Live: Nuša and Regina fight for another chance in Slovenia

Nuša Derenda (ESC 2001) and Regina (ESC 1996) will try to win a ticket to Stockholm, after representing Slovenia before in the Eurovision Song Contest. They take part in the final of EMA 2016 tonight, which you can follow here live!

EMA will have two voting rounds. After all ten songs in this show have been performed a professional jury of three will pick two super finalists. People at home then get the chance to pick the Slovenian act for Stockholm through televoting.

You can watch along by clicking on this link and / or follow our live blog below, with the most recent updates on top:


22:02 – And the winner is…
ManuElla will go to Stockholm with the song ‘Blue And Red’. Thank you for following the show with us tonight!

21:50 – A lot of interval acts
The host of the show is performing a Slovenian version of Conchita’s winning song together with Sestre and the Junior Eurovision Song of this year together with Lina Kuduzović. And a interval clip making fun of Putin…

21:41 – The lines are open, televoting will decide who will win it tonight

Of course, after a commercial break and a salsa remake of ‘Here For You’ by Maraaya and a old Spanish guy with glasses (sorry, his name disappeared too soon :D).

21:35 – Both songs being performed again
ManuElla has just performed her song again, and Raiven is up next. It is a difficult call. Between a nice country song, with a girl who knows how to work the camera so well. Or a réal Slovenian mysterious act with a harp.

21:27 – ManuElla and Raiven to the superfinal!
The jury have picked ManuElla and Raiven for the super final of EMA 2016. I think they made a good call! It also means the exit for former participants Nuša and Regina.

21:21 – Making their minds up
The jury is making up their list of two super finalists. We will hear who will stay in the race after the new single of Maraaya has been performed.

21:14 – A recap of all songs
We see short snippets of all songs again, followed by another commercial break.

21:08 – 10. Sebastijan Lukovnjak – Tales Of Tomorrow
Sebastijan performs the final song of the night in Slovenia. He is also a music teacher and singing coach and composed this country song himself. Good vocals, and a voice similar to the Mumford and Sons lead singer. Great job on that factor, but there is nothing going on during his performance and he does not have the skill to fill the stage all by himself. I am curious who will make it to the super final tonight.

21:02 – 09. Nuša Derenda – Tip Top
Nuša Derenda hardly needs an introduction, as she represented Slovenia in 2001 with ‘Energy’ quite succesful. Of course she has gotten 15 years older, but haven’t we all? The vocal power is still impressive. The act has been thought out with four well dressed dancers. Everything is slick and professional. But is the song strong enough to qualify?

20:57 – 08. Raiven – Črno Bel
Raiven is the stage name of singer and harpist Sara Briški Cirman. She has a very special entry for EMA 2016, and there will be a niche market for this. But this act, with the Slovenian language, the wardrobe change and the beats coming in all of a sudden halfway through. It might be a bit too much for the casual watching person in May this year. But still, sometimes one has to take a risk at Eurovision! One point of advice, coming from the former Sestre member in the jury: Drop the Drag Queen look. True indeed.

20:54 – The second commercial break is here

20:48 – 07. ManuElla – Blue And Red
A very strong performance of this song with country influences. ManuElla has a lot of experience, including the show Das Supertalent in Germany, and she certainly knows what she is doing. Great eyes connection with the camera. Towards the end of her song two female sigers are joining her for the climax of the song. Soms slightly unstable vocals then, when her dress changes from white to red (cliché), but still one of the better entries of tonight so far in Slovenia!

20:43 – 06. Regina – Alive In Every Way
Irena Jalšovec, the real name of Regina, is no stranger for the Eurovision Song Contest. It is her eighth participation in the national Slovenian selections and she even won the national final in 1996 and represented her country in Oslo with ‘Dan najlepših sanj’, which placed 21st. This song is totally different. Uptempo and sparkling. But as the years go by, one can wonder if Regina is the right person for a modern dance track. The total package is not true and sincere. I could see this struggle at Eurovision to qualify.

20:38 – 05. D Base – Spet Živ
What can I say. The show in Slovenia is at least… diverse. A rap song, the mellow nineties kind of rap song, that is. D Base is a joint project that was formed in 2015 by three musicians Dolić, 9ka and David. Their main purpose is to encourage young people to mobilize and to live their lives to the fullest. A nice motto, but not right for Eurovision. The performance is good enough, but this is really outdated.

20:32 – 04. San Di Ego Band – Brez Tebe
The Slovenian hard rock band San Di Ego was founded in early 2013. It consists of four experienced musicians and they have made the switch from hard rock to soft rock. Their sound resembles with the 80’s band Europe. And there lies the main problem, it is quite good in its genre, but is it suitable for Eurovision 2016? Impressive vocals might make it a contender to do well with the jury tonight.

20:28 – Time for the first commercial break!

20:22 – 03. Anja Kotar – Too Cool
Short haired Anja will also perform a song she has written herself, as did the two acts before her. People in Slovenia might know this young (17 years old) artist from X-Factor Slovenia. ‘Too Cool’ is a mid tempo mild rock song, which Anja Kotar delivers well. She knows when to look into the camera and make interaction. Her song however is missing a certain hook, something to keep the attention in three minutes time. Decent perfomer with a song that is to weak fo Eurovision.

20:16 – 02. Žan Serčič – Summer Story
A sweet guitar song now, with a couple of backings on drums, ukelele’s and behind microphones. Žan became popular after his participation in the second season of the Slovenian talent show ‘Slovenija ima talent’ and his tv experience is showing of the screen. A very sympathetic attempt to represent Slovenia this year. Let’s wait and see if there comes along something better.

20:10 – 01. Anja Baš – What If
Anja Baš is almost nude at the bottom, performing her song What If, written and composed by herself. The vocals are slightly off key, especially the high notes. Which are in this song a lot. A nice dancing scene in the middle of the song between Anja, dressed in white and another female dancer in black. The act is well thought out, the composition is decent, but the vocals are a big problem for me here. A weak start to EMA 2016 for me.

20:05 – The rules are being explained. We will have two superfinalists at the end of the evening, and the televote will decide which of these finalists will win the ticket to Stockholm. The jury to pick these superfinalists consists of Raay (singer-songwriter, member of Maraaya), Darja Švajger (singer, vocal coach and 1995 and 1999 Slovenian Eurovision entrant) and Tomaž Mihelič–Marlenna (represented Slovenia in 2002 as part of Sestre).

20:00 – This year’s Slovenian final will be hosted by Klemen Slakonja, the famous Slovenian TV moderator, actor and singer. Klemen Slakonja moderated EMA in 2011 and 2012. He also was a spokesperson who announced the Slovenian voting in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest. He starts the evening with a Slovenian version of ‘Heroes’!

19:52 – We are ready! Here is the line-up in Slovenia tonight.

01. Anja Baš – What If
02. Žan Serčič – Summer Story
03. Anja Kotar – Too Cool
04. San Di Ego Band – Brez Tebe
05. D Base – Spet Živ
06. Regina – Alive In Every Way
07. ManuElla – Blue And Red
08. Raiven – Črno Bel
09. Nuša Derenda – Tip Top
10. Sebastijan Lukovnjak – Tales Of Tomorrow