Live: Last semi round in Latvia’s Supernova

Latvia dwindle their selection down to just 4 tonight, with the third semi-final of Supernova. LRT has chosen to use a new selection process designed after neighboring Lithuania, where only 4 will now qualify for the final next weekend.

The voting is a 50/50 split between the jury and televoters, resulting in 4 eliminated of the 8 contestants this evening. That means a lucky 4 more will advance to the final; 2 on the jury vote and 2 chosen by televoters.

You can follow along with our blog here, as well as the live broadcast, here.

The show begins at 20:20 CET and the lineup goes something like this:

  1. ElektroFolk – Sundance (jury vote)
  2. Aminata – Love injected (televote)
  3. MNTHA – Nefelibata (televote)
  4. Markus Riva – Take Me Down (jury vote)
  5. Antra Stafecka – It’s the night
  6. Euphony – Home
  7.  Framest – Ziemā
  8. Rihards Bērziņš – Your Eyes

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* * * *

22:50 – And that’s it!

The four finalists are known and they will compete for the title next sunday at the same time. Follow along with us again to see who will represent Latvia in Vienna. Thanks for watching tonight!

* * * *

22:38 – Rezultāti!

The artists are gathered on stage with the host for results. They’re coming right up in a moment!

The first 2 through on televote is: MNTHA and Aminata!

And through on the jury vote are: Elektrofolk and Markus Rivas!

* * * *

22:19 – Voting time!

Recaps and televoting numbers. Only 4 will advance to the final next week – who do you want or think it will be? Personally, I’m hoping for Aminata, MNTHA, Antra and Framest.

* * * *

22:07 – Rihards Bērziņš – Your Eyes

Last up this evening is Rihards with a kicking dance number. It’s a quiet start, building into what seems to be an attempt at a Danny Saucedo song. Rihards’ register is just slightly shakey when matched with the heavy electronics – if he happened to win, he would have some work to do before May. The melody is nice, though, despite being almost all music, while the chorus doesn’t come completely through – which is an important element not quite polished enough. Instead, it’s all about strobing green light and the sparkly suit jacket and skinny jeans with white sneakers.

* * * *

21:58 – Framest – Ziemā

Only the slightest difference in staging – it’s all placement, really. In a forest of cold blue and snowy trees, two women and three men, one at the piano, in black and white attire take the circular stage. Ziemā is a lovely ballad, built with light female voices and tenor harmony. The whole thing is very simple and quiet, one of the only to be sung in Latvian this year. There is a certain charm to the entry that no one else quite has – or previously had. It progresses evenly and effortlessly, leaving the room smiling in contemplation.

* * * *

21:49 – Another break

The judges and hosts get make up and a white piano is wheeled on stage for the next act. Meanwhile, the guy in beaver costume is beginning to become more & more popular, handing his sword and dance ribbon out the crowd and showing off with some push-ups and camera close-ups.

* * * *

21:39 – Euphony – Home

Here we have a staging change. These two women (a bit like Finnish duo Kuunkuiskajat) dressed in white with bare feet –  a little hippie-ish – are now joined by a cellist and classical guitarist. It’s an interesting image now, completely different from last time we saw them. Still, it is a very low-tempo, sleepy ballad, lacking a bit of energy to keep it alive. The melody is flowing and sweet, be it a little monotonous in the end. The vocals, however, are again executed well. So we will see, with just two more left tonight.

* * * *

21:30 – Antra Stafecka – It’s the night

Definitely a title contender, Antra has the club song with a solid, paced beat that builds into a peak of dance electronics. It’s a little mellow as far as Euroclub favorites go, but the vocals are good this time around and it has great melody. The costumes have changed and she has two more dancers to back her up, which gives the performance more substance. It’s improved from the last time we heard it, but could stand just a little more energy, as the drawback is that it doesn’t go anywhere, looping the chorus for the most part.

* * * *Latvia beaver dude3

21:26 – Short break!

By now, you know the drill. Gotta keep it interesting.

* * * *

21:12 – Markus Riva – Take Me Down

Markus begins on his knees, center stage in a white muscle-tank and black leather pants & boots. His entry has a cool vibe, very quiet to start and a steady beat. The chorus builds into a pretty solid burst of energy, but not quite strong enough for the Eurovision stage. The vocals are better this week, isolated by the composition arrangement; his low timbre matches the register of the music, blending into a pop-rock composition. Still, the question remains: will he “sink and drown” or rise to the top?

* * * *

21:03 – MNTHA – Nefelibata

It’s slow to start, but with a good 80s electro-beat vibe that morphs into an alternative mix of shady electronics and smeared vocals. It’s a really unique sound – a little tribal, as well, if you listen closely. The dark hue of the music is lifted the lilt in Minta’s voice, having an overall pleasant effect. She has an eccentric Bjork/Gaga quality with short, fading blue hair and a red dress with hands across the chest. In the background a video is played. The vocals are not as strong tonight, but it’s still a great entry. It translation Nefelibata means, “one who walks in the clouds”.

* * * *

20:51 – Aminata – Love injected

This one has massive potential! Immediately, Love Injected catches your attention with a kind of pinball sound between muted electronics and drum rhythms. Aminata’s voice is light and breathy but also powerful, as the chorus demonstrates. It’s an interesting variation of sound, changing pace from quiet, almost-tribal to spurts of dance. There’s a simplicity to Aminata’s appearance and the song’s presentation, as she moves with the same presence as Loreen. Huge cheer from the audience.

* * * *

20:45 – Short break Latvia beaver dude

As usual, after the first song there is a short break while they set the stage and a guy dressed in a beaver costume dances about to a DJ mix. Today, he’s wielding a sword. Don’t ask – just go with it!

* * * *

20:34 – ElektroFolk – Sundance

To open the show, not much of anything has changed from two weeks ago, as these 6 members of Elektrofolk mill around the stage under flashing yellow and blue lights. Upon first listen, the folk element is quite nice, though it becomes muddled the more it is played; especially towards the end with so many instrumentals on stage: a bass drum, two trumpets, a bass drum, violin, two electric guitars, and a keyboard. With the sound pulled back a little, it could a strong contender – but whether they will advance to next week’s final remains to be seen.

* * * *

20:28 – Recap

A short snippet of each competing song this evening and a few words from the jury.

* * * *

20:24 – Welcome to the show!

 As always, our two hosts breakdown how the voting will work this evening and get into the introductions of the jury and contestants.