Live: Four battles at MF’s Andra Chansen

Tonight, four more tickets to the Melodifestivalen final will be handed out when eight hopefuls battle it out in Andra Chansen. For the acts that just missed the cut in their ‘deltävling‘, this is their second chance at making it to the show at the Friends Arena next week. Tune in to the live broadcast here and don’t forget to follow the show along with us at ESC Daily!

In a change of rules compared to earlier years, not two, but four songs will progress from tonight’s Andra Chansen to the Melodifestivalen final one week from today.

To recap, here are tonight’s four battles: (winners in bold)
1. Andreas Weise – Bring Out The Fire vs. Linus Svenning – Forever Stars Today

2. Hasse Andersson – Guld och Gröna Skogar vs. Kristin Amparo – I See You

3. Dolly Style – Hello Hi vs. Dinah Nah – Make Me (La La La)

4. Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone – Det Rår Vi Inte För vs. Samir och Viktor – Groupie


21:27 That was it for tonight! We now have the complete list of finalists for next week’s grand final of Melodifestivalen. Thanks for following the show along with us here on ESC Daily!

21:24 ‘Sverige, vi har ett resultat!’ Time to find out who won the two final battles. The most votes were collected in the third one by… Dinah Nah! This means Dolly Style is eliminated from competition. And this year’s final battle was won by… Samir och Viktor! Of course, this ends Melodifestivalen 2015 for Behrang Miri and Victor Crone.

21:21 The final interval act of tonight is a duet between Sanna Nielsen and a video projection of the late Monica Zetterlund, who finished last with nul points when she represented Sweden at Eurovision in 1963. In an attempt to give the song some of the glory it deserved, the show goes back to black and white for the majority of ‘En Gång i Stockholm’. 

21:18 After another ‘snabbrepris’ it’s time to take a look at the acts that have already secured a place in the final next week.

21:12 Samir och Viktor – Groupie
The final act of tonight’s show is ‘Groupie‘, the song that tells us we should never take selfies again, it’s time to get in the frame together and take a ‘groupie’! Aside from the fact that they’re both duos of two men, the two final acts are completely different. Samir & Viktor’s radio-pop song is supported by glowing LED-boxes, which at one point feature Eurovision-winner Conchita Würst. ‘We’re not here to win Melodifestivalen, we’re just here to have a good time!’, Samir and Viktor tell us, and no matter what the outcome of their battle is, they seemed to have succeeded in that, at least.

21:07 Behrang Miri feat. Victor Crone & Malena Ernman – Det Rår Vi Inte För
Behrang and Victor are getting special help tonight in their quest for a spot in the final: former Melodifestivalen winner Malena Ernman! Malena, being very sympathethic with Behrang’s anti-racism work in Sweden, decided to support the pair for their Andra Chansen-performance. ‘Det Rår Vi Inte För’ might not be the biggest favourite for the victory, especially since Victor Crone tends to miss a note every now and then, but the performance is entertaining to watch, and the addition of Malena Ernman definitely did the song good.

21:01 Another ‘snabbrepris‘ to help the Swedish voters, and afterwards it’s time for Filippa Bark, who is possibly the only one in Melodifestivalen 2015 more controversial than Dolly Style. The character, performed by Sissela Benn, has had Sweden divided since the first week of this year’s ‘Melfest’. Partly due to that controversy, Filippa Bark will not be talking to the artists in the green room this week, but instead performs a song, which deals with how to get peace on earth: don’t compete in music! She even invites Christer Björkman, Melodifestivalen supervisor, on stage to help spread the message.

20:57 Dinah Nah – Make Me (La La La)
An army of 50 hologram dancers is what Dinah Nah would like for her perfomance, if she had unlimited resources. Unfortunately for her, she’s gonna have to try and reach the final with the six ones the SVT awarded her. Nah said earlier this week that she feels she and Dolly Style have the same target group of voters, and a direct battle between their songs makes her point. More flashing lights, brightly coloured hair and danceable tunes. However, she wins the vocal battle by more than a few miles. If that’ll be the deciding factor remains to be seen.

20:52 Dolly Style – Hello Hi
One of the most controversial acts of 2015, the girl group Dolly Style, takes the stage. It was never a secret that the vocal part was never the most important aspect of their performance, and that once again becomes clear quickly in their rendition of ‘Hello Hi’. Happy dancing, simple lyrics and a flashy stage is what is going to have to convince the Swedish audience to vote these dolls all the way to the final.

20:47 Time for ‘the reigning Eurovision queen of Sweden’: Loreen, performing her new single ‘Paper Light’. The Lena Meyer-Landrut-like song is the most artistically portrayed of the evening, full of unusual camera angles and flashing lights. Later in the song, Loreen is joined on stage by three male dancers.

20:44 Throughout the years, Sweden has been very succesful at the Eurovision Song Contest. We get a short look at the ‘medal winners’, all the Swedish acts that made it to the top 3, including their five total wins.

20:41 Sweden, we have a result! Time to find out who are the winners of the first two duels. The winner of the first battle, is… Linus Svenning! This means Andreas Weise is eliminated from the contest. In the second battle, the most votes were collected by… Hasse Andersson! Unfortunately, this means the end of the competition for Kristin Amparo.  

20:38 Some more interval action. Robin and Sanna sing about what tonight’s artists are supposedly thinking about competing in Andra Chansen.

20:37 Time for another ‘snabbrepris‘,  and time for the Swedish people to select their favourite!

20:33 Kristin Amparo – I See You
Facing the tough battle against Hasse Andersson, is Kristin Amparo, who scored a monster hit in Sweden last year with the song ‘Din Soldat’. Her current ‘I See You’ gives her the chance to show off her impressive vocal talents, but her performance sounds less convincing than two weeks ago. In spite of that, the Adele-like song works excellent on a big stage like the Melodifestivalen’s, and it’s not hard to picture this on the biggest stage, the one in Austria two months from today. Based on the audience’s response, she’s gonna have a tough time beating Hasse Andersson, however.

20:27 Hasse Andersson – Guld och Gröna Skogar
Kicking off the second battle, Hasse Andersson tells us how impressed he is by Kristin Amparo’s song. In his heavy Skånedialect, he performs his song ‘Guld och Gröna Skogar‘. It’s hard not to tap your foot along to the true sing-along quality of the song, but whether or not an old-fashioned country song like this, sung in Swedish, would do well in Vienna. The audience seems to absolutely love it, however, and give Hasse their loudest cheer of the night so far.

20:21 In honour of the 60th anniversary of the Song Contest, Robin, Sanna and their backup singer/dancers perform a medley of their own adaptations of famous Eurovision songs from the past, like ‘Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu’ and ‘Save Your Kisses For Me’. Sanna impresses with ‘Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi’.

20:20 In the audience, 2012 winner Loreen, who also will be performing later tonight, is sitting next to Jon Ola Sand, the executive supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest.

20:17 Time for some comedic interval action from hosts Sanna and Robin. And the lines are closed!

20:16 In case you already forgot which song you wanted to vote for, it’s time for tonight’s first ‘snabbrepris’, or recap. Time to send the first artist to the final, Sweden!

20:12 Linus Svenning – Forever Starts Today
More pyrotechnics on stage for Linus Svenning’s performance. He tells the audience he only made some changes in the camera angles compared to his first time around. ‘Forever Starts Today’ seems to suit Svenning’s voice less than his 2014 song ‘Bröder‘, but the performance is quite spectacular, and the audience seems to be giving him a slight advantage over Weise.

20:07 Andreas Weise – Bring Out The Fire
Whether or not to wear a jacket has been the major question on Andreas Weise’s mind these last few days, he tells us. Apparently, no jacket seemed the better choice in the hope of reaching the final for him. Weise once again performs an energetic rendition of his song ‘Bring Out The Fire‘. Aside from some new ad libs, he hasn’t changed much from his original performance. It’s really a ‘hate-it-or-love-it’-kind of song.

20:03 – After a short recap of last week’s action, hosts Robin and Sanna are introduced to the scene, who tell us a little bit about what we can expect tonight. One by one, the competing artists are called to the stage.

20:00 – Welcome to tonight’s liveblog of Melodifestivalen! Tonight’s show will be broadcasted live from the Helsingborg Arena, and will once again be hosted by Sanna Nielsen and Robin Paulsson. Nu kör vi!