France impressed Europe with Destination Eurovision preselection

Last night, France chose Madame Monsieur as the artist to represent them at Eurovision 2018 in the Destination Eurovision Grand Final. French-Australian Malo’ came third with his song ‘Ciao’. ESCDaily covered the show live with in-depth performance analysis.

Note: the show is over, you can read back the performance reviews below:

23:50  Madame Monsieur wins the televote and Destination Eurovision!

Madame Monsieur will represent France at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon with the song ”Mercy”. In an incredible turn of events, the duo won the televote to come from behind and claim first place.

23:37  Jury votes are in

Lisandro Cuxi with ‘Eva’ leads by 8 points…

23:28  Halfway through jury votes…

Emmy Liyana and Lisandro Cuxi are tied in the lead with 38 points.

23:14  Judges share their favourites

Alma – Emmy, Igit and Nassi

Christophe – Emmy

Isabelle – Mercy and Malo’

23:03  Who was your favourite?

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22:54  Start voting!

The voting lines are now open. Who will the French public and international juries vote as their ‘chanson préférée’?

22:50  Malo’ – Ciao

The French-Australian performs! The song has similarities to a Coldplay ballad, but Malo’ adds a unique aspect to it with his striking vocals. It’s very magical with the addition of smoke on the floor and glitter falling down. He moves around the stage with a lot of energy, and the crowd are engaged. A very divisive performance on social media, but you can’t fault his passion. It will be interesting to see how it fares in the voting. Boulay describes it as ‘exceptional’ and she ‘wishes it well’.

22:36  Nassi – Rêves de gamin

After a sensational duet, Nassi unfortunately couldn’t deliver a flawless performance. The song itself is outstanding but the weak vocal performance didn’t match it. The staging was fun, and Nassi’s movement was better than the semi final. It wasn’t inherently bad, but probably not enough to receive the most amount of votes. The song just didn’t translate well live.

22:24  Max Cinnamon – Ailleurs

Max may be young and slightly inexperienced, but this was a great performance. The song has a nice beat to it, with the chorus being particularly catchy. Vocals were very consistent, which is important and Max interacts with the camera and crowd better than the semi final. The fire doesn’t exactly fit the mood of the song, but it doesn’t detract from the performance. However, it’s unlikely that this song will represent France – it just doesn’t have that ‘x-factor’.

22:11  Lisandro Cuxi – Eva

Another likely contender for tonight’s crown, Lisandro performs ‘Eva’ strongly with a great energy and charisma. The song is reminiscent of ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake, but definitely different enough to warrant originality. Cuxi’s ability to perform pop songs well is evident, with decent vocals. The staging is very modern with flashing lights and moving panels, which fits together well with the song and his presentation. Ultimately, it was a very polished and engaging pop performance. It will also help that Lisandro has a large fanbase, which could carry him across the line. Alma says “the French, the English, the dance… wow!” It was a complete package.

21:55  Madame Monsieur – Mercy

One of the favourites for this evening, the duo of Madame Monsieur deliver with another outstanding performance. The melody is infectious, and the best ear worm you could ever have. It’s very easy to listen to, with the performers contributing to the wonderful flow of the song. Vocals are at a high standard (although, it’s not a vocally demanding song). Red running shoes and skivvies are an interesting outfit, but it certainly contributes to the memorable nature of this song. Without a doubt, this could represent France in Lisbon.

21:43  Emmy Liyana – OK ou KO

Powerful. Mysterious. Captivating. The song begins quietly before organically building up to a marvellous crescendo. Liyana’s vocals are strong and the staging adds to the whole package. Dancers who are dressed to look like Emmy surround her, and they create an effect similar to Armenia 2017 when they stand behind one another. A very, very strong performance and a contender to represent France. The crowd love it!

21:32  Igit – Lisboa Jérusalem

Igit with a performance that embodies classical French music. The song has a lovely flow to it and develops nicely. He sings it with passion, care and his vocals reflect that. The wooden dancing puppet is a nice touch that adds to the ‘old-time’ nature of this song (however, the staging moves the attention away from his mesmerising personal presentation). Boulay comments that it is ‘refined’.

21:20  Louka – Mamma Mia

Maître Gims influence is evident in ‘Mamma Mia’, a groovy pop track (which Isabelle Boulay comments on). Vocals are fine (although a little shaky), and Louka looks comfortable on stage. The staging has also improved immensely since the semi final, with neon signs and backup dancers taking some attention directly off Louka during the performance. It’s “French feel” and modern nature is commented on positively by Alma.

21:11  Maître Gims performs with Louka

Popular French hip-hop artist Maître Gims opens the show with Louka, singing Caméléon. Gims is one of the composers for Louka’s song ‘Mamma Mia’.

21:08  And… we’re live

The artists are out, with the crowd and jury at the ready! The jurors are Isabelle Boulay, Christophe Willem and Alma (replacing Amir for tonight). International jurors are also announced, who will play a large role in tonight’s voting. They are from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Finland, iceland, Israel, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland.