Live: Oscar Zia and Lisa Ajax in Sweden’s third semi

ESCDaily is reporting live from Norrköping as the third semi-final of Melodifestivalen 2016 takes place in the Himmelstalundshallen. In tonight’s show we will see former MF-participant Oscar Zia and Idols-winner Lisa Ajax.

Seven artists will take the stage here in search of making it to the Melodifestivalen final in Stockholm on the 12th of March. The top two contestants from tonight’s show, chosen by votes from the public, will automatically go on to the final. Two other songs will compete in Andra Chansen (The Second Chance) for a spot in the final. The event will be streamed live by Swedish broadcaster SVT on their website.

The seven performers and their songs are as follows. The qualified songs are listed in bold, the acts in Andra Chansen in Italic:

  • SaRaha – Kizunguzungu
  • Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra – You Carved Your Name
  • SMILO – Weight of the World
  • After Dark – Kom ut som en stjärna
  • Lisa Ajax – My Heart Wants Me Dead
  • Boris René – Put Your Love on Me
  • Oscar Zia – Human

The show will be hosted by Gina Dirawi and Henrik Schyffert. You can follow our live blog below, with the most recent updates on top. All times are in Central European Time (CET)

21:24 – And Lisa Ajax completes the field!
Of course, ‘My heart wants me dead’ by Lisa Ajax wins the last struggle with SMILO. We will see her again in the final on March 12th! She gives a reprise of her song, and wraps up the show for tonight. Thank you for watching it with us!

21:23 – It’s SaRaha to Andra Chansen
SaRaha is still in the race! The song Kizunguzunga by Arash will return in two week, as does Boris René!

21:17 – Oscar Zia reached the final
Oscar Zia is beig announced as the first direct qualifier for the final! He performs a reprise of his song ‘Human’.

21:03 – The first eliminations
As expected: After Dark has to leave the show. Swingfly and Helena Gutarra are also eliminated. The other five acts will battle it out for two tickets to the final, and two tickets for Andra Chansen.

20:51 – A recap of the songs from tonight
We see some small snippets of all competing songs of tonight. Do you have a favourite act in there?

20:47 – Oscar Zia – Human
Oscar Zia is back after he took part with ‘Yes We Can’ in recent years. A very dark settings, with clouds passing by and a lot of strange mysterious camera shots changing, giving this song ‘Human’ the vibe of a thriller movie. A very, very strong performance and one that deserves a straight place in the Grand Final of MF 2016.

20:41 – Boris René – Put Your Love on Me
A (former) professional football player from Congo, now on stage for Melodifestivalen. Well, it is not the most weird thing we have seen and his performance was actually quite good! Great dancing skills and good vocals, as far as we could check. A contender to make it to the final or Andra Chansen, I guess.

20:36 – Lisa Ajax – My Heart Wants Me Dead
A big name now, with big expectations. The crowd is also slightly biased, because just announcing her name, they applaud for Lisa Ajax. No guarantee though, as Amanda Fondell also got eliminated soon a couple of years ago. A slight Arabian flavour in her song, and you can see pretty Lisa has experience will televised music competitions. The best act of the night so far, in my opinion.

20:29 – After Dark – Kom ut som en stjärna
Twelve years ago After Dark scored extremely well with ‘La Dolce Vita’ in Melodifestivalen. Now this drag act is back, but it looks like time stood still in the last years. Apart from Conchita, these drag acts have scored extremely bad at Eurovision. Let’s hope the Swedish crowd will send this one home after tonight.

20:24 – SMILO – Weight of the World
The composer of this song for the three dudes of SMILO is looking a bit like Weird Al Yankovic in his younger days. It is a serious song however, still being uptempo. The lead singer is taking the camera from the first second and his friends behind the DJ desk are also connecting well. A lot of fireworks and interaction with the venue, which is going berzerk. If that is a indicator for the results of tonight, this song might do fairly well.

20:19 – Swingfly feat. Helena Gutarra – You Carved Your Name
Rap meets dance. It is always difficult to make one solid fluid composition, let alone a stage performance that ties all things together. Swingfly and Helena Gutarra do a decent job, but not spectacular. There is a lot of dancing and at Melodifestivalen, is hardly affects the vocals. However, at Eurovision, this could be a problem. Not one that Sweden is likely to face however, as this song will not win Melodifestivalen.

20:16 – SaRaha – Kizunguzungu
And of course, we hear the ethnic summer vibes one can expect with this composer. The performance is not fully convincing, but she is working the camera very well. It is surely a bright start of the night and perhaps a contender to stay in this contest.

20:14 – The return of Arash!
Arash is back at Eurovision. The artist who represented Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2009 and got a third place result with ‘Always’ has written this song for SaRaha and is here in Norrköping!

20:08 – The crowd goes wild
All artist are being announced on stage. A lot of support in here for Lisa Ajax, but especially for Oscar Zia. Will they live up to the expectations tonight and become the next two straight qualifiers for the final?

20:00 – Seven days ago…
Of course, the show starts with a flashback to last week, when Wiktoria and David Lindgren made it to the final. Next up are Dirawi and Schyffert, who will open the show with a revamped version of “Under Pressure”, by Queen and the late David Bowie.

19:55 – The show has started!
The people in the venue are ready. The broadcast is about to start. Thank you for following the show together with us!