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TVR will host the final of Selecția Națională 2019 tonight which will decide the Romanian entry for Eurovision 2019. Twelve artists will perform in which the winner will be selected through 1/7th tele-vote, to 6/7th international jury. You can watch the show live via this link. The final will begin at approx. 19:30 CET.

After tonight, the winner will become the twentieth official Romanian Eurovision entrant and will attend Tel Aviv for Romania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

The blog will be updated throughout the show and the most recent comments will be at the top. All times will be in CET.


22:10 CET: The concludes tonight’s show.Thank you for joining! You can read our results article here.

22:03 CET: Romania has decided to send Ester Peony – On a Sunday. She now performs her reprise of the Romanian entry for 2019.

22:02 CET: It’s between Laura and Bella Santiago for the victory…

  • 8 points from the televoters goes to Army of Love.
  • 10 points from the televoters goes to Destin.
  • 12 points from the televoters goes to Laura Bretan.

22:00 CET: Time to combine the jury votes with the televoters. On a Sunday already out of running as it only received 3 points.

21:50 CET: Time for the top three from the international jurors:

  • 1st juror – 8 points goes to Underground, 10 points goes to Army of Love, 12 points to On A Sunday
  • 2nd juror – 8 points to On A Sunday, 10 points to Army of Love, 12 points to Dear Father
  • 3rd juror – 8 points to D A I N A, 10 points to Army of Love, 12 points to On A Sunday
  • 4th juror – 8 points to Right now, 10 points to Underground, 12 points to Dear Father
  • 5th juror – 8 points to D A I N A, 10 points to Army of Love, 12 points to On A Sunday
  • 6th juror – 8 points to…Renegades, 10 points to Army of Love, 12 points to On A Sunday

21:45 CET: Another recap is shown followed by a quick look of some of the this year’s selected entries in Eurovision 2019. After seeing tonight’s participants in the green room the voting lines have stopped. Results to come!

21:38 CET: Continuing tonight’s interval acts we return to Netta who graces the stage with her new single “Bassa Sababa” after a slight technical issue pauses the opening of her new single.

21:30 CET: Now up is Emmelie de Forest as she performs her single “Sanctuary” followed by her Eurovision 2013 winning entry “Only Teardrops”.

21:20 CET: Another recap now shown as we return to the hosts who introduce our first interval act – Albania’s Inis Neziri performs “Piedestal”; her Albanian national final song from last year. Afterwards she performs the James Brown classic “This is a Man’s World”.

21:15 CET: Welcome back. After another ten minute commercial break we return to the third part of the Romanian national selection. Outfit changes for our female hosts. We have a quick look at the current televote which shows Laura Bretan in a comfortable lead with nearly 500 votes. Bella Santiago initially 3rd got past Trooper to claim 2nd but they are both neck in neck currently.

21:05 CET: Now time for another commercial break. When we return the start of tonight’s interval acts including Emmelie de Forest & Inis Neziri.

21:00 CET: We’re now shown a VT of the international jury members at the airport and being presented with different gifts including a vintage bottle of wine for Emmelie de Forest (still with cobwebs). Interview with Netta is shown afterwards with her going around Bucharest.

20:55 CET: We return to our main two hosts on-stage who announce the start of the public voting. First of tonight’s recap of all twelve performances is now shown.

20:53 CET: That concludes all of tonight’s competing performances. Return to the green room for the final chats with the last three acts that performed. Vaida decides to text her daughter while chatting to the host and shows her two young kids watching her perform.

  • Song #12: Vaida – Underground

We start off with a very questionable blue dress that doesn’t flatter Vaida. A very Eurovision pop entry that typically doesn’t do too well in Eastern Europe countries. Strong music production with nice visuals of the moon inthe background. Vocals are decent but the track sounds a little dated compared to other entries we’ve heard so far. Nice end for the entries however.

  • Song #11: DYA & Lucian Colareza – Without You (Sin Ti)

Spanish and English bilingual duet next. Interesting concept with many astrological concepts for visuals alongside yet another contemporary dance duo. Nice progression in the track but bad harmonisations when they sing together. I imagine this sounds great in studio but did not do any real justice on-stage but they’re popular artists and got a decent applause from the audience.

  • Song #10: Trooper – Destin

Rock meets Opera as band Trooper perform their dramatic entry that features a rainbow eagle in the background. Very catchy melody but unsure if this will do well with both the jurors and the public. Features a key change to the non-existent words during the chorus which is great and all but very little lyrically throughout. Enjoyed it however.

20:40 CET: Audience still going wild for Bella as our green-room host chats to the artists from third quarter of the running order. Three songs left and Laura Bretan and Bella Santiago seem to be the favourite two so far.

  • Song #09: Bella Santiago – Army of Love

Fan favourite and remaining wild-card Bella Santiago is on-stage next. She’s on-stage with four shirtless backing dancers with rope tied around their chest and torso. Bella is sporting tribal make-up giving the performance a concept or gimmick. Flawless vocals and better staging than during the semi-final. This is a strong contender for Romania and since she won X-Factor Romania she should have a strong public backing (since she done it before). Bella’s game right now. Massive applause after her performance.

  • Song #08: Letitia Moisescu & Sensibil Balkan – D A I N A

Very eerie opening sound to this entry. Letitia sits on the ground in a gold-silk dress with rainbow embellishments. Sensil Balkan are dressed in black with yellow shirts alongside one female backing singer for Letitia. Once it hits the chorus it becomes a Balkan extravaganza. Unfortunately the verses are too far from the feel of the chorus and breaks the song’s potential. Rainbow ribbons come out of Letitia’s dress giving Sertab Erener a run for her money. Promising entry but needs a lot of work musically.

  • Song #07: Ester Peony – On a Sunday

Ester sits on a vintage chair in quite a big, red dress. She’s painted questionably tree branches onto her arms. Interesting her song is called “On A Sunday” as is tonight. Quite a sultry performance as rain falls in the visuals. She’s on-stage with two backing vocalists, a guitarist and a drummer. Quite like this, captivating performance although not sure the significance of the haunted house visuals at the end.

20:25 CET: Welcome back! That was a long break indeed however we’re back and ready for the remaining six artists to perform. We’re rejoined by our three hosts on-stage before the seventh artist – Ester will perform.

20:15 CET: Back to the green room to chat to chat with the three most recent artists that performed. We are half-way through the performances. Next up is a commercial break for ten minutes.

  • Song #06: Aldo Blaga – Your Journey

Very 90s Eurovision ballad from Aldo. Two ballroom dancers perform in the background which has definitely been done to death on Eurovision. Not confident of this entry’s chances tonight. I love a good throwback but my interest fades away from “Your Journey”.

  • Song #05: Claudia Mirea – We Are the Ones

Claudia dressed in a black vest strums an acoustic guitar throughout while purple waves shaped as a landscape that turns green is displayed behind him. Bit of a country feel this entry, nothing necessarily wrong with it and it’s definitely catchy in its own right. Production could definitely use a major revamp if selected.

  • Song #04: Teodora Dinu – Skyscraper

Definite sound issues for Teodora as she fiddles with her ear-piece – usually a sign there’s something up with her music feedback. She recovers during the chorus but not the strongest vocal performance. Visuals use lightning strikes while both Teodora and her backing singers are dressed in black. Solid entry but I fear non-qualification for this were it to win.

20:00 CET: Our green-room host now speaks to the first three artists that performed. Interestingly Linda and Oliver both speak English, could this factor not benefit the public getting behind the two songs? Laura speaks in Romanian to the host and gains a strong reaction from the audience. Definitely the current favourite by the audience.

  • Song #03: Laura Bretan – Dear Father

One of tonight’s fan-favourites performing very early indeed. Different outfit than her semi-final performance that helps Laura age slightly however the child-like image helps with the song’s lyrics and message. Exceptional vocals yet again from Laura that I believe have improved from her semi-final performance. Definite contender tonight that have a great climax. Five backing singers come out dressed in black contrasing Laura during final chorus.  I worry singing third might jeopardise the public remembering her after nine more songs.

  • Song #02: Olivier Kaye – Right Now

Oliver is up next in the cursed “Song No.2” spot. A fun, energetic entry that could do with a revamp to help it become modern for 2019. Decent vocals from Oliver with the focus being on Oliver with 3 backing singers and 2 backing vocals. Lot of pink used during the performance. Decent entry that kept my attention throughout but I’m sure there is better yet to come.

  • Song #01: Linda Teodosiu – Renegades

Opening tonight with one of the two wildcard entries after Dan Bittman’s withdrawal which caused controversy including Mihai to leave the competition and try his luck in Belarus instead.  Great use of spiraling strobe lights during opening. A strong performance from Linda dressed in white platform trousers. Slightly screechy however during the huge vocal belts but apart from that would of been flawless. Great song, typical Eurovision. Let’s hope it’s not forgotten by performing first. Strong opening from Romania.

19:45 CET: Hosts are explaining the voting procedures for the Romanian public. Soon to come the first of tonight’s finalists.

19:42 CET: We’re now being introduced to tonight’s international jury taking 50% of the vote. Eurovision 2013’s winner, Emmelie de Forest is amongst the six-person international jury.

19:40 CET: We’re now back on stage where briefly the lights go out and stars shine on the stage. Not sure of their particular reason for showcasing them but looks good nonetheless. One of the female hosts tries to speak to us in English but the main host reckons the show should continue in Romanian instead. Understandable, but a bit of a shame.

19:35 CET: We are now joined by tonight’s three hosts who discuss Romania’s recent Eurovision history.

19:30 CET: We open the show to none other than last year’s Eurovision winner Netta lipsyncing partly to “Toy”. Starting to worry about the sound system in Bucharest tonight now.

19:15 CET: The show will begin in 15 minutes. Here’s tonight’s running order:

  1. Linda Teodosiu – Renegades
  2. Olivier Kaye – Right Now
  3. Laura Bretan – Dear Father
  4. Teodora Dinu – Skyscraper
  5. Claudia Mirea – We Are the Ones
  6. Aldo Blaga – Your Journey
  7. Ester Peony – On a Sunday
  8. Letitia Moisescu & Sensibil Balkan – D A I N A
  9. Bella Santiago – Army of Love
  10. Trooper – Destin
  11. DYA & Lucian Colareza – Without You (Sin Ti)
  12. Vaida – Underground

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