Live from Rotterdam: The ESC Daily Show, looking ahead to Eurovision 2021 before the rehearsals start

Dennis and Erik talking during this episode of The ESC Daily Show

In this special extra edition of our talkshow The ESC Daily Show we will look ahead to the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam. It’s one week until the rehearsals start, but Erik Bolks from OGAE International already gives his first predictions.

Presenter Dennis van Eersel talks with him about the plans from the big fan community for the upcoming weeks. And about what it is like to be inside Ahoy, since Erik already visited the venue for the shows.

“The vibe is certainly already there,” Erik says. “When you walk around Ahoy, let alone inside, it’s very clear something big is about to happen. I got the goosebumps just like in other years.”

Big plans for ESC Daily at Eurovision 2021

Our chief editor Steef van Gorkum tells about the plans for this website. “We are one of the few journalists to have the privilege to be present in Ahoy, but that also gives a big responsibility. We will do our best to inform everyone at home about what is happening in Rotterdam!” Steef also makes up his mind. Which nations are the ones to watch this year?

Enjoy the first episode of The ESC Daily Show of this season and be prepared for more video, audio and blogs from us in the upcoming weeks!