Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2013 final

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Good evening everybody! Greetings from Norway! Or better… This is Oslo calling! In few minutes the big final of MGP 2013 will start. To whom are Norwegians gonna give their ”douze points” to represent their country in Eurovision Song Contest 2013?

And here we go! MGP 2013 Final ”ON AIR”! May the best song win!

Tonight’s hosts Jenny Skavlan and Erik Solbakken are presenting the contestants. Almost everybody received the ‘same applause’. It does gonna be a tough competition…


Jenny Skavlan and Erik Solbakken

Here we go! The first song of the night… Vidar Busk – “Paid my way”

1. Vidar Busk

A little bit of Elvis Presley, with a little bit of background from Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candyman’ video-clip. I really wonder were Popeye and the rest of the sailors are, in order to dance swing!

Time for the second entry: Fjellfolk – ”Ulvetuva”

2. Fjellfolk

The people from the mountains (Fjellfolk) sing a traditional ethnic Celtic song. This is the only entry in Norwegian tonight. The unusual is that elderly are tending to speak English. Will they change their mind?

Third song and time to pump it up! Here is coming Adelén with”Bombo”!

3. Adelén

With Latin dancers, flames, accordion as an introduction and an up-tempo choreography you think for seconds that you were transferred in a club somewhere in the Mediterranean! She was much better at her vocals that the semi-final and the crowd gave her a huge applause! Our first potentional entry for the top-4!

Now it’s time for the other edge of the music line… Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen with “Alone”.

4. Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen

Gromth and Emil in an experiment that no one knows where will lead them. Interesting but at the same time hard to hear. Does Eurovision have a place in her family for something so different? The crowd seems to say ‘yes’!

In the middle of the contest part we have be ‘’awake’’ for Gaute Ormåsen!

5. Gaute Ormåsen

A very nice surprise by the young singer with his nice vocals! Although it is a pure pop song, there is nothing to seem alike. Combined with a minimal choreography for the background, at least he should feel proud of his entry!

Sixth in the row: Lucky Lips – “Sweet and heavy”!

6. Lucky Lips

With carrot-colored hair, the singer sings for something sweet and heavy at the same time! What on earth could it be that? Probably she is searching for it on the other side of Atlantic Ocean if we consider the genre of music. Bugs Bunny will vote for her!

Now we are proceeding with Datarock and “Underground”!

7. Datarock

The sound of the underground is consisting of: Glittering dancers, red forms, disco balls, lamps creating the name of the group and of course sun glasses in the middle of the night!! Hopefully it will not rise to the surface!

Coming closer to the last song, now it’s the turn of Annsofi and “I’m with you”!

8. Annsofi

Obviously more self-confident than the semi final Annsofi gives her best vocals on the stage. The sound of Alexander Rybak’s violin is just magical! A very touching ballad in which the crowd replied with a warm applause. Maybe another candidate for the top-4!

The penultimate song is: Margaret Berger – “I feed you my love”.

9. Margaret Berger

A “Kill-Bill” white form singer, with a song which is lost in musical translation. This song is considered the big favorite. Probably Norwegians want the rest of the humanity to evacuate Earth.

Last song of the big final! Sirkus Eliassen – “I love you te quiero”

10. Sirkus Eliassen

The name of the band is ‘Circus’. Instead of being filled with animals like Noah’s Ark, the male duet is spreading his love to all of us. A calling for everyone to start dancing and leave the coach-potato life!

That’s all the songs! Now Norwegians have 10 minutes to choose their favorite one and send it to the next round. Norwegians are unpredictable. At least I hope that they will approve of learning some Spanish tonight!

The re-cap video is now on air…

The big guest of MGP Final is… Loreen! Now live on stage is performing her hit: “My heart is refusing me”. I am in loss for words…

Loreen 1

Loreen 2


That’s all folks for now! The first part came to an end. Now there is a break. Stay tuned for the top-4 in exactly 30’.

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back! The second part just started and we are getting closer to the crucial moment… So, who will proceed to the top-4?

1. Adelén – ”Bombo”!!! Finally Norwegians like to learn Spanish! Let’s “Bombo” again!

2. Annsofi – “I’m with you”!!! Norwegians fairly repaid her great performance today! Time to get emotional…

3. Sirkus Eliassen – “I love you te quiero”!!! 100% Spanish accomplishment! How about dancing?

4. Margaret Berger – “I feed you my love”!!!The big favorite a step closer… Hear once again her song.
These are the 4 most popular songs of the night. A second round of voting is going to start to end the quest of tonight’s grand winner. Norway has 5 minutes. The re-cap video is on-air…

In the meantime, Tooji will remind us Norway’s last year’s entry is a different version! Sounds very inspiring!

Voting has finished. Norway has made its choice. Can you guess who will have the honor to be in Malmo? Until then a few minutes of suspense. Let’s meet Malmo! The city of this year’s Eurovision!

Now it’s time. The voting is starting…

Song 1/ADELEN/2.000 + 1.000 + 3.000 + 6.410 + 1.032 + 8.226 + 11.907 + 25.839=59.414(2nd)

Song 2/ANNSOFI/1.000 + 3.000 + 2.000 + 2.828 + 308 + 3.350 + 5.223 + 13.517=31.226(4th)

Song 3/CIRCUS / 3.000 + 2.000 + 1.000 + 5.694 + 2.254 + 4.877 + 7.342 + 15.280=41.447(3rd)

Song 4/BERGER/4.000 + 4.000 + 4.000 + 15.105 + 900 + 14.558 + 16.621 + 42.248=101.424(1st)

Margaret Berger is the winner of Melodi Grand Prix 2013 and will represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest!

Margaret with fans