Covering nine shows on a very busy Saturday night (10th of Feb)

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What a night! There are nine preselection shows for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, including two finals in Denmark and Italy. We follow everything that is happening tonight in one liveblog to give you a full overview.

In chronological order, we will have these nine shows tonight. If you click on the time (shown in CET) the show starts, you can watch it along with us.

Ukraine: Semi final 1, 18:00-22:10
Sweden: Semi final 2, 20:00-21:30
Denmark: National final, 20:00-22:00
Lithuania: Show 5, 20:00-22:10
Latvia: Semi final 2, 20:25-22:50
Hungary: A Dal Semi-final 1, 20:30-22:45
Estonia: Semi final 1, 20:35-22:35
Italy: Sanremo Final night, 20:35-01:00
Iceland: Semi final 1, 20:45-22:20
Italy: Sanremo Final night, 20:35-01:00

Liveblog for Saturday the 10th of February

Below you can read back our general liveblog for the night, with updates by Steef van Gorkum:

23:04 – What you may have missed

The most important headlines of tonight:

23:02 – Closing up the blog for tonight

With only one show left, you are all kindly requested to move to our Sanremo liveblog with commentary by Sadie Trent. She will guide you through the rest of this long night. Thanks for following it with us!

22:57 – Ukraine rounds up a long semi final

After an incredibly long semi final show in Ukraine, Laud wins the heat and qualifies for the final with 16 points. Surprise is the early exit for 2016-finalist Pur:Pur. Read all about it here.

22:52 – Annalisa and The Kolors strong in Italy

Sadie Trent follows Sanremo for us live, and she is most impressed by Annalisa’s performance so far. “But The Kolors could give us a shock winner tonight too. It’s far from over here.” Sounds exciting!

22:50 – Shock exit for Markus Riva

The big favorite is eliminated in Latvia. Markus Riva does not make it through the first round.

22:41 – Monday Night

A big night like this can seem a little chaotic, with results coming in from no less than nine countries. Be sure to check our entire overview on Monday Night, with all the results from the weekend in one handy overview.

22:36 – Italy Sanremo still running

While most of the shows have just finished, or are about to finish (Latvia and Estonia), Italy’s Sanremo is not even close to an end. This will go deep into the night, before we will know who represents Italy in Lisbon.

22:29 – A Dal: Leander Kills sneaks through

The metal band had a scare tonight when they had to go through televoting, but they made it through. Full results HERE.

22:24 – Stig Rästa through in Eesti Laul 2018

He reaches the final despite a rather mediocre first performance. More results can be found HERE.

22:21 – Iceland’s qualifiers also known

Results keep floating in right now. These are the results of heat 1 in Iceland:

Check out the first three finalist of Söngvakeppnin

22:19 – Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė wins the fifth heat in Lithuania

Paula Valentaitė is also through to the next round.

22:09 – Leander Kills in televoting round A Dal

A surprise in Hungary. Leander Kills, winner of the first quarter final, is now on the edge of elimination. After the jury results, these are the qualifiers in Hungary:

01. Gergely Danielfy – Azt mondtad – 47 points
02. Zsolt Sule – Zold a május – 45 points
03. Biga – Good Vibez – 42 points

In the televoting round, Leander Kills, Gabi Knoll, Maszkura, Ham ko ham, Roland Gulyás and SativuS battle it out for one more ticket.

22:01 – Rasmussen wins in Denmark

With 50% of the vote, they win the super final and take the ticket to Lisbon.

21:55 – Performances over in Supernova and Eurovizijos

Meanwhile in the Baltics, performances are over in Latvia’s Supernova and Lithuania’s Eurovizijos. The results for Lithuania are expected any minute now. Paula Valentaitė is the big name in Eurovizijos tonight, but she only received 6 points from the jury.

21:52 – Zsolt Sule qualifies in Hungary

With two more performances to go, this is the live score in Hungary’s A Dal at the moment:

01. Zsolt Sule – Zold a május – 45 points
02. Biga – Good Vibez – 42 points
03. Gabi Knoll – Nobody To Die For – 37 points
04. Maszkura és a Tucsokraj – Nagybetus szavak – 37 points
05. Ham ko ham – Barmerre jarsz – 36 points
06. Roland Gulyas – Hypnotized – 35 points
07. SativuS – Lusta lány – 33 points

21:46 – Stig Rästa

In Eesti Laul, 8 of the 10 songs have been performed. Stig Rästa was on stage as nr 7. According to Robin Tas, the rather mainstream song did not bring out the best in him. “This song does not suit his vocals”.

21:40 – Sanremo is underway

Follow everything live with commentary by Sadie Trent HERE. “Laura Pausini is currently on stage, why can’t she just represent Italy?”

21:33 – Whigfield quickly eliminated

Three songs progress in Denmark, but Whigfield is not among them… Celtic group Rasmussen goes through, together with indie girl Anna Ritsmar in her pajamas, and country man Albin Fredy.

21:29 – Meanwhile in Hungary

The current results:
42 Biga – Good Vibez
37 Gabi Knoll – Nobody To Die For
37 Maszkura és a Tucsokraj – Nagybetus szavak
36 Ham ko ham – Barmerre jarsz
33 SativuS – Lusta lány

That means that Ham ko ham and SativuS are already in the televoting round. 4 songs left to go.

21:25 – Margaret to Andra Chansen as Liamoo qualifies

That is a setback for the former fan favorite in Melodifestivalen in Sweden. Allie Lindo predicted that Margaret would have a tough night, and indeed, she will need to try again in Andra Chansen.

Margaret Eurovision Poland Sweden Melodifestivalen

21:19 – Samir & Viktor through

They take the first final ticket in this stronger second semi of Melodifestivalen.

21:16 – Recap in Denmark; will Whigfield qualify?

Results are coming up. Quite a diverse show in Denmark tonight, and this could go either way. Will big name Whigfield make it into the next round?

21:05 – First results in Sweden!

Two songs have already been eliminated here in Sweden. Jonas Gardell and Stiko Per Larsson will not be going further tonight. Margaret is still in the running. Final results to follow soon.

21:00 – Markus Riva in Latvian Supernova

Will 2018 be the year of Markus Riva? He tried to represent Latvia before and Eurovision and failed in his quest. Maybe tonight will be a step in the right direction. With seven acts, and two tickets for the final of Supernova, the road is hard, but possible since he gave one of the best performances of the night ánd compared to the first semi final. Watch the show in Latvia here.

20:55 – First three acts in Hungary

Three acts will go to the final of A Dal based on the points by the jury, a fourth ticket will be handed out after a televote. Here are the standings after the first three songs:

01. Biga – Good Vibez – 42 points
02. Ham ko ham – Barmerre jarsz – 36 points
03. SativuS – Lusta lány – 33 points

20:45 – Margaret does not convince in Melfest

Margaret is the big favourite in Sweden tonight, but will she indeed qualify for the final of Melodifestivalen? Allie Lindo is not fully convinced: “This song is okay but doesn’t jump out as anything special to me. I do think Margaret’s stage performance was quite good though. So points to her for that.”

20:40 – Semi final 1 of A Dal
Leander Kills did extremely well in the quarter finals of A Dal. Will they make it to the final? Nine acts in Hungary tonight, with only four tickets to the final. The songs are underway!

20:35 – Whigfield has performed in Denmark
Whigfield gave us a catchy song in Denmark, but also quite repetitive in the chorus where three words are repeated over and over again. Vocally this is solid, as Sannie walks across the stage in a female suit and a 50’s hat, with five dancers around her all the time.

20:25 – Bellissimo! It’s Sanremo time!
Thirty minutes and counting, to the start of a long, exciting and classy night in Italy. It’s time for the grand final of the Sanremo Festival 2018. You can follow it in a special in-depth blog for the long night in Italy by Sadie Trent.

20:15 – Rasmussen impressive, Ditte Marie vocally good
Three songs have been performed in Denmark. Rasmussen had “an interesting, almost celtic sounding, big bombastic musical song.” Previous contender Ditte Marie sparks some doubts in our liveblog: The vocals sound good, but is it good enough for Ditte Marie to go to Eurovision this time around?

20:06 – Nice opening in Sweden
“David Lindgren is pole dancing. It’s really impressive!” Allie Lindo is already excited, watching Melodifestivalen.

20:02 – The Danish final is underway
We are really on our way now. Semi final 2 in Sweden, heat 5 in Lithuania and of course the Danish final of DMGP have started. You can follow Denmark with extra in-depth coverage in this liveblog.

19:50 – Ukraine: ‘A weak semi final thus far’
Ouch. “All the songs have actually been weak so far, it is not really that interesting. It wont be a winner from this heat, I can assure you of that.” Sadie Trent, our Ukraine-expert at ESCDaily is watching the first show of Vidbir in Ukraine. Maybe Tayanna in one of the next shows will provide us with the goods…

19:45 – In-depth coverage of Melfest
Allie Lindo is fully focusing on the second semi final of Melodifestivalen in Sweden. You can follow the in-depth coverage of our American-Swedish reporter here!

19:35 – Whigfield for Denmark?
One of the big names for tonight is Whigfield. She scored big hits in the 90’s and now wants to make a comeback. Will she represent Denmark at Eurovision 2018? We will find out tonight!

19:20 – Half of the result in Lithuania is in
As you may know from the previous weeks, the show in Lithuania has been pre-recorded. The result of the jury is already known. The televote will decide who will advance to the next round as well.
1. Kotryna Juodzevičiūtė – That Girl – 12 points
2. Godo – Fire Fountain – 10 points
3. Jurgis Bruzga – 4love – 8 points
4. Twosome – Hello – 7 points
5. Paula – 1 2 3 – 6 points
6. Lukas Norkunas – Tegu – 5 points
7. Vidas Bareikis – Pusvalanduko – 5 points
8. Silvija Pankunaite & GeraiGerai – 3 points
9. Juozas Martin – 2 points
10. Milda Rasilavičiūtė – 1 point


19:10 – Will Pur:Pur make it in Ukraine?
While Ukraine is already halfway their show, we will keep you informed about everything that is happening tonight. Because of a long break, the results of Vidbir will not be available until around 22:00 CET. We are curious to find it if Pur:Pur will reach the final, after doing so in 2016 as well.

18:55 – Good evening!
Let’s get ready to rumble!! Nine shows. We could not be more excited! We will give you the results and remarkable events of all shows, here in one overview.