Sweden: Read our live blog of the third semifinal

The third semifinal of Melodifestivalen gets underway tonight in Växjö, as seven more songs try to make it to the final in Stockholm. Among the competitors is Krista Siegfrids, who previously represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013.

Siegfrids is trying her luck in Melodifestivalen for the second time in a row, as she also competed last year but did not make it to the final in Stockholm. She is also the host of Finland’s Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu. Also taking the stage for the second year in a row is Robin Bengtsson who placed fifth in the Melodifestivalen final last year.

The running order for tonight is as follows. Songs in bold are through to the final and those in italics are going to Andra Chansen:

  • Robin Bengtsson – “I Can’t Go On”
  • Krista Siegfrids – “Snurra min jord”
  • Anton Hagman – “Kiss You Goodbye”
  • Jasmine Kara – “Gravity”
  • Owe Thörnqvist – “Boogieman Blues”
  • Bella & Filippa -“Crucified”
  • Felix, Oscar & Omar/FO&O – “Gotta Thing About You”

Follow along with our editor Allie Lindo who will be watching the show live and posting updates below. The show begins at 20:00 CET and can be viewed on SVT’s website here. All times below are in CET and the newest updates are posted at the top.


21:30 – Another voting record

David announces that once again, SVT has recorded a voting record with nearly 6 million votes counted tonight. This is pretty impressive for a country that only just passed 10 million inhabitants.

Good night from Sweden and see you again here next week at the same time for the final semifinal in Skellefteå.

21:22 – Final results of the night

The first song to Andra Chansen is “Kiss You Goodbye” by Anton Hagman. The second song to Andra Chansen is “Gotta Thing About You” by Felix, Oscar & Omar/FO&O.

The final song direct to Stockholm is “Boogieman Blues” by Owe Thörnqvist. Once again, age is just a number. At age 87 Owe is the oldest competitor in Melodifestivalen to date. Good luck in Stockholm Owe!

21:17 – More results announced

The first song going through to the final in Stockholm is “I Can’t Go On” by Robin Bengtsson. This is the second year in a row Bengtsson has gone directly through to the final in Friends Arena.

21:02 – Vi har ett resultat

Two songs are about to be eliminated in the first announcement of results of the night. The two songs to be eliminated are “Snurra min jord” by Krista Siegfrids and “Gravity” by Jasmine Kara. This is the second year in a row Krista Siegfrids has failed to make it out of the semifinals in Melodifestivalen.

20:57 – Disco-inspired inspiration

Clara Henry takes the stage in a disco ball inspired outfit to inspire girls around the country to find the courage to be who they are. Girl power lyrics aside, I truly think this is the best song of the night. Where can I vote for it?

20:53 – I figured it out!

After a few moments of trying to figure out the song FO&O reminded me of, I have pinpointed it as Pink’s “Try”. The melody isn’t exactly the same but I think it is rather similar to raise some eyebrows. Okay this is probably only raising my eyebrows.

20:52 – Bieber times three

FO&O may be Sweden’s answer to Justin Bieber, but the opening of their song reminds me of another popular pop song. I just can’t place it but the melody sounds very very familiar. They have a flair for the dramatic as they are lifted into the air with pyrotechnics going off all around them.

This is an okay song but I still can’t shake the feeling that the lyrical melody is similar to another song. Not a favorite of mine tonight. But that’s it for songs here in Sweden! Time for the public to cast their votes.

20:46 – Sister power on stage

Step-sisters Bella and Filippa keep it simple on stage. It is just them in Western inspired outfits and acoustic guitars. This song has country music elements in it which work quite well overall. The two women harmonise very well and are strong vocally. This is a good song, and I enjoyed it, but it may not be strong enough against some other competitors tonight.

20:40 – Age is just a number

Thörnqvist is the sole songwriter for his submission and this is second Swedish language song of the night. Måns Zelmerlöw makes an unexpected appearance in the background of one of the video clips used in Owe’s introduction video.

This song is inspired by the rockabilly genre. Don’t let his age fool you, Owe has a lot energy to give onstage. I confess to dancing along to this song as I write this. It’s a fun and good song. So far Sweden hasn’t been too favorable to veteran performers but perhaps this song’s energy can change that.

20:34 – Jasmine Kara’s Gravity

There are a few rough vocal moments in the beginning of Jasmine’s performance. Her outfit reminds me strongly of Britney Spears’ in the video for Oops!…I Did It Again. I wonder if that was intentional. This is a decent enough song but it doesn’t do much for me. It seems like your standard pop song about love but Jasmine has quite a few supporters in the crowd. There are Jasmine signs everywhere.

20:31 – David Lindgren leads a musical life

A brief video interlude as Clara (jokingly) discusses how David always seems to have musical moments in normal situations. However, when Clara tries to have such moments herself, no one likes it. That was a fun little break from the competition but now we jump right back in with Jasmine Kara.

20:27 – Anton Hagman

In her introduction, Clara Henry refers to Anton as her “YouTube colleague”, which is very accurate. Anton is known for his covers of popular songs on the video platform. Now he takes the stage with a song of his own in front of all of Sweden.

His performance starts of a little shaky vocally but it quickly gets better. He is on the stage alone with an acoustic guitar. This is a good radio/pop song and will definitely get plenty of radio time within Sweden no matter what happens tonight. This is a song that is catchy and fun, even though the lyrics are a bit sad -referring to the aftermath of a painful breakup. The crowd seems to like the song as it concludes.

20:22 – Here goes Krista!

The title of this song translates to “spin my world”. It is a solid song if a little expected. Krista shows that she is an experienced performer. Her voice is one of the best we have heard so far this Melfest. Her stage presence is also quite good and her backup dancers complement her well. The song is good but not great. But it will be up to the Swedish public to decide if this worked for them tonight.

20:16 – Robin Bengtsson is up first

And so here is the first song of the night, Robin Bengtsson’s “I Can’t Go On”. The opening music for this song reminds me a bit of the 80s, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Bengtsson starts the song backstage with his backup dancers. He sings his way onto the stage right before the chorus begins. The song continues this year’s theme of expletive-laced lyrics as the F-bomb is dropped into both the hook and chorus. The use of curse words has touched off slight controversy here in Sweden as parents with bilingual English/Swedish children have worried about their children picking up the word from Melfest participants.

As for this song, Bengtsson delivers a solid performance on the stage. A much better performance than I have seen from many others over the last few weeks.

20:10 – Pappakroppen!

We briefly revisit David Lindgren’s “dad bod” moment from last week. He explains that the best way to get a “pappakropp” (dad bod in Swedish) is to have two children in a short period of time, exercise very little and sit in front of the TV watching shows a lot. It has clearly worked very well for him as many signs in the crowd reference his moment from last week.

After the short lesson from David we are introduced to the competitors for tonight including Krista Siegfrids, who gets a great reaction from the crowd. Will that translate to a ticket to the final for her? We shall see.

20:05 – Audience videos in the opening act

Over the last two weeks, the hosts have asked viewers to send in videos about Mello and the Swedish audience has responded! The hosts’ opening number is accompanied by many videos from viewers of all ages around the country. The song is about what Mello means to them. My favorite thing about this opening act is how easy it is to hear Hasse’s voice above everyone else’s.

20:00 – The show begins

Another seven songs will take the stage but only four will continue past tonight. Which will it be?

19:45 – Getting ready for semifinal number three

Hello everyone! It is almost time for us to get started here in Sweden but let’s just remind ourselves of where we are. This is the third of four semis after which there will be the second chance round, Andra Chansen. Two songs from tonight will go directly to the final in Stockholm on 11 March. Another two will go to Andra Chansen on 4 March.