Kiev 2017: Live-blog Day 12

We are counting down to the second semi final! Tonight at 21:00 CET, Tijana Bogićević from Serbia will kick off the second Eurovision 2017 liveshow. Follow the night here with us.

The show will be live broadcast in all participating countries and on Team ESCDaily will not liveblog the tv-show however we will provide news articles about the results & running order draw for the Grand Final straight afterwards. Enjoy the contest!

23:12 – That concludes tonight’s show

Stay tuned with ESCDaily for the qualifier’s press conference in which we’ll know the half draw for all the participants.

23:03 – Time for results!

Tonight’s qualifying countries in random order:

  • Bulgaria
  • Belarus
  • Croatia
  • Hungary
  • Denmark
  • Israel
  • Romania
  • Norway
  • The Netherlands
  • Austria

22:59 – We see France, Germany and Ukraine’s clips

Next up before the voting results is the final of the finalist clips along with a short talk with their artists from France, Germany and Ukraine.

22:54 – Jana Burceska gets proposed in green room!

FYR Macedonia’s revealed she’s having a baby to Timur in the green room but this is followed by her boyfriend asking her to marry him and she said “Yes!”. Our first Eurovision proposal.

22:47 – The voting lines have closed!

After a second recap, we rejoin the hosts who close the voting lines. Next up the interval act: an artistic dance that can be numb to watch.

22:36 – The second of the Verka videos is played

More short, comedic skits featuring Verka Seduchka rushing around Ukraine. Short cutaways to Eurovision winning songs such as Italy 1990 and Israel 1999. This is followed by the hosts chatting to the fans .

22:31 – Voting lines open, first recap shown

Hosts explain all songs have performed and then open the voting lines followed by the first of tonight’s recap of the eighteen competing entries.

22:24 – Imri close the show in Israeli-style

Israel is last up and Imri has great chemistry on-stage but does suffer vocally slightly. Overall fun performance but whether it’s placing might make it suffer is yet to be determined.

22:20 – Estonia bring us to Verona and audience love it

Koit and Laura are next up and deliver their interesting performance. Laura not sounding strong again perhaps it’s nerves but the audience react very strongly to it, perhaps it can qualify.

22:17 – Lithuania provide light entertainment

Fusedmarc on next and the audio quality is sounding stronger but even still this is too bizarre of an entry to connect to the audience. Would be shocking if it qualified.

22:13 – Kristian has his flawless performance

Bulgaria is ready for top five once again and this is by far a strong performance and winning potential. Audience react quite favourably as well.

22:10 – Naviband not sounding their best

Belarus bring us back to the participating entries and even with the conflicting stage they were set to qualify however they dont sound as great as previously rehearsed. Whether this will matter in the voting will be shown soon enough.

22:07 – Back to green room where we chat to Valentina and Anja

Timur once again brings us to the green room where we firstly chat to San Marino’s Valentina and Jimmie. Valentina says that she only comes back for “her fans”. Anja Nissen says she’s just performed the “best performance of her life” and perhaps rightfully so.

22:05 – Timebelle thanks audience in five languages

Timebelle and their lead singer Miruna seem very delighted with their performance as Miruna greets the audience in five different languages, English, French, German, Italian and Romanian – probably rehearsed but sounds good.

22:01 – JOWST for Norway bring the cool factor

JOWST are up next and deliver a well balanced performance similar to their national final performance. This should qualify through televoters alone but after Croatia it could get lost and not qualify.

21:57 – Jacques looks certain to qualify

Croatia is up next and what was originally deemed a nul-point type song has been expertly delivered featuring all the good Eurovision cliches but well shot unlike other more deserving entries. Overall a performance piece and one that captivates the whole audience. Should definitely qualify especially due to vocal ability.

21:52 – San Marino get the party starting

Valentina Monetta and Jimmie Wilson are up now in our first duet of the evening. Overall a fun, yet dated entry. The artists give good chemistry on-stage but this would be shocking to qualify but it’s Eurovision anything could happen.

21:48  – Ireland surprising does better than expected

Brendan Murray is next up with the conflicting hot air balloon. Staging will probably ruin it’s chances of qualifying but vocals did sound better than previous rehearsals, slightly better chemistry on-stage but at times not so much also.

21:44 – Anja blows the roof off vocally

Australian The Voice winner Anja Nissen is next up for Denmark. Vocally on-par with O’3GNE and gets a great reaction from the press centre. Should qualify without a doubt.

21:43 – Hungary should benefit from Jamala-esque song

Hungary is next up with their cultural song. Overall vocals sound good and performance picks the audience up, should be a safe qualifier especially from the juries.

21:36 – Short break back in the green room

We’re rejoined with Timur who chats briefly with all the previously performed artists. We return to our two main hosts who introduce Hungary.

21:34 – Netherlands prove three are better than one

O’G3NE provide their flawless vocals even considering the lower quaity audio on this staging. Overall the new visuals with their look and vocals, show this song as a strong likelihood to qualify but after Finland’s non-qualification it’s all the play for.

21:30 – Romania slipping from early promise

Romania’s first rehearsals sounded very promising but the end result with staging and vocals leaves a lot to be admired. Both Illinca and Alex sound tired but Illinca recovers for the final chorus yodels.

21:24 – Malta gets the crowd going wild

Claudia Faniello performs her Maltese entry “Breathlessly” and sounds a lot better than her previous jury rehearsal, hopefully not costing her a qualification spot however it’s quite an unpredictable semi-final to predict. Crowd going crazy in the arena and press centre for Malta right now.

21:21 – Jana for FYR Macedonia brings mystery on-stage

Jana Burčeska is next up and her daft-punk styled song “Dance Alone” could stand out as the first dance track as opposed to the previous ballad and mid-tempo. Whether the audience will consider the staging and track too dated to win will depend on the televoters as much as the jury. Overall she had a strong performance and began to connect to the audience.

21:18 – Austria seems ‘over the moon’ after performing

Nathan Trent has had vocal issues in the past but for both the jury final and tonight he seems to have overcome most obstacles and performed the entry quite reputably while showing off his natural charisma.

21:15 – Tijana may be “In too deep” to open show

Serbia’s performance isn’t anything screaming qualifier. Overall a decent performance with mediocre staging but could be forgotten quite fast especially considering Austria’s charisma to follow after.

21:11 – Our hosts provide a Ukrainian Eurovision medley

Our new opening act is two of our hosts playing on the accordion and flute which becomes a full blown dance and choir number of previous Eurovision winning entries including Fairytale, Euphoria and Rise Like a Phoenix. Gets the crowd going!

21:05 – Show begins to SF1 recap VT

The show has now begun and replacing the Ukrainian fashion VT is a recap of Tuesday’s semi final one qualifiers along with the opening and interval acts.

20:50 – Ten minutes to go!

Ten minutes left until the second semi-final of Eurovision 2017 will commence. We’ll see another eighteen countries compete for ten qualifying spaces on Saturday’s grand final including Australia’s very own Anja Nissen representing Denmark.