How the 2019 Montevizija final was won

RTCG will host Montevizija 2019 tonight which will decide the Montenegrin entry for Eurovision 2019. Five artists will perform in which the top two will be selected through a mixture of tele-vote, local jury and international jury. The winner will then be chosen through 100% public vote. You can watch the show live via this link. The final will begin at approx. 21:00 CET.

After tonight, the winner will become the eleventh Montenegrin Eurovision entrant and will attend Tel Aviv for Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

The blog will be updated throughout the show, and the most recent comments will be at the top. Times will be in CET.


23:00 CET: That concludes tonight’s national final. Thank you very much for watching.

22:55 CET: D-moll reprise their performance after winning the right to represent Montenegro in Tel Aviv later this year.

22:50 CET: The result has been revealed. The winner is:

  • D-moll with “Heaven”

22:45 CET: It’s nearly time for the results before that though six glass bowls are on-stage with the main hosts choosing the tele-vote ‘lottery’ number of the winner of the free holiday. Now a short commercial break.

22:40 CET: Voting remains open for another two minutes. Results is soon to come!

22:35 CET: Hosts speak once again to the radio journalist juror who expresses his thoughts on the top two and the artists that were also quite good/should attempt next year e.g. Andrea Demirović.

22:30 CET: One of tonight’s host speak to both D-moll and Ivana in English which is interesting. D-moll and Ivana speak very good English.

22:25 CET: We return where both D-moll and Ivana re-perform their entries. It looks like D-moll will go on to represent Montenegro however bigger shocks have happened in the Eurovision national selection game.

22:15 CET: D-moll and Ivana Popović-Martinović have secured enough votes to proceed to the super-final. Andrea Demirović narrowly misses-out after securing no public votes. Next up: a commercial break.

22:05 CET: Time for the jury votes:

  • Radio journalists voted “Heaven” with the top vote.
  • International jury voted “Heaven” with the top vote.
  • Local artists voted “Nevinost” with the top vote.
  • Public voted “Heaven” with the top vote.

22:00 CET: Voting has paused and we see a VT of tonight’s artists singing the Eurovision theme music – “Te deum” followed by ABBA’s Waterloo.

21:55 CET: After an extended talk between the hosts and the lead singer of Hari Mata Hari. We’re shown another recap before the voting lines will pause for the reveal of the top two finalists.

21:50 CET: Now we are treated to a performance of Hari Mata Hari performing the 2005 entry for Bosnia & Herzegovina – “Lejla” followed by his other most-famous singles.

21:45 CET: The international jury has been revealed to be:

  • Ruslana (Ukraine 2004 – 1st)
  • Eldar Gasimov (Azerbaijan 2011 – 1st)
  • Lea Sirk (Slovenia 2018)
  • Andras Kallay-Saunders (Hungary 2014)
  • Ira Losco (Malta 2002, 2016)
  • Jovan Radomir (Melodifestivalen crew)

21:35 CET: The first recap is now shown with voting numbers open. A prize draw is also available for a chance to win a holiday. All you got to do is vote for your favourite if you live in Montenegro.

21:30 CET: With that, all five entries have performed. We return to our hosts who discuss tonight’s voting procedure. We join a third host in the green room where voting will remain open for another 25 minutes.

  • Song #5: Nina Petković – “Uzmi ili ostavi”

Last year’s Montevizija finalist is back with a different sound than “Disem”. Quite mid-tempo with a rock element present.  Nina wearing black and white alongside a shirtless, tattooed backing dancer parading on-stage with her. Can’t see this style of song doing well for Montenegro. Vocals sounded well.

  • Song #4: Ivana Popović-Martinović – “Nevinost”

A pop ballad with Ivana dressed in white with four backing dancers. Sounds lyrically strong and delivered with emotion. Could do well with the Montenegrin public. Well recieved by the audience but will it be enough to secure a place in the top two.

  • Song #3: Monika Knezović  – “Nepogrješivo”

An upbeat, entry for Monika. Well dressed in gold with two female backing dancer. Vocals sound en-pointe. Solid performance with a decent track. Can see this doing well with jurors which could put it through to the super-final.

  • Song #2: Andrea Demirović – “Ja sam ti san”

Halloween has come early for Andrea dressed in a dominatrix-style black, leather outfit with her hair pinned back. She’s on-stage with a skin-coloured demon which seems to work with this dark, aggressive song. Stand out performance, very interested to see how the four groups of jurors will place this. Vocals were superb especially the ending belt. Could do well if it appeals to its local audience.

  • Song #1: D-moll – “Heaven”

Introducing tonight’s only English entry. Interesting use of sheet music lines for the artists to stand in, perhaps a representation that music is “heaven”. Decent harmonisations however track sounds very dated with no Montenegrin authenticity. Can’t imagine this doing well with the jurors. Interesting start for Montevizija 2019.

21:10 CET: A VT now displays showcasing Montenegro’s entries throughout the years while showcasing entries such as Doris Dragovic – Maria Magdalena.

21:05 CET: Our hosts introduce some of the jury members which will help decide the top two performances. A mixture of local radio journalists, local Montenegrin artists and an international jury will be utilised tonight.

21:00 CET: The show has begun! We open to last year’s Montenegrin entry “Inje” being performed by our two hosts alongside a choir followed by a Eurovision medley of Montenegrin entries.

20:45 CET: With 15 minutes left until the show begins. Here’s a look at tonight’s running order:

  1. D-moll – “Heaven”
  2. Andrea Demirović – “Ja sam ti san”
    (ENG: I am your dream)
  3. Monika Knezović  – “Nepogrješivo”
    (ENG: Unmistakable)
  4. Ivana Popović-Martinović – “Nevinost”
    (ENG: Innocence)
  5. Nina Petković – “Uzmi ili ostavi”
    (ENG: Take it or leave it)

Tonight’s international jury will consist of a representative each from the following six European countries; Azerbaijan, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia, Sweden & Ukraine.