Poland: Read back our live-blog of Krajowe Eliminacje

TVP will broadcast the Polish national final to select their 20th entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Ten artists will compete including the return of Martin Fitch (nee Marcin Mroziński) who represented Poland in 2010.

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• TVP Webcast

  • Kasia Mos will represent Poland with the song “Flashlight”

[23:10] Next up is televotes and overall winner is…

[22:04] Juror members are now delivering their results… Top three so far:

  • Kasia Mos
  • Isabell otrębus
  • Rafał brzozowski

[22:56] Michal Szpak is back on-stage re-performing his entry for Poland last year “Colour of your life”.

[22:50] We have interval acts on stage from local Polish artists before we are shown tonight’s results.

[22:45] We are back guys and shown a recap of tonight’s entries.

[21:30] Host is back-onstage and opens the televoting lines. Now we’re on a transmission break for the news!

10. Rafał brzozowski – Sky over Europe

Visuals involve lanterns while Rafal stands in the centre of the stage. His performance is a welcome end to tonight’s competing entries. Song is mellow and sweet.

9. Carmel – Faces

Carmel wears flowers in her hair as she wears a black dress. Her strong vocals can definitely deliver however the track doesn’t progress enough to make it a solid entry.

8. Kasia Mos – Flashlight

Fan-favourite of tonight’s show. Kasia wears a linen, bronze dress. She’s on-stage with a keyboardist. Songs stands out and delivers. Definitely has a good shot of taking the crown tonight.

7. Aneta Sablik – Ulalala

Aneta is dressed in a beige, floral dress. Flashing lights are utilised on-stage. The song adds an upbeat vibe needed and it’s placing could help it within the voting, however jury may diminish it’s odds of victory.

6. Olaf Bressa – You look good

Olaf is wearing a white t-shirt with a green jacket while supported by four female backing dancers. Track doesn’t develop much however is a welcome change.

[21:00] We’re now shown flashback clips of previous Eurovision song contests from 1956 to now; including Celine Dion’s win.

5. Paulla – I want there to be with you

Paulla wears a full white, formal dress while the camera focuses on herself. She’s on-stage with a male guitarist and the rock-vibes help propel it to a new level, considering it’s catchy hook. Good contender for tonight.

[20:50] Swedish ESC composer Fredrik Kempe is now on stage with the host before the next performance.

4. Agata Nizińska – Reason

Agata performs with four female backing dancers. She wears a black leather necklace. Vocals again dont deliver entirely however offers a different vibe that we’ve currently experience.

3. Isabell otrębus – Voiceless

Isabell wears a white dress with her hair straightened. Performance denotes focus onto the singer and vocal quality and it works. Great song and hopefully the standard of songs continue.

2. Lanberry – Only Human

Lanberry wears her hair down in plaits while on-stage with two backing singers and three backing dancers. Vocals had issues however overall deliverance was good, however not as good as the previous entries.

1. Martin Fitch – Fight For Us

Martin wears a white top with navy jeans.Visuals involve sky imagery alongside three backing singers dressed in black. Song sounds stronger than it does on studio.

[20:36] Hosts introduces us to tonight’s five jurors who will decide 50% of tonight’s vote. After several minutes of conversation we return to the competitors.

[20:30] The show has begun! We’re introduced to tonights host who explains the rules of tonight’s show. Coming up tonight’s first competitor – Martin Fitch.

[20:15] Return in fifteen minutes for the start of the Polish national final!

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Krajowe Eliminacje, the Polish national final will broadcast tonight from Warsaw. 50% televote to 50% jury shall be utilised to decide the Polish artist and entry for Kiev.

Tonight’s jury members are:

  • Alice Węgorzewska
  • Maria Sadowska
  • Robert Janowski
  • Wlodek Pawlik
  • Krzesimir Dębski

All of tonight’s entries will be performed in English. Alongside the change of format for TVP with the inclusion of a jury vote to aid tonight’s decision.

Tonight’s songs:

  • Martin Fitch – Fight For Us
  • Lanberry – Only Human
  • Isabell otrębus – Voiceless
  • Paulla – I want there to be with you
  • Olaf Bressa – You look good
  • Kasia Moś – Flashlight
  • Aneta Sablik – Ulalala
  • Rafał brzozowski – Sky over Europe
  • Carmel – Faces
  • Agata Nizińska – Reason