIAMOO – Hold You
  9. Malou Prytz – I Do Me
  10. John Lundvik – Too Late for Love
  11. Wiktoria – Not with Me
  12. Arvingarna – I Do

21:35 – Morland impresses

Very strong vocals from the Norwegian representative in 2015. He performs a quiet ballad with a lot of dried ice and a classy act with traditional ballet dancers on stage.

21:30 – Anna Bergendahl, Lisa Ajax, Arvingarna and Nano qualify for Melodifestivalen final

She has won the first duel in Andra Chansen, beating Andreas Johnson. Nano, Arvingarna and Lisa Ajax are also through.

Anna Bergendahl in, Lisa Ajax beats Martin Stenmarck in Andra Chansen


21:25 – Darude will perform “Look Away”

DJ Darude and Sebastian Rejman perform ‘Look Away’ for Finland

21:22 – Fridrik Omar opens the Icelandic ball

Finally the first song in Iceland: Fridrik Omar has performed his ballad. He is a familiar name for Eurovision fans, yet not top favorite to represent Iceland again. “His vocals are still strong though,” concludes Robin Tas, who follows the Söngvakeppnin final for ESCDaily.

21:19 – Futuristic act catches attention in Norway

The first remarkable act in Norway is song nr 2: “Mr Unicorn”, a dance track with a very futuristic and visually interesting performance.

21:10 – “Look Away” wins jury vote in Finland

All 8 juries gave their 12 points to Look Away. That song is in the lead with 96 points, followed by Superman with 74 points and Release Me with 70.

21:02 – “It will take an Idols winner to beat Martin Stenmarck”

A very strong third duel in Melodifestivalen: Martin Stenmarck (Eurovision 2005) vs Lisa Ajax. Brandon McCann is impressed with both, but thinks fan favorite Lisa Ajax will go through. “This is how much it takes to oust Martin Stenmarck: a former Swedish Idol winner like Lisa Ajax.”

20:59 – Jazzy opener in Moldova

Aurel Chirtoacă with the song “La cinema” opens in Moldova. Sadie Trent follows the show for us and comments: “Opener has a black stage with blue strobe lighting. He is wearing a checked suit and a hat. His voice works excellent in this jazz song.”

20:52 – Norway’s final wide open

The final of Melodi Grand Prix starts in a few minutes. It seems quite an open contest this year, although KEiiNO is the bookmakers favorite before Morland.

KEiiNO favourite to win MGP, ahead of Mørland and Adrian Jørgensen

20:46 – Dancing on top of the world

In their third performance (“Look Away”), DJ Darude and Sebastian Rejman again pull out all the stops in terms of staging. There is a girl dancing on top of a box, which is placed over Darude’s DJ-ing box.

20:40 – Will Nano get a second chance?

Meanwile in Sweden, 2017 runner-up Nano is battling newcomer Vlad Reiser in the second Andra Chansen duel.

Brandon McCann: “Nano has the better song and performance in which he hears a new silver, jacket. Nano’s to win.”

20:31 – DJ Darude & Sebastian Rejman: “Better staging for Superman”

“Somewhat weaker vocals in this song, but better staging,” according to Dennis van Eersel. “There is an act with two girls, who receive a ball from Sebastian, and it is lit up when they touch it. They walk towards DJ Darude, who then gets to play a part in the act as well. There is a big purple heart as backdrop for this song.”

20:25 – Moldova also started

The final of “O Melodie Pentru Europa” is underway now, with a guest performance by Doredos.

20:23 – “Andreas Johnson uncomfortable performing first”

“Andreas Johnson didn’t look the most comfortable performing first,” says Brandon McCann, who follows Sweden live for ESCDaily tonight. “Slick performance but very little visual & musical content to keep your attention.”

He prefers Anna Bergendahl in this first battle. “Vocals are stronger than her semi-final performance from Anna. Lyrically one of the strongest entries this year. Quite certain this will qualify.”

We will have to wait until later tonight, however, before we get the actual result.

20:17 – Treadmills and fluorescent tubes

Darude and Sebastian Rejman perform their first song “Release me”. Darude is at the back of the stage, mixing music behind a table. On stage, the performance borrows elements from both Surie and Robin Bengtsson: treadmills and fluorescent tubes. One steady camera shot, with only zooming in and out, in the first two minutes, which is not enough to keep things interesting. More wide shots and audience shots towards the end of the song. Rejman’s vocals are quite okay.

20:05 – Krista Siegfrieds and an ode to DJ Darude

Krista Siegfrieds is performing, she will host the show tonight. After her performance, a bunch of Finnish schoolkids play “Sandstorm” (Darude’s biggest hit) on their flutes.

20:02 – Here we go!

Finland and Sweden have started their shows.

19:53 – Hatari wants to block Hera Björk comeback

In what appears to be a two-horse race in Iceland tonight, there is a techno and punk rock group called Hatari hoping to come up with a shock victory at Söngvakeppnin 2019. Can they beat Hera Björk and Fridrik Omar?

Hatari wants to block the comeback of Hera Björk and Fridrik Omar in Iceland

19:46 – Anna Bergendahl, Martin Stenmarck, Arvingarna

No less than three (!) former Melodifestivalen winners were sent to Andra Chansen this year. Anna Bergendahl will open the show in a battle against another Melfest veteran: Andreas Johnson. Martin Stenmarck faces a difficult test up against fan favorite Lisa Ajax, and Arvingarna too will try to reach the Grand Final in the Friends Arena in Stockholm next week. These are the duels:

  • Andreas Johnson – “Army of us” vs Anna Bergendahl – “Ashes to Ashes”
  • Vlad Reiser – “Nakna i regnet” vs Nano – “Chasing rivers”
  • Martin Stenmarck – “Låt skiten brinna” vs Lisa Ajax – “Torn”
  • Rebecka Karlsson – “Who I am” vs Arvingarna – “I do”

19:41 – All eyes on Darude

The Finnish final will draw a lot of attention. DJ Darude, famous from his world wide hit “Sandstorm”, will perform three songs tonight together with Sebastian Rejman. One of these songs will represent Finland at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

Both Darude and Sebastian spoke to our correspondent Dennis van Eersel and said that “they are pretty calm, because they’ve rehearsed well”.

19:35 – Nordic night

Six countries organize preselection shows tonight, including four Nordic countries. While Iceland, Norway and Finland all hold their finals, Sweden gives 8 participants a second chance in Andra Chansen.

You can watch the shows through the following livestreams:

20:00 CET – Sweden – Andra Chansen
20:00 CET – Finland – Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu final
20:15 CET – Moldova – O Melodie Pentru Europa final
20:45 CET – Iceland – Söngvakeppnin final
20:55 CET – Norway – Melodi Grand Prix final
22:00 CET – Portugal – Festival da Canção final

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