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lisa ajax in melodifestivalen 2019

Arvingarna previously represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1993. Meanwhile Lisa Ajax competes for the third time for the honor of representing Sweden in Tel Aviv. 

Also competing tonight is Ann-Louise Hanson, who has previously been in Melodifestivalen thirteen times without winning. Tonight she competes hoping her fourteenth time will be the charm. Alongside her are Anton Hagman and John Lundvik who are both competing for the second time.

Tonight’s semifinal will be broadcast live from Lidköping on SVT’s website. The running order is as follows:

  1. Pagan Fury – Stormbringer
  2. Anton Hagman – Känner dig
  3. Lisa Ajax – Torn
  4. Arvingarna – I Do
  5. Bishara – On My Own
  6. Ann-Louise Hanson – Kärleken finns kvar
  7. John Lundvik – Too Late for Love

Follow along with ESCDaily editor, Allie Lindo, as she watches the show live. Her commentary will appear below.

Liveblog of Melodifestivalen semi-final four

21:30 – Mixed bag of results

Lisa Ajax was widely expected to make it through to the final. So her Andra Chansen result tonight is somewhat of a shock. She and Arvingarna round out the list of competitors for next week’s second chance round.

In exactly two weeks we’ll know who will represent Sweden in Israel. We’ll be back at the same time next week with another liveblog of Andra Chansen. See you then!

21:23 – Second direct to final

Bishara is the second artist to be voted direct to the final tonight!

21:21 – Andra Chansen songs announced

The first to Andra Chansen is Lisa Ajax with Torn. The second song to AC tonight is Arvingarna with Känner dig.

21:15 – Here we go!!!

The first direct to the final is JOHN LUNDVIK!!! As Lundvik himself declared “it’s never too late for love”. I couldn’t agree more, John!

Lundvik takes the stage for his second performance and somehow the song sounds better the second time around. But that could be my own personal bias showing through here. Well done, John!

21:03 – We have results

Pagan Fury and Anton Hagman are the first to be knocked out tonight. Hagman’s elimination prompts disappointed shouts from the audience.

20:55 – Let’s review!

Wow we really sped through that didn’t we? That’s the usual for Sweden though haha. Overall this has been a quality night for me. I liked each of the songs for different reasons. So far my top choices are Lisa Ajax and John Lundvik. Let us know which ones you’re hoping for!

20:48 – John Lundvik – Too Late for Love

John qualified direct to the final last year with “My Turn” and is looking to make it two in a row. “Too Late for Love” is a gospel-inspired song with a gospel-style choir backing Lundvik onstage. Confession time, I was raised in a family that loved gospel music like this, so this is a throwback to my childhood. I’m loving it. It’s something a little different for Melodifestivalen and I think it will work.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a second direct to final result for John Lundvik tonight buuuuut we’ll know soon enough.

20:42 – Ann-Louise Hanson – Kärleken finns kvar

As we mentioned above, this is Ann-Louise’s fourteenth (!!!) time competing in Melodifestivalen. If nothing else, you must admire her dedication to this competition. Good on ya, Ann-Louise!

This is a sweet song with very cosy staging. Her backup singers are seated in a couch and armchair as they aid Ann-Louise onstage. This is a really relaxing song that I could see becoming a favorite at family gatherings. But will it go further tonight? No, most likely not. This year has not been very kind to the older veterans of Melodifestivalen.

20:37 – Bishara – On My Own

He’s only 16 but that’s not stopping him. Bishara already has the power of social media on his side. He has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Early in his performance he already has the audience in Lidköping engaged and yelling in approval.

Bishara definitely has a really good voice but it needs a little more polishing. He drops a few notes as he reaches the crescendo of the song and wavers as he launches into a long high note. But this teen has style and clear respect for his art. He also has adoring fans in Lidköping and all over Sweden. That might be enough to get him to the next stage.

Fun fact: Benjamin Ingrosso is one of the songwriters for this song.

20:30 – Arvingarna – I Do

These guys won in 1993 and they’re back trying to recreate the magic. Now…I’m not a dansband person but I can understand their appeal as a band. They have darn good voices and the kind of energy I was hoping to see from Anton Hagman. Age is nothing but a number folks! The colorful staging helps their cause too.

They got quite a loud reception from the audience at the end of their performance. Not one of my favorites tonight, but this was fun to watch.

20:25 – Lisa Ajax – Torn

This is Lisa’s third time competing in Melodifestivalen. She has made it to the final each time she’s competed. So hopefully her streak continues.

She begins the song kneeling in the middle of the stage wearing all-black. Very simple staging with only a spotlight highlighting her as she rises to her feet. Lisa has always had good vocals and tonight is no different. There are a few wobbly bits during her low notes but she recovers quickly and professionally.

I can already tell this song will be one of my top songs for the night. The music is simple and the backing singers don’t overshadow Lisa’s own voice, which sometimes happens in Melfest. Overall, I’m quite happy with this one. What do you think?

20:17 – Anton Hagman – Känner dig

The staging for this song is meta. Behind Anton and his onstage band is a recording of them. It’s quick colorful and a little confusing at first.

Anton said this song was inspired by his relationship. I would have hoped for a little more energy onstage given that inspiration. Sadly, I think Anton forgot to get a full night’s sleep last night. Or perhaps the rehearsals have tired him out. But it’s a fun little song regardless.

20:10 – Pagan Fury – Stormbringer

This is quite dramatic. The song opens with a strong guitar riff before calming down as singer Mia Stegmar begins singing. She is wearing an all-black outfit made of leather and feathers. Her backup dancers are something out of a horror movie but it works with the song.

Pretty good vocals from Stegmar here. She holds each note well as she carries through the song. My only issue is the lyrics are a little too expected.

Quick note here: Mia is the only member of the band on the stage. The other three members choose not to take the stage tonight because they weren’t comfortable not playing live.

20:05 – The artists have been introduced

Lisa Ajax and John Lundvik get the loudest reception from the crowd in Lidköping. Anton Hagman also got a respectable shout. Is this an indication of what’s to come? We’ll find out soon.

20:00 – Show start

And we’re off here in Sweden. This evening Kodjo won’t be joining the others on stage. Presumably he is being held hostage by a gang of 8 year olds. Moving on!

19:45 – Waiting for the show to begin

It’s the final semi-final of Melodifestivalen! After tonight, only two more spots will be left onstage at Friends Arena in two weeks time. That means there are only two weekends left before we learn who will represent Sweden in Tel Aviv