Live: Melodifestivalen heat four

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Tonight, annual Swedish show “Melodifestivalen” continues in Malmo with the fourth semi-final of the competition to choose the countries’ participant for Eurovision 2012. Sarah Dawn Finer, Gina Dirawi and Helena Bergström all taking hosting roles for the series.

In this semi-final, two songs will advance to the final of the show on March 10th, whilst the third and fourth placed entries will advance to a “Second chance” show. Voting in each semi-final will take place in two rounds; in the first, the top five songs voted by the public will advance to the second round, where the top two, and the entries for the second chance round will be determined. The fifth song by round two will be eliminated from the race.


1. The Girl – Charlotte Perrelli

This is defiantly the schlager song of Melodifestivalen 2012 without a doubt.
MF fans and Sweden will love it, especially the big chorus.
The introduction resembles Abba – Mamma Mia and the motif continues to show up throughout the song. I think its great to have Charlotte back at Eurovision but will Sweden feel the same after what happened in 2008 in Serbia.
The song doesn’t have one key change..but two.
The LED screen works amazingly aswell.
My prediction: Globen


2. Allting blir bra igen – OPA!

With a name like “OPA!” you expect the band to create something atleast that can measure up to the greek entry in 2010, but it doesn’t.
The song is very boring and not very swedish at all.
Nice production and nice vocals.
My prediction: Won’t qualify.


3. Land of Broken Dreams – Dynazty

The vocals are strong from the lead singer and the staging is what you would expect from these Swedish long haired rockers . The cliches are all present and correct, which is fair enough and so is the Eurovision key change which has won me over.
Not my cup of tea but neither was dead by april from semi final 1.
My prediction: Andra Chansen


4. Don’t Let Me Down – Lotta Engberg and Christer Sjögren

It’s all very feelgood and cheesy. Visually the song is boring on stage and as far as schlager it is there but no where near as strong as “The Girl”.
Its like watching a mum and dad singing together on karaoke. Their popularity could put them through.
My prediction: Won’t qualify


5. Goosebumps – Hanna Lindblad

Hanna is dressed in Mimmi Ohs left over clothes. Neon & 80’s theme again and i don’t think it will work either for hanna. Her vocals aren’t very strong. The verses are quite forgettable but that’s possibly because i’m too caught up with what she’s doing on stage and her artistic dance break in the middle. This song i feel will be forgotten about.
My prediction: Won’t qualify


6. Kyss mig – Axel Algmark

Surprise entry of the night this is a very catchy indie number. It reminds me of something that British band ‘scouting for girls’ would perform.
The song has a eurovision plus and thats a key change. Its hard to judge this entry. The production was very well thought out and the styling was very current and cool. We are still humming the tune after the song.
My prediction: Andra Chansen


7. Why Start A Fire – Lisa Miskovsky

One word and that is “Nice”. As we’ve seen before “nice” doesn’t work well at all. The production is better than the actual tune or melody and by the end of the song i can’t remember the tune. This song makes me wonder what great pop song got rejected over this. Strong vocals by Lisa but very bland and boring.
My prediction: Won’t qualify


8. Amazing – Danny Saucedo

That was literally “amazing”.
There is always the worry that coming back to MF for a second time that your song will never match the hype of the first entry and that is what was on everyones minds with danny and he has met his expectations 100%.
It sounds like Swedish House Mafia has gave Bruno Mars ‘Just The Way You Are’ a Swedish house/dance/dubstep makeover.
The most eye-popping of all the elements of its staging, is the LED suits that Danny and his five dancers wear. Visually this is the best of the whole contest and i think sweden and the world has just seen the Swedish entry for Eurovision 2012.
My prediction: Globen


Results will follow

To the final:
• Lisa Miskovsky – Why Start A Fire
• Danny Saucedo – Amazing

Second chance round:
• Lotta Engberg and Christer Sjögren – Don’t Let Me Down
• Dynazty – Land of Broken Dreams

• 5th – Charlotte Perrelli – The Girl
• 6th – Axel Algmark – Kyss mig
• 7th – Hanna Lindblad – Goosebumps
• 8th – OPA! – Allting blir bra igen