Live: Moldova chooses for Stockholm

Tonight sixteen acts will compete for the Moldovan ticket to Stockholm. Join us for the grand final of ‘O melodie pentru Europa’, live from Chișinău. 

NOTE: All times in CET.
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  • Lidia Isac – Falling Stars (12+8)

[21:38] We’re re-joined on-stage with the hosts before another recap is shown.

[21:30] Next commercial break, coming up tele-voting result!

Jury top three:

  1. Valeria
  2. Maxim
  3. Lidia Isac

[21:18] Commercial break before the jury result is announced!

[20:54] Interval act #3 featuring a male Moldovan singer performing three tracks one involving a fairy-like trance performance with female backing singers.

[20:46] Second interval act on now featuring the hosts performing a jazz number with a mini orchestral band.

[20:42] The first of tonight’s interval acts is performing tonight. Modern Moldovan-folk band are on-stage. Audience react strongly.

[20:35] All song have performed and we’re now being shown the first of tonight’s recaps. What is your favourite for Moldova?

#16 | Felicia Dunaf | You And Me

Ending tonight’s competitors by Felicia who is dressed in red velvet outit while one male and one female backing dancer dressed in tribal outfits are performing with ribbons entangled between them. Song stands out massively within the line-up and it will one to beat in tonight’s line-up.

#15 | Valeria Paşa | Save Love

Tonight’s penultimate song by Valeria who is dressed in a white, flowing dress supported by two backing singers wearing black. Vocals were delivered well but not flawless. Should do well however.

#14 | Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy | Game Lover

Lead singer Max is on-stage with Dan & Malloy who play the violin and guitarist respectively. Typical pop-rock track that like many songs tonight don’t develop anywhere exciting or authentically to Moldovan music.

#13 | DoReDoS | FunnyFolk

Fast paced heavily ethnic track from DoReDos. Commercial sounding vocals that dont entirely harmonise, could be corrected in Stockholm however. Female vocals strong and add a nice twist to the track. Could be a jury favourite tonight.

#12 | Viola | In The Name Of Love

Jazz-influenced song up next from Viola. Similar to “Unsubstantial blues”. Main issue with performance is that the song doesn’t go anywhere melodically. Viola dressed in tonal colours.

#11 | Emilia Russu | I Am Not The Same

Another song standing out tonight is the more mellow pop track from Emilia. Vocals are slightly too accented to provide overall stage prescence but orchestral elements help provide a fresh sound for Stockholm if chosen.

#10 | Rodica şi Ivan Aculov | Stop Lying

“Tell Me Why” inspired track from Rodica & Ivan. Duet provides impact and dynamic harmonisation between the two lead singers. Lighting provides a strobe effect on-stage. Even though good placing tonight, it seems the ranking may not replicate.

#9 | Nadia Moşneagu | Memories

Very similar sounding ballad from Nadia as previous performed by Cristina. “Memories” doesn’t provide the same orchestral development as other ballads present tonight. Nadia performs on-stage alone and delivers vocally but performance-wise more is required.

#8 | Cristina Pintilie | Picture Of Love

Great visual style from Cristina tonight. Quite classic Moldova styling in composition. May be compared too old-fashioned for Eurovision 2016. Artist-wise looks promising, however a revamp of the song would be required in the case of a win.

#7 | Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei | Lie

Andrei performs similar in vocal tone and range to Mihai Traistariu. Mix of falsetto alongside the rap of Onoffrei highlights the song within the placings. Performance kept simple with the two men on-stage performing alongside each other. Performance is simple but may not stand out enough to become a main contender.

#6 | Che-MD | Vodă e cu noi

Che-MD dressed similar to Zdob si Zdud as they perform their pop-rock ethnic song “Vodă e cu noi“. Similar visual look to Minus One represent Cyprus this year. Strong harmonisation from the band and nice melodic hooks throughout. Should do well.

#5 | Big Flash Sound | Când vrei

Yesterday’s jury fan-favourite Big Flash Sound is up next. Band dressed similar to Olia Tira and Sunstroke Project. Female lead singer adds fresh, unique sound to the qualifiers however song may be not original enough to stand out in tonight’s list.

#4 | Lidia Isac | Falling Stars

Tonight’s fan-favourite to represent Moldova is Lidia singing the anthemic pop track, “Falling Stars”.  Vocals were delivered stronger than in the previous semi-final. Use of the firework back-drop utilised again add drama within the performance.

#3 | Doiniţa Gherman | Irresistible

Next up is televote favourite for semi-final one.Doiniţa sings the Swedish-pop song with ethnic orchestration. She is joined with three backing dancers dressed as motorcyclists along with two female backing dancers. Lighting is used more predominantly for this performance. Overall, a contender for Stockholm.

#2| Maxim Zavidia | La La Love

Maxim up next with vocals similar in style to Adam Levine. Staging consists of Maxim alongside numerous guitarists and a drummer. Catchy melody with good hook after winning the first semi-final he has a chance to do it again tonight.

#1 | Valentin Uzun | Mine

Hollow composition with ethnic sounding composition from Valentin. Vocals dont transcend the best on the live-stream however staging is simple and subtle as Valetine wears a suit and belts his track with bravado.

[18:30] Show has begun! We are joined by Sergiu Beznițchi and Olivia Furtună for tonight’s show. Coming up

It is the Eurovision week in Moldova, with two semi-finals and tonight’s national final, which you can watch along live with us here. The following participants who qualified from the last two shows, will compete in tonight’s O Melodie Pentru Europa:

1.Valentin Uzun – Mine
2.Maxim Zavidia – La La Love
3.Doiniţa Gherman – Irresistible
4.Lidia Isac – Falling Stars
5.Big Flash Sound – Când vrei
6.Che-MD – Vodă e cu noi
7.Andrei Ioniţa & Onoffrei – Lie
8.Cristina Pintilie – Picture Of Love
9.Nadia Moşneagu – Memories
10.Rodica şi Ivan Aculov – Stop Lying
11.Emilia Russu – I Am Not The Same
12.Viola – In The Name Of Love
13.DoReDoS – FunnyFolk
14.Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy – Game Lover
15.Valeria Paşa – Save Love
16.Felicia Dunaf – You And Me

Sergiu Bezniţchi and Olivia Furtună will be the hosts of the national final. Pasha Parfeni, the participant in 2012 Eurovision Song Contest will aslo perform on stage as a guest. The audience will be entertained by the national dancing chorus Space.