Norway: Read back our Melodi Grand Prix 2017 liveblog

Who can believe we’ve reached the very last national selection for 2017? But alas, tonight we are here in Norway with NRK and the Melodi Grand Prix 2017. This evening ten artists will compete for the opportunity to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev this May.

With no clear favourite and fans divided among the ten acts, it’s sure to be an interesting show tonight, the show goes out live from 2055 CET and you can watch it live here.

UPDATE: The show is now over. Feel free to read back our live blog with the commentary from Neil MacInnes on the show!


2316 – And that is it! The show is over! Jowst will go to Eurovision with “Grab The Moment” to represent Norway and that wraps up national final season! The last national final of the season! Just like that, it’s over! Thank you for sticking with ESCDaily tonight and we’ll see you very soon.

2310 – Time for the results: In fourth place is Ulrikke. Third place is Elin & The Woods. Second place is Ammunition and the winner is: JOWST.

2254 – So all four acts have performed their entries one more time and it’s now time for the interval act! It’s last year’s winner Agnete, performing a ballad piano version of “Icebreaker” and I have chills. So many memories. Such a great song.

2234 – They’ve been added to the votes of the Norwegian public and the four superfinalists are:

  • Jowst – “Grab The Moment”
  • Ulrikke – “Places”
  • Elin & The Woods – “First Step in Faith (Oadjebasvuhtii)”
  • Ammunition – “Wrecking Crew”

2225 – So in the lead with four votes is Jowst, second with three votes is Ulrikke, third with two votes is Ammunition, and fourth with one vote is Ella. The other acts are yet to score a point, however the results of the Norwegian televoters will be added to these results to find four superfinalists.

2215 – Time for the international juries: each jury member votes once, both Ireland, Armenia, and Germany have voted for Ulrikke. Finland and Austria voted for Ammunition. Sweden, Israel, Malta, and Hungary then gives their votes to Jowst, with the United Kingdom then voting for Ella.

2204 – The last song of the night is “Mama’s Boy” by Ella. Forgive me if I’m wrong about her, but is this entry a joke? Like is it supposed to be intentionally ironic? The song is really cringe. It’s an angry, sassy, pop song. Her style is pretty bad too. The whole performance is very similar to Madonna’s performance at the Brit Awards 2015, the one where she tanked it on her cape. She looks a little bit like a bullfighter, and there’s shirtless male dancers with horns. Lots of red and lots of legs on show. Not sure what I thought of that…

2200 – Elin & The Woods are next on stage to perform the penultimae  song of the night; “First Step in Faith (Oadjebasvuhtii)”. This is such a weird song. She’s a lady in a floor length green dress wearing antlers. How edgy. The song is folksy and whimsical, I feel like there’s some sami influence behind this. It is mostly in Norwegian with only spoken word in English. The song is quite good but the performance doesn’t go anywhere really, there’s a small group of sami singers which join as the bridge kicks in but that’s about it. It is a very pleasant song nonetheless.

2154 – “Wrecking Crew” is song number 8, performed by the band Ammunition. They’re a band of men all in their mid 40’s, performing “dad rock and roll”, it’s definitely a niche thing. It’s a very heavy 80’s rock song, it kinda reminds me of Wigwam who represented Norway all the way back in 2005, coincidentally in Kiev. The staging of this song is really good! There’s lots of pyrotechnics, fireworks, flames, etc. The lead singer is also big on waving a flag, and there’s busty female construction worker dancers waving red flags. I am really enjoying this. Of course it would make a terrible Eurovision entry, but I can really get on board with something like this.

2148 – Amina Sewali is up next on stage to perform “Mesterverk”, the first song in Norwegian tonight, and this is a really unique entry. Scandipop vibes are heavy on this one, it’s an uptempo pop song, easy listening. The performance is quite captivating, with Amina performing a crazy dance with a younger version of herself, it’s similar to a performance by Sia. Towards the end of the performance as well there’s also some body paint, it’s definitely unique.

2143 – In Fusion are next with “Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over” and they’re a girl band. This is a really high energy pop-dance song. Bright colourful lights, troops of synchronized dancers, smoke flares everywhere. The whole vibe here is “Young, Wild, Free”, and it’s really well styled. The song is a good dance song and I can see fans waving flags in the arena to this in Kiev, it does lack power slightly however, but I think this could be great at Eurovision.

2133 – “You & I” is song number five, performed by Kristian Valen. He’s an older gentleman attempting a heartfelt ballad but I can’t help but feel the vocals here are really off key. The song also doesn’t seem to go anywhere. His voice is very generic and there’s nothing particularly spectacular about this performance. He spends the entirety of the performance standing alone glued to the microphone stand, towards the end, two interpretive dancers show up and it’s all a bit awkward.

2127 – Jowst feat. Aleksander Walmann are performing song number four; “Grab the Moment”. This is 200% awesome. There are three Daft Punk style DJs wearing light up face masks accompanying the main singer who is well dressed in a white shirt and a black fedora. The song is an uptempo catchy inspirational song, it sounds like it could be a song by Mike Posner. Very current and cool. Let’s hope this one does well with the televoters.

2124 – Rune Rudberg Band is up next with “Run Run Away” and the country influence is very strong with this one. He’s a cowboy. There’s also vegas style backing singers, feathers and everything! The song is very catchy and has a good “driving through the countryside” appeal, however it’s definitely not for Eurovision. My dad would listen to this.

2116 – Jenny Augusta is next with “I Go Where You Go” and this is such a catchy song. It’s a country song with folk influences. The song is a mid tempo earworm, definitely memorable, the styling is also fantastic on this, with Jenny wearing a red floating dress accompanied by two red floating ghost backing singers. There is also a violinist which features heavily on the track. It all works quite well together.

2113 – Song number 1 is “Places” by Ulrikke. Straight out the gate, were into a pop banger! Ulrikke is a young and trendy girl, wearing black and gold lace, accompanied by eight dancers showing lots of leg. It’s an upbeat pop song with R&B influences, the choreography on this entry is so tight and the blue backdrop and strobe lighting enhance this performance. It’s a great opener to the competition.

2055 – The show begins! And it’s all change, the stage looks so different! It’s a square stage, unusual for Norway. Our hosts open with a Star Wars skit, it’s pretty funny, they then introduce us to the format of the show, where the juries and public will help to decide the winner and then we move on to the performances.

In a change of format from previous years; the international juries are making a return to the competition to help make the decision. A combination of jury voting and public televoting will decide which of tonight’s finalists will be the Norwegian entry for 2017. The show will be hosted live from Oslo Spektrum and for the third year running we have Kåre Magnus Bergh as co-host. The ten competing songs are:

1 Ulrikke “Places”
2 Jenny Augusta “I Go Where You Go”
3 Rune Rudberg Band “Run Run Away”
4 Jowst feat. Aleksander Walmann “Grab the Moment”
5 Kristian Valen “You & I”
6 In Fusion “Nothing Ever Knocked Us Over”
7 Amina Sewali “Mesterverk”
8 Ammunition “Wrecking Crew”
9 Elin & The Woods “First Step in Faith (Oadjebasvuhtii)”
10 Ella “Mama’s Boy”