Live: Ireland’s National Final

Ireland will decide their entry for Eurovision 2015 from 22:30 CET, 50 years since they debuted in 1965. Five acts will be competing on the “Late Late Show” to represent Ireland in Vienna.

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Conclusion: Molly Sterling has won for Ireland with 104 with the song “Playing with Numbers”. Kat Mahon was 2nd with 100 points.

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Televoting Results:

20 points to Alex
30 points to Nikki
40 points to Erika
50 points to Kat
60 points to Molly

[24:44] It’s between Kat Mahon & Molly Sterling for the win. Televoting results now!

Jury Voting for Sligo:

4 – Alex
6 – Nikki
8 – Erika
10 – Kat
12 – Molly

Jury Voting for Limerick:

4 – Alex
6 – Kat
8 – Nikki
10 – Erika
12 – Molly

Jury Voting for Dublin:

4 – Alex
6 – Nikki
8 – Molly
10 – Erika
12 – Kat

Jury Voting for Cork

4 – Alex
6 – Nikki Kavanagh
8 –  Molly
10 – Kat
12 – Erika

Jury Voting begins for Galway:

4 – Molly Sterling
6 – Alex Saint
8 to Erika Selin
10 – Molly Sterling
12 – Kat Mahon

[24:37] Now Marty’s brought us back to the Green Room where Molly gets some congratulations followed by Marty giving ‘all’ of tonight’s entries a round of applause. Next up… Voting!

[24:36] We now have another UK ESC entry sing-a-long with Phil Coulter and Niamh Kavanagh this time. They perform “Congratulations” by Cliff Richard. Followed by the final flashback to Ireland’s last win in 1995 with Eimear Quinn’s The Voice.

[24:26] Now we have the 2nd audience prize competition. This time two member of the audience will vocal-battle to “Hold Me Now” for song anti-ageing products for their side of the audience.

[24:23] Next up in our flashback is my own year’s winner from 1994: Charlie McGettigan & Paul Harrington’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Kids”.

[24:17] Now is the 3rd commercial break. Voting should end and we should find out Ireland’s representative soon enough!

[24:14] Following the flashback of Ireland’s ESC Winner’s we’re onto the first of Ireland’s 3 year streak with Niamh Kavanagh’s “In Your Eyes”. Followed by a recap of tonight’s competing acts.

[24:08] Next up we have “Johnny Logan’s Hold Me Now” sang by a lovely girl with a golden, tan to match. Followed by Dana’s “All Kinds of Everything”.

[24:05] Now we have the next ESC quiz involving a song shown through the big wheel. Mary Byrne, UK X Factor finalist features here. The first song the first team sing is Buck Fizz’s  “Making Your Mind Up”.

[24:02] We now a look back to Linda Martin’s Irish win in 1991 with “Why Me?”

[24:00] Ryan discusses the phone numbers before chatting to Ireland’s first female representative with Muriel Day singing the “Wages of Love” at 1969.

[23:51] Phone lines have now opened. British fans can vote via. the Northern Irish number. We now go into our 2nd commercial break. Who you think will represent Ireland for 2015?

[23:50] We take a look at the next Ireland’s winning entry which again is Johnny Logan with “Hold Me Now”.

[23:47] Panti’s vote goes to Molly who also is 16 years old who believes it’s truly a “lovely song”. Phil notes the similarity to Kate Bush, stating it started terrifically and never really took off. Linda states the lovely quality of her voice, and believes her collaboration with songwriter Greg French will lead to a great hit to Ireland and/or Eurovision.

5.  Molly Sterling – Playing with Numbers
Molly sits on a piano as she showcases her polished yet unique vocals. The song performs better live. However, is it catchier and better to connect than Kat Mahon’s live transformation?

[23:42] Ryan reminds the voting public that the panel are purely there for opinion and not to influence their voting. Now we move onto tonight’s final competing entry for Molly Sterling.

[23:40] Marty is backstage in the green room. Where Marty has a quick chat about the “screechy” comments. Followed by Marty chatting to one of the Erika’s swedish backing singers who didn’t do herself justice due to not knowing what the president of Ireland is. Could it go against them in tonight’s voting?

[23:37] Panel worried that the live version would be too “screechy”. Phil believes that what the song is missing is a “melody”. Panti thinks that the “Pop-rock” will be done to death in ESC 2015. Nikki deserves Eurovision but not with this song, seems to be the general opinion. Perhaps not enough connectibility.

4.  Nikki Kavanagh – Memories
Next up we have Nikki who lost to Jedward by 2 points in 2011. She’s back with “Memories”. A sad yet uplifting song with Nikki still able to sing well especially during the high-chorus parts as she wears a black, flowing dress and stands on stage with her microphone. However, will the public find this tonight’s best song?

[23:31] Now we have another flashback to Johnny Logan’s first win “What’s Another Year” or as Ryan refers him as “J-Lo”. Televoting won’t open until all six entries have been performed.

[23:28] Panel & audience love the song. However Panti considers it an “Avicii rip off” before nearly calling Linda Martin “not pretty”. All good though. Phil accepts that Swedish singers are entitled to try to represent Ireland however perhaps too “cynical” and complex.

3.  Erika Selin – Break Me Up
Erika sits on the bottom of mini-stairs while two guitarists and supposedly three singers of Timoteij back her up (1 guitarist, 2 singers). Vocals are very good. During the chorus they all stand up. Is the song right though to represent Ireland considering Ryan Dolan’s & Can-linn’s placing.

[23:22] and we’re back! Ryan introduces Erika’s swedish composers. Let’s see how this goes!

[23:17] Now we’re onto a commercial break. Keep tuned for more to come!

[23:13] Marty Whelan scores 8 points. Next up we have ESC-views creator; Rory Gannon, good friend of mine… scores 9! Well done Rory, well deserved! He puts on the Johnny Jacket, hopefully it wont go onto eBay anytime soon.

[23:10] Now we have the ESC Commentator vs. ESC Fanatic round again. Whoever gets the most questions right, wins the “Johnny Logan Jacket”.

[23:08] Panel love the sentimental value of the song. They seem to find this as the one to beat.

2.  Kat Mahon – Anybody Got a Shoulder
Next up we have Ireland’s “The Voice” contestant singing Charlie McGettigan’s song which is simple yet moving. Her voice is flawless and the simple staging could be exactly what the panel were referring to. I think this is tonight’s Dark Horse.

[23:03] Full panel do not like Alex’s song at all. Now we move on to the next song.

1.  Alex Saint – She’s So Fine
So we start off the entries with the least likely to win according to the Bookie’s. It’s a strange mix of pop and rap. He raps well though but is this really what Ireland wants to send to Eurovision? Honestly, I don’t think so.

[22:55] Ryan introduces tonight’s first song with a quick chat with Tony Adams-Rosa about Alex Saint’s song “She’s So Fine”.

[22:53] Linda Martin makes a very intelligent critique to Can-linn’s choice of song due to Conchita, The Common Linnetts & Sanna’s simple yet effective staging. Perhaps Eoghan Quigg could of done better in Copenhagen?

[22:52] As we get to Linda Martin, thankfully they re-show the clip from last year’s battle between Linda Martin and Billy McGuinness. Legendary battle!

[22:50] Panti Bliss discusses Conchita Wurst’s win for Austria.

[22:48] Phil discusses his legendary song-writing history for Ireland alongside celebrating 50 years since Ireland’s debut.

[22:46] Ryan sends out tonight’s celebrity panel which includes Eurovision composing legend; Phil Coulter, Linda Martin (Winner ESC 1992), Irish drag queen, Panti Bliss and Mairead Farrell; previous mentor for Ireland’s ESC entries is back.

[22:43] To celebrate the 50th anniversary since Ireland’s debut, we look at a quick brief look at Ireland’s first winner: Dana with “All Kinds of Everything”.

[22:40] After that blast from the past, our host; Ryan Tubridy appears on stage as we go to the Green Room where Marty Whelan; RTE Commentator for ESC.

[22:35] It’s begun! With a UK ESC Medley with Niamh Kavanagh singing “Puppet on a String”, Paul Harrington singing “Boom, Bang A Bang” , Linda Martin singing “Jack in a Box” followed by all three singing “Love Shine A Light” and “Waterloo”

[22:30] “The Late Late Show: Eurosong Special” begins in 5 minutes! Stayed tuned.

[21:45] Return back at 22:30 for the show to begin…


Tonight on RTÉ One, Ryan Tubridy will once again host the Eurosong special on the “Late Late Show”, live from the RTÉ Television centre which will eventually decide the 48th entry for Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tonight’s competing acts:

  • Alex Saint – She’s So Fine
  • Kat Mahon – Anybody Got a Shoulder
  • Erika Selin – Break Me Up
  • Nikki Kavanagh – Memories
  • Molly Sterling – Playing with Numbers

Familiar artists include Nikki Kavangh who placed 2nd to Jedward at the Irish National Final in 2011 with “Falling”. Erika Selin was a contestant on Swedish Idol placing 8th but also wrote the fan-favourite Melodifestivalen entry “Kom” which was  eventually given to ‘Timoteij’ to perform. It has been speculated that Timoteij will be Erika’s backing singers tonight. Also, 1994’s co-winner for Ireland; Charlie McGettigan has wrote Kat Mahon‘s song “Anybody Got a Shoulder”.