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Malta will pick their act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Sweden starts with Melodifestivalen and Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania continue with their preselection shows. It will be a great Eurovision evening and we will guide you through the events of tonight in this liveblog.

  • 21:00 CET: Watch the Maltese final HERE and follow Sadie Trent’s liveblog HERE.
  • 20:00 CET: Sweden’s Melodifestivalen is broadcast HERE while Allie Lindo gives live commentary HERE.
  • From 20:00 CET: You can also choose to watch the shows in Hungary (starting 20:30 CET), Latvia (20:30 CET) or Lithuania (20:00 CET) through web streams.

Steef van Gorkum will inform you with news updates from all shows in this article. Below you can follow his updates, with the most recent comments appearing on top as you refresh this post (Timestamps are in CET):

00:03 – It’s Christabella for Malta!

This is the Maltese song for Eurovision 2018 and our closure for the night!

23:45 – Results are coming, really

It takes longer than necessary, but het, that is the Eurovision preselection season. BUT: The results of MESC 2018 -are really coming.

23:03 – Just two songs to go in Malta

We still have two songs to go in Malta, and about an hour to wait for the actual result. But according to our Malta-expert at ESCDaily, Sadie Trent, it will be a two-horse race between Brooke and Christabelle , who gave a good visual performance.

22:58 – Results of the first Supernova 2018 heat

Besides Edgars Kreilis, the other qualifier from the first heat of Supernova in Latvia is Liene Greifane with the song “Walk The Talk”. More info on the show here in our results article.

22:49 – Another break in Latvia, but results coming soon

Who will be the two first qualifiers for the final of Supernova 2018 in Latvia. First, we have to sit through another break. But, the results are coming soon. They really do.

22:36 – Roland Gulyás is through, Reni Tolvai is out!

Reni Tolvai has been surprisingly eliminated from A Dal 2018. Roland Gulyás topped her in the televote and advances as sixth qualifier for tonight to the semi final, making the semi final field complete.

22:30 – Malta is loving Brooke

Brooke’s song in Malta is composed by the same team behind If Love was a crime. According to the live blog for the Maltese final by Sadie Trent, her vocals are point. Her dress is white. The crowd are screaming for her as well.

22:24 – Jury made up their mind in Hungary, one televote spot left

Cintia Horváth & Tomi Balogh, Ham ko Ham, Maszkura és a tücsökraj, Nikoletta Szőke, Attila Kökény & Róbert Szakcsi Lakatos and Tamás Horváth have qualified for the semi final. Reni Tolvai has to hope for a good televote result.

22:12 – Lithuania: Monika Marija and Jurgis Bruzga both through

We have the results of heat 4 of #eurovizijos in Lithuania. Monika Marija won the televote and surpasses jury vote winner Jurgis Brūzga to win tonight. Both qualified for the next round.

22:09 – Tamás Horváth leads in Hungary, Tolvai Reni in danger

The score with only one performance left to go:

21:56 – Edgars Kreilis easily the best in Supernova

The first notable moment in a dull evening in Latvia: top favorite Edgars Kreilis gives a solid performance. His modern pop song “Younger Days” is energetic, if somewhat flat. He sings it well, which could not be said about everyone tonight.

21:48 – Results in Lithuania

Sweden has finished, but the four other shows are still running. We’re awaiting results in Lithuania in the next fifteen minutes. The last song has been performed.

21:42 – Save the best for last

Malta has not put their biggest names on stage just yet. Four acts we’ve seen so far, and the top favorites are yet to come.

21:37 – Ham Ko Ham takes the lead

Despite his bad interaction with the camera, Ham Ko Ham takes the lead in A Dal with 38 points with the song “Bármerre jársz”. Robin Tas: “Best song so far”.

21:26 – Benjamin Ingrosso through, Sigrid & Renaida to Andra Chansen

No surprises in Sweden: Benjamin Ingrosso qualifies for the final.

21:21 – Weak heat in Hungary

According to Robin Tas, the third heat in Hungary’s A Dal was the weakest of them all. Nova Prospekt is still in charge of the scoreboard.

I already can’t wait for the semifinals to start, because tonight has been rather dull so far. Former X-factor candidate Roland Gulvás came with a slow song, Hypnotized. The refrain of the song is eight times “She got me hypnotized”, almost as if the songwriter was out of inspiration.

21:16 – Vi har et resultat

The legendary words have been spoken in Sweden. John Lundvik qualifies for the final of Melodifestivalen 2018. After his reprise, we’ll know the rest of the results.

21:09 – Lithuania: Marija leads televote

Halfway the performances in Lithuania, Marija is leading the televote. Still a lot of songs to go, though.

21:04 – Kikki Danielsson already eliminated

The former Eurovision participant finishes 7th in the first heat of Melodifestivalen. Kamferdrops is 6th. The other 5 continue their battle for tickets.

You can vote for your favorite in our Twitter poll:

20:53 – Meanwhile in Hungary

ESCDaily’s Robin Tas follows A Dal live for us. “The third heat of A Dal took off with an performance from the band Nova Prospect. Ending her performance with a cartwheel on stage, Nova Prospect received 37 points, from which 29 from the jury.”

20:45 – Waiting for Benjamin Ingrosso

Six performances done in Sweden. Allie Lindo favors John Lundvik so far.

20:31 – Supernova and A Dal now live

The Latvians have a nice opening clip starring 2016 participant Justs. He’s also one of the hosts of the show.

20:20 – Jury winner Lithuania gives solid performance

“Jury vote winner has just performed in Lithuania. Slick performance by a guy in suit and three dancers in suit on a blue stage. Dancing does not affect the quality of vocals. Makes sense the jury gave it the max,” says Dennis van Eersel, ESCDaily’s country expert for Lithuania.

20:02 – Sweden goes for big opening act

We’re live in Sweden! Sacha Jean-Baptiste, who announced earlier this week that she’ll stage the Cyprus Eurovision act this year, is ready for the big Melfest party.

19:58 – Jurgis Brūzga leads in Lithuania

Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė returns to Eurovizijos, after taking part before. But she is not the favourite, since the jury already voted for Jurgis Brūzga, who will perform as the second artist of the evening. Kotryna received 8 points.

Here is the jury score for tonight:

Jurgis Brūzga – For Love – 12 points
Monika Marija – The Truth – 10 points
Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – That Girl – 8 points
Marija – This Love – 8 points
The Roop – Yes, I Do – 6 points
Daintoas Varnas – Merry-go-round – 5 points
Rūta Loop – Positive Thoughts – 4 points
Rasa Kaušiūtė – The Silence – 3 points
Marius Petrauskas – Kol Meilė Gyva – 2 points
Silvija Pankūnaitė – Real – 1 point

19:53 – Melodifestivalen 2018 kicks off

The first show that starts tonight is probably the one most anticipated. Sweden starts Melodifestivalen 2018 in less than 10 minutes. Youngster Benjamin Ingrosso is the one to watch in the first semi final.

19:39 – Edgars Kreilis to threaten Markus Riva?

No Markus Riva yet in tonight’s first heat of Supernova in Latvia. He will perform next week. In his absence, the often mentioned favorite for tonight’s show is Edgars Kreilis with his song about broken families.

19:31 – No disqualification

We were almost off to a rocky start in Sweden. However, despite Aftonbladet’s revelations of earlier today, Kamferdrops will not be disqualified:


  1. Weak heat in Hungary, but an even weaker heat in Sweden. Ingrosso and John deservedly won, but actually no song was final-worthy.

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