Live: Selecția Națională for Romania

Tonight TVR will decide the Romanian representative for Eurovision 2015 through Selecția Națională 2015. Twelve artists will compete via. 50% Televoting to 50% Jury for the right to represent Romania starting at 19:30 CET.

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To conclude: Voltaj with “De la capăt” to Vienna for Romania.

[22:25] Jury back on-stage to announce their votes and ultimately to reveal the representative for Romania!

Official Results – Top 3:
1. Voltaj [24 points]
2. Luminita Anghel [18 points]
3. Ovidiu Anton [15 points]

[22:10] Return to hosts followed by another recap before we find out the results for Romania in ESC 2015.

Official Televoting – Top 5:
1. Voltaj
2. Luminita
3. Tudor
4. Blue Noise
5. CEJ

[21:50] Ruslana is now performing her new single alongside some of her other songs. She sends best wishes for International’s Woman Day and calls Romania to peace relating to Ukraine’s current war status.

[21:42] CEJ are currently last in the televoting, even though it was tipped to do well tonight.

[21:35] Commercial break now. Return back for the interval acts!

[21:30] Luminița is currently winning the first check of the televoting.

[21:20] All competing songs have been performed! We see the jurors backstage making their 50% decision. We return to the hosts now after a quick chat with CEJ to begin some interval performances while Romania’s televote is officially begun with a recap playing.

12.   CEJ – We Were in Love
Final song now from English speaking; CEJ as they sing their country-themed song with the right mixes to fit ESC. Overall a well-mixed entry with connectibility. It’s up to the Romanians whether this is what they want musically to represent them or not, I hope they do like it.

[21:10] Backstage: Cristina Vasiu; Promo Video: CEJ… in English?!

11.   Cristina Vasiu – Nowhere
Penultimate song from Cristina as she wears mini mirror triangles as a shirt while singing her modern composition “Nowhere”. She sings with style however is a little pitchy at times, when pyrotechnics are introduced… from her skirt. Could do very well tonight.

[21:05] Backstage: Luminița Anghel; Promo Video: Cristina Vasiu.

10.   Luminița Anghel – A Million Stars
Luminița is back to re-claim her representation for Romania after last year’s controversy over one juror’s votes making her runner-up by 2 points. She’s back with Romanian composer team; Cristian Faur & Andrei Tudor. Performance consists of Luminița in a white & black leather outfit with three S&M-kitted backing dancers sitting by her platform. Vocals still hold up ten years after representing Romania and this could be the one to beat tonight.

[20:55] Backstage: Super Trooper; Promo Video: Luminița Anghel.

9.   Super Trooper – Secret Place
Retro, disco song now from equally matching band; Super Trooper. Overall quite kitsch yet it has it’s modern vibe. Strong crowd reaction but considering other entries that have performed and coming up is it enough to be a real contender?

[20:45] Backstage: Lara Lee; Promo Video: Super Trooper.

8.   Lara Lee – Superman
Tonight’s fan favourite now. Vocals are en-pointe. Song is professionally written and has a great chance of doing justice for Romania in Vienna. She showcases her true vocal ability during the choruses and catches the audience attention. I believe the favourite to win tonight, but only one way to know for sure.

[20:40] Backstage: Ovidiu Anton; Promo Video: Lara Lee.

7.   Ovidiu Anton – Still Alive
Halfway through tonight’s entry we return with Ovidiu Anton, who has been quite dedicated to represent Romania the past few years. Dressed once again in his rocker gear yet he sings an impactful ballad. His voice is strong yet well-pronounced however is it a little too contrasting between the song’s theme & visual element until the final chorus to gather votes tonight?

[20:30] Backstage: Blue Noise; Promo Video: Ovidiu Anton.

6.   Blue Noise – Love Won’t Run Away
Acapella next from six artists which overall is quite Glee-inspired yet a little ear-hurting even though developed well. I’m not too sure how this will do, but it’s a black horse to win the Romanian final.

[20:25] Backstage: Rodica; Promo Video: Blue Noise.

5.   Rodica Aculova – My Life
First ballad tonight by Rodica, vocals are not the best, but she looks stunning in her yellow dress, her vocals pick up during the chorus however the thick accent might sway votes from coming her way tonight.

[20:10] Backstage: Aurelian & Alex; Promo Video: Rodica Aculova.

4.   Aurelian Temișan feat. Alexa – Chica Latina
Bright, vibrant set-up for Chica Latina, with four ladies in electric colours backing Aurelian & Alexa. Aurelian seems a little out of place but the entry is very typical ESC and could do well tonight as a potential winner.

[20:05] Backstage, hosts chat to Tudor TurcuNext up now, Aurelian Temișan & Alexa next up followed by their promo video.

3.   Tudor Turcu – Save Us
Our first song in English performing tonight. Performance consists of four white-dressed backing singers wearing white cone hats similar to Moldova in 2011. His vocals are unique and originally however the song is perhaps a little too different to connect with the Romanian public and jurors.

[20:00] Backstage, hosts chat to BăiețiiNext up, X Factor winner for Romania; Tudor Turcu as he tries for another year to represent his homeland. Promo video shows.

2.   Băieții – Dragoste în Lanțuri
An upbeat, Romanian pop song from the boyband. Vocals blend together well and provide harmony. Even though the song is catchy and contains a nice beat and Romanian theme, is there enough for it to be tonight’s winner?

[19:50] Televoting is already open, will this impact the first competing entries or make give them an advantage? The voting will showcase. Our 3rd host chats to the band backstage. Next up: Băieții.

1.   Voltaj – De la capăt
Our bald, main singer sings very well especially considering he doesn’t have much instrumental backing him. The song itself has an emotional, sombre theme & connecting melody which is very different from what Voltaj usually enter the charts with. Will it do them justice and get them the ticket to Vienna?

[19:43] We begin with tonight’s first act; Voltaj. Quite famous in Romania as a rock band; we see their promo video beforehand and they’re quite long!

[19:40] We are not backstage into the green room where we see our two other female hosts; one backstage & one in the open area green room.

[19:35] Our two hosts are on-stage discussing tonight’s schedule before introducing tonight’s five jurors including Ovi.

[19:30] We kick off with all of tonight’s competitors singing last year’s entry by Paula Seling & Ovi; Miracle.

[19:25] Show begins in 5 minutes!


TVR1 will be broadcasting the Romanian National Final via. their national selection process since 1993; Selecția Națională (ENG: National Selection)

Running Order for Tonight:

  1. Voltaj – De la capăt
  2. Băieții – Dragoste în Lanțuri
  3. Tudor Turcu – Save Us
  4. Aurelian Temișan feat. Alexa – Chica Latina
  5. Rodica Aculova – My Life
  6. Blue Noise – Love Won’t Run Away
  7. Ovidiu Anton – Still Alive
  8. Lara Lee – Superman
  9. Super Trooper – Secret Place
  10. Luminița Anghel – A Million Stars
  11. Cristina Vasiu – Nowhere
  12. CEJ – We Were in Love

Tonight’s final is held in the Sala Polivalentă in Craiova.

Luminița Anghel represented Romania in 2003 alongside Sistem. Achieving their joint highest ranking entry in 2005 with “Let Me Cry” placing 3rd with 158 points. Tudor Turcu is also the Romanian X Factor winner from Season 2.