Live: MGP Finale 2014 – Norway decides

Good evening everyone from the land of Northern Lights! Tonight, Norway will decide for its entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen. I am Christos Zervas and live from Oslo Spektrum we will follow together all the developements of the final. Stay tuned! 

ESC Daily provides live commentary in the article below. You can watch the show here or here on MGP.

These are the candidates for tonight:

1. El Cuero – Ain’t no Love (in This City No More)
2. Elisabeth Carew – Sole Survivor
3. Knut Kippersund Nesdal – Taste of You
4. Dina Misund – Needs
5. Mo – Heal
6. Linnea Dale – High Hopes
7. Charlie – Hit Me Up
8. Carl Espen (foto) – Silent Storm
9. Oda & Wulff – Sing


And we are… LIVE!


The opening act is based of a cheerful boy, who repeats that “we have a party”!

True! MGP is a party for Norway and Oslo celebrates today. The stage looks very nice, bigger and better than last year.

The artist’s presentation is up next. Nine candidates and the our presenters welcome us for tonight.


Few words from Knut, Linnea and Charlie (3 of our singers tonight) before we head up to the main part. Music!


Song 1. El CueroAin’t to love in this city

The Spanish named band is not spanish/latin influenced at all. It is a clear 80’s style rock song. The presentation is of a typical rock band one, with their name at the background. The vocals are nice and the guitar solo remind us of ‘Big City Nights’. Wig Wam made it back in 2005. Will they?


Song 2. Elisabeth CarewSole Survivor

One of the big favorites tonight – with a familiar title for us who followed MelodiFestivalen a week ago. Nevertheless, the whole song seems totally different than the semis. Better vocals and a whole new stage performance, taken out of an indigenous tribe scenery. Indeed the song is all about fighting for love (as she mentioned to her interview) and indeed we saw the ‘gimmick’ that was streesed about. She turned as the queen of this song! Of the night?


Song 3. KnutTaste of you

Introducing himself like the supernatural Matilda, Knut is something between Jedward and Justin Bieber. The song is a very modern pop production, but he is all alone on the stage. He “plays” a lot with the cameras. I have heard that a school in Ålesund took a day off, for a Justin Bieber’s concert. I do not think that they would have done it for Knut.


Song 4. Dina MisundNeeds

Maybe the least good song of the night. This year’s music level is great. A country influenced tune, with the necessary guitars, bongo and… not much more to say about. An interesting voice is not enough for tonight. The melody is quite flat and monotonous. Dina should be happy at least for reaching the final.


Song 5. MoHeal

Another “wanna be Justin” tonight. This time we are talking about… Timberlake! A dancing act which captures your eye, a tune that captures your mind and a singer who reminds me of “Beyonce” moves. Too many big stars “around” Mo and probably will make it in the top 4!


Song 6. Linnea DaleHigh Hopes

Another song that is high on the booking odds. Clearly influenced from last year’s winning song – “I feed you my love” – but on the same time, so unique as the Oslo opera house. The stage performance have a romantic essence with Baroque elements. Her wonderful matching  vocals are exactly like the studio version.


Song 7. CharlieHit me up

Cute, “teenager-ish”… generally reminds me of parties during my high school! Clever stage performance with two female dancers that have the role of her friends. The menu of the lyrics is a piece of cake for our thoughts. It easily turns our mood in high levels!


Song 8. Carl EspenSilent Storm

The ultimate favorite, appeared out of nowhere – until the semis. A very innery performance. A voice that sticks in your head. The recitation of his life is accompanied by a richer surrounding. Violins, piano… it looks like a concerto. Nevertheless his vocals are a little bit off the key as the song came near the end. Due to his feelings? I still can not combine his “anti -star” and “wild” appearance with this touching ballad. Help me!


Song 9. Oda & Wulff – Sing

What a nice way to end our entries tonight! A song that calls you to sing no matter what happens! This song has something unique. There are not a lot I can say about but still has a lot to say to you. They sing on the stage and they seems to have a really cool time! Actually, isn’t this the value of music in our lifes?


Very quickly we are through to our fisrt re-cap.

Norway has 3 more min. to vote before we reach the “Golden Final” with the top 4 songs to compete for the ticket to Copenhagen.  Our little friend from the open act said that he likes Charlie! Will she proceed?


Now on our screens we have a pot-pouri from Melodi Grand Prix momments since the distant past…

And the voting is over!


The first part of tonight’s final is over. We will be back at 30 min. to see the results and procced to the “Golden Final”! Vi sees snart!


Dear all, we are back live!

It is time for the first results. But before that, let’s remember all our entries and give them a big hand.

The golden finalists are:

1. Knut – Taste of you

Let’s hear again “Taste of you”.


2. Carl Espen – Silent storm

The ultimate favorite is through but he admits that this suspence is killing him.

Let’s hear once again his “concerto recitation”.


Time for our 3rd finalist…

Mo – “Heal”

Time for Mo to perform on stage.


Last place in the Golden Final. One ticket for 6 entries. Who will be the lucky one?

LINNEA DALE – “High hopes”

As Linnea is getting ready for the stage I may say that…

With Elisabeth Carew out of the game surprisngly soon – recitation won the Norwegian hearts?

Norway has 5 min. to choose the one and only winner. The re-cap video is on.


Time for our interval act. Margaret Berget is about to be on stage.

Here the is singing her song “Scream” in total new hair style and looks!

Norway stop voting and let Margaret feed you her love. Malmo moments.

We have the results.


Stella Mwangi (ESC 2011) gives the points from Østlandet… and I can not even recognize her!

17.440 votes to Knut

22.746 votes to Linnea

23.264 votes to Carl Espen

23.615 votes to Mo!


Nordnorge votes…

1.805 points to Knut

3.021 points to Mo

3.304 points to Linnea

4.697 points to Carl Espen!


Margaret Bereger (ESC 2013) delivers the votes from Midtnorge:

3.083 to Knut

3.181 to Mo

3.484 to Linnea

4.397 to Carl Espen!



2.039 to Knut

3.714 to Mo

4.812 to Carl Espen

4.832 to Linnea!


Christine Guldbrandsen (ESC 2006) delivers the votes from Vestlandet:

3.390 to Knut

3.874 to Mo

4,720 to Linnea

16.572 to Carl Espen!


Carl Espen wins MGP 2014 and will represent Norway in Copenhagen!

I leave you with the calm nature of silent storms. God natt!