Live from Belgium: A song for Iris!

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Welcome to the live report of the songpresentation for the Belgian entry Iris. During the 15- minute special called ‘Eurosong 2012: a song for Iris’ she will present two ballads who will compete to represent the country at the Eurovision songcontest in Baku. So far only the titles of both have been revealed: Safety net and Would you.

The show which will be broadcasted by Een starts at 20.00 CET. After the presentation of both songs the viewers will have the chance to vote for their favourite. At the end of  the show ‘Vrienden van de Veire’, which starts at 22.15 CET, the results of the televoting will be revealed with Iris singing her entry one more time. Please stay tuned to find out which song will make it to Baku!

ESC Daily will cover this national final with a strong team of two editors: Kim Dufour from Belgium and Steef van Gorkum from the Netherlands. Follow their comments and opinions below!


After a short introduction about how Iris got into singing, she had an interview with the presenter, Peter van de Veire. Her first song to perform is Safety Net.


Song nr. 1: Safety net


Steef: A classical ballad, written by a Norwegian composer who already wrote songs for Robbie Williams. Not truly new or original, slightly comparable to Yohanna in 2009. But the strings are quite nice, the atmoshpere on stage grows on the listeners. And it has to be said that the 16-year old Iris does not even seem that nervous. She sings well, and strangely enough she is vocally stronger when the song gets more difficult.

Kimberly: I have to agree with Steef. Reminds me a bit of Yohanna. Not exactly original but it definitely grows on you while you listen to it. Although Iris admitted to be nervous before she performed, there are no signs of nerves at all. Good vocals. Looking forward what the second song will bring.


Song nr.2: Would you


Kimberly: What would you do if this relationship would be over? That is the question that Iris asks in her second ballad of the night. Another song accompagnied by the piano,  an intimate atmosphere on stage with again the violins that you can hear in the background. More uptempo towards the end of the song but again it lacks a bit of an original or new twist to it. But a very believable and strong performance from Iris once more. Although neither of both songs will get Belgium a result for the history books, the best choice would be Would you as it is the song that suits Iris the best.

Steef: Iris is clearly the winner of tonight’s show over her composers… But at least you could say that Would you has a much stronger songtext that fits Iris a lot better than the story of song number one. Also, she is alone on stage in this second performance. Something that I would recommend the Belgian delegation to do in Baku as well. Even though both songs don’t seem strong enough for a result like Tom Dice two years ago, I would say that this last song probably leaves a much more believable impression.


Iris really has no idea what to choose, so it is up to the Belgian audience to decide now. After a very short television show, we are heading towards the voting period which will last another few hours. Around 22.15 the final results will be announced, so stay tuned to hear which song will represent Belgium!


We have arrived at the end of the show ‘Vrienden van de Veire’ and the results are in! The song Iris will be representing Belgium with at the 2012 Eurovision Songcontest in Baku is Would you ! After this announcement Iris is once more singing her song.