Norway: Acts for MGP 2015 presented by NRK

Norwegian national broadcaster NRK has presented their artists for the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2015. In that show on the 14th of March, Norway will select their act and song for the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna. One of the contestants is Elisabeth Andreassen!

Andreassen, artist name Bettan, won the contest in 1985 as a member of Bobbysocks. She also got an 8th place in 1982 with the group Chips, a 6th place in 1994 together with Jan Werner Danielsen and a 2nd place for Norway in 1996! She will take part together with Tor Endresen, who ended up in last place in 1997.

As we told you before, due to the 60th anniversary of the contest, Norway will use a live orchestra in their national final. Here is one more round-up of all acts and songs, you can listen to short snippets of all songs by clicking here:

Alexandra Joner – Cinderella
Contrazt – Heaven
Erlend Bratland – Thunderstruck
Ira Konstantinidis – We don’t worry
Jenny Langlo – Next to you
Karin Park – Human beings
Marie Klåpbakken – Ta meg tilbake
Mørland feat. Debrah Scarlett – A monster like me
Raylee – Louder
Staysman Lazz – En godt stekt pizza
Tor & Bettan – All over the world