Live: Romania chooses entrant for Stockholm

TVR will broadcast the 20th Romanian national final – Selecţia Naţională to select their entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Six finalists will compete to represent Romania in Stockholm.

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Winner and Runner-up announcement:

  • 1st: Ovidiu Anton – Moment of Silence
  • 2nd: Vanotek ft. The Code & Georgian – I’m Coming Home

[21:43] Lidia Isac is now performing her entry for Moldova this year “Falling Stars”. Will Ovidiu Anton or Vanotek go to Stockholm!

  • 3rd: Florena – Behind The Shadows
  • 4th: Dream Walkers – Let It Shine
  • 5th: Mihai – Paradisio
  • 6th: Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț – The Voice

[21:34] Hosts have stopped tele-voting and all artists are on the stage ready to receive the overall results.

[21:28] Another performance by Zoli Toth Project, hopefully results won’t be too long after this. Followed by another recap.

[21:23] Electro arrangement of a traditional Romanian folklore song while traditional dancers perform alongside a mini orchestra.

[21:12] Cezar is now performing his latest single followed by an operatic performance of Conchita Wurst’s “Rise Like a Phoenix”. Cezar stated afterwards “regardless of sexual orientation, music can bring us together” with support from the Romanian audience.

[21:08] Third up is the incorporation of another jury member before Randi develops it into a hip-hop performance.

[21:01] Next of tonight’s interval acts involves another of tonight’s jurors – Randi with Zoli alongside a xylophonist.

[20:54] First of tonight’s interval acts by Zoli TOTH project who is one of tonight’s jurors. Sistem-inspired performance.

[20:52] Another recap being shown, this show will last until 22:00 CET, now might be a good time to grab a coffee…

[20:48] We are finally back watching a compilation of footage of Baia Mare which is hosting tonight’s national final.

[20:37] First of tonight’s commercial breaks now on.

[20:32] Main two hosts back on-stage before counting down from five to one the start of the televote. Recap shown afterwards.

[20:29] Finally, the jurors seem satisfied with the performance and Mihai’s return however there are some reservations with the overall image presented and the track itself.

#6 || Mihai || Paradisio

Danny “Amazing” inspired performance from Mihai. Vocals are stronger than in the semi-final however the performance needs a lot of fine-tuning if it goes on to represent Romania in Stockholm. Considered a fan-favourite by Eurovision fans however will the jurors ruin it’s chances of winning tonight?

[20:20] Cezar gives Anton a standing ovation showcasing his favouritism for the entry immediately. Anton clarifies the song is “Rock” which the jurors question however overall satisfaction shown by all jurors.

#5 || Ovidiu Anton || Moment of Silence

Meatloaf-inspired performance from tonight’s fan-favourite and semi-final winner Ovidiu Anton. Dramatic performance involving dry ice and four backing singers in matching black leather. It’s placement in the running order and audience react suggest it will represent Romania in Stockholm.

[20:13] Divided opinions from the jurors regarding “I’m Coming Home”. Perhaps something lighter before the battle between Ovidiu Anton against Mihai.

#4 || Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian || I’m Coming Home

Indie-pop sound coming from tonight’s fourth competitor. Outfits consist of black leather with a hat on Vanotek alongside three female backing singers, one guitarist and one drummer. Raspy bold vocals from Vanotek quite modern composition however not the best suited for the Eurovision stage in stockholm. Considered a dark horse for tonight.

[20:07] Less positivity from the jurors as in the semi-final, it’s placement may halt it’s chance of representing Eurovision. Televoters could keep it’s chance possible however.

#3 || Dream Walkers || Let It Shine

Considered one of the fan-favourites tonight is Il-Divo inspired operatic group Dream Walkers. Composed by Cristian Faur who is famed for his Romanian Eurovision entries, great vintage suit image from the band however song is out-dated and not as dramatic as Biondo’s Shine in Romanian 2008 national final.

[20:00] Jurors reaction isn’t as strong as Lorena’s but moderate approval however.

#2 || Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț || The Voice

Doru opens the performance alone on stage wearing a black suit. The silhoutettes of a male and female backing dancer are projected throughout. Irina comes out from the side wearing a Conchita-Wurst inspired white dress. Definitely an Ovi & Paula similarity in vocals and performance which goes from ballad to pop-dance halfwaY through. Irina’s operatic roles within the track work great but overall collaboration doesn’t shine as a Eurovision winning entry.

[19:53] Jurors show moderate to strong approval for the performance however that may be partly to the fact she performed first and the jurors selected her during the semi-final.

#1 || Florena || Behind the Shadows

Florena wears a white, sleeve-less sparkling dress with her golden hair curled. Dry ice used strongly while the Sanna Nielsen lighting hourglass has been replicated which works well with the red and black lighting alongside. Vocals are well delivered but no real unique, defining moments within the track “Behind the Shadows”. Audience react well however it’s placement should hilt it’s chances of being chosen.

[19:47] We return to the hosts and we’re now joined by our green room host Ioana Anuța–Jo. First of tonight’s postcards now being shown.

[19:46] Tonight’s juror members are now taking their seats including Cezar who represented Romania in 2013 with “It’s My Life”.

[19:43] Tonight’s on-stage hosts Cornel and Ioana are now discussing tonight’s running order and show format.

[19:30] Opening the show is a traditional Romanian folk band performing in authentic outfits of their heritage along with Paula Seling performing her ESC entries “Playing with Fire” and “Miracle” in 2010 and 2014 respectively.

[19:00] Return at 19:30 for the show to begin!

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Selecţia Naţională 2016 will broadcast live from Sala Sporturilor in Baia Mare and will be hosted by Cornel Ilie and Ioana Voicu with Ioana Anuța–Jo hosting the green room. 50% jury and 50% tele-vote will decide the Romanian entrant for Stockholm. Interval acts include Cezar Ouatu will perform the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 winning song “Rise Like a Phoenix” and Lidia Isac, the 2016 Moldovan representative who will perform her winning entry “Falling Stars”.

Tonight’s running order:

  1. Florena – Behind the Shadows
  2. Doru Todoruț feat. Irina Baianț – The Voice
  3. Dream Walkers – Let It Shine
  4. Vanotek feat. The Code & Georgian – I’m Coming Home
  5. Ovidiu Anton – Moment of Silence
  6. Mihai – Paradisio