LIVE: Schedule Day Five Copenhagen

So today we will see all the participating countries in the first semi-final once again. Our team is ready to bring you video’s of these rehearsals as soon as possible. And you know the drill, ESC Daily is the place where you will be able to see the rehearsals video’s first.

It will be a long one today, starting at 12:00 with Aram MP3 from Armenia and finishing with András Kállay-Saunders from Hungary at 19:35 CET. Check out the full schedule for today below:

Friday the 2nd of May:

12:00-12:20: Armenia
12:25-12:45: Latvia
12:50-13:10: Estonia
13:15-13:35: Sweden
13:40-14:00: Iceland
14:05-14:25: Albania
14:30-14:50: Russia
15:20-15:40: Azerbaijan
15:45-16:05: Ukraine
16:10-16:30: Belgium
16:35-16:55: Moldova
17:00-17:20: San Marino
18:20-18:40: Portugal
18:45-19:05: The Netherlands
19:10-19:30: Montenegro
19:35-19:55: Hungary