Slovenia: Raiven joins Omar Naber in final of EMA

Tonight the second EMA semifinal took place in Ljubljana Exhibition, Slovenia. Four artists qualified for the final, including Raiven, a runner-up from last year.

The full results of the show were (qualifiers in bold):

  • Clemens “Tok ti sede”
  • Raiven “Zažarim”
  • Kataya & Duncan Kamakana “Are You There”
  • BQL “Heart of Gold”
  • Ina Shai “Colour Me”
  • United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko “Heart to Heart”
  • Tim Kores Kori “Open Fire”
  • Nuška Drašček “Flower in the Snow”

You can watch the show live at 20:00 CET  by clicking on THIS link . UPDATE: The show is now over. Please feel free to read back on our live commentary below.


21:50 End of the live-blog

The Slovenian final will be held on 24 of February where the finalists Omar Naber, Sell Out, Nika Zorjan, KiNG Foo, Raiven, BQL, Tim Kores Kori and Nuška Drašček will battle for representing Slovenia in the 2017 Eurovison in Kiev. Thank you for following the show together with ESC Daily. Stayed tuned for all the upcoming news.

21:48 Tonight’s qualifiers are:

Raiven “Zažarim”

BQL “Heart of Gold”

Tim Kores Kori “Open Fire”

Nuška Drašček “Flower in the Snow”

21:44 Results are coming

After  following a short commercial, Mario Galunichi along with Maja Martina Merljak, Tina Gorenjak and Tanja Kocman to reveal the qualifiers.

21:32 Interval act

The guest for one of the interval acts is Samuel Lucas who sings “Hold Me Now” by Johnny Logan, who won Eurovison twice. After Samuel, a Slovenian jazz and pop singer Alenka Godec takes over the stage.

21:27 Second recap 

After a short speech of Mario Galunich we follow the second recap of tonight’s eight songs.

21:25 Interval act

The hosts- Maja Martina Merljak, Tina Gorenjak and Tanja Kocman, bring an interval act singing and playing on the piano.

21:17 Voting rules

Mario Galunich is invited on stage again to explain the voting rules after which we follow the first recap of the show.

21:09 Nuška Drašček “Flower in the Snow”

The last candidate of tonight is Nuška Drašček. She brings a  pop ballad “Flower in the Snow”. The staging seems very simple with Nuška alone on stage in long black dress.

21:00 Tim Kores Kori “Open Fire”

Tim Kores Kori  brings up-tempo pop with very eurovision-like staging. Although Kori is looks very simple, not counting his red lenses, his performance looks very outstanding. As Kori is singng “Open Fire”, staging is reach in fire: on backdrops fire is displayed, Kori himself “opens fire” on his hand surprising everyone, as well as the back drummer has fire on the cymbals. Song style reminds of Swedish singer Darin.

20:56 United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko “Heart to Heart”

All the members on the stage come with red hearts on their hearts.  While pandas are also waving heart flags. The DJ, is behind the big red heart. At times, two interpretive dancers are appearing as well.  The main color of the staging is red.  The song “Heart to Heart” itself is an up-tempo dance music.

20:44 Ina Shai “Colour Me”

Ina Shai  brings another ballad tonight. She is all in white with angel wings singing out her ‘Colour me’ as all she sees is black”. The staging is simple –she has five backing vocalists, although the main visual s on her white outfit.

20:39 BQL “Heart of Gold”

BGL consists of two members:  Lead singer is singing and playing guitar in white sweater, the other member in black sweater is playing the piano in the back. From the half piano player comes and joins the lead singer- both singing shoulder to shoulder. On backdrops we see forest displayed.

20:30 Kataya & Duncan Kamakana “Are You There”   

Duncan Kamakana starts the duet in a black suit. Later on Kataya joins him in a blue dress. They both deliver  their ballad “Are You There” very emotionally. The song can be best described as a music from Disney Fairytales or a Musical ballad  In more Eurovision terms we  cancopare to Georgia 2013. The duet has four backing vocalists. In the backdrops there is a sketch lady dancing.

Duncan  also took part in The Voice of the USA in 2013, where he passed the auditions but was eliminated in the battle round.

20:19 Raiven “Zažarim”

 Raiven, the super finalist of last year is the second . This year she tries to reach eurovision with “Zažarim”. Her song is a modern ballad, a little bit reminding of “Chandelier” by Sia. Raiven starts her song playing on harp. Later on, her staging looks simple – Raiven is standing alone on stage with her purple hair dressed in a sparkling white outfit.

20:12 Clemens “Tok ti sede”  

Clemens is opening the show  who also has an EMA past. He comes as the replacement of Maja Keuc (Eurovision 2011, the last real good result for Slovenia) who cancelled her come back for a career in Korea. Clemens appears in red sneakers with two interpretive dancers. He brings his up tempo cheerful song with funk influences. Delivers well and from the half plays also on trumpet.

20:05 The show is underway

After a short opening number tonight’s participants are introduced along with the hosts of the show. Host are Maja Martina Merljak, Tina Gorenjak and Tanja Kocman.

20:00 Tonight’s line-up is as follows:

  • Clemens “Tok ti sede”
  • Raiven “Zažarim”
  • Kataya & Duncan Kamakana “Are You There”
  • BQL “Heart of Gold”
  • Ina Shai “Colour Me”
  • United Pandaz & Arsello feat. Alex Volasko “Heart to Heart”
  • Tim Kores Kori “Open Fire”
  • Nuška Drašček “Flower in the Snow”

19:51 – Preview

The finalists will be chosen as a result of two-round voting process: In the first round, public voting will determine the first two qualifying acts. Afterwards, in the second round, jury will chose another two artists from the remaining six entrants. However, the both results will be announced altogether at the end of the show.

The qualifiers tonight will compete with Omar Naber, Sell Out, Nika Zorjan and KiNG Foo at the final on 24 February. The winner will represent Slovenia in Kiev.

Tonight’s show also will feature some familiar faces who have previously participated in EMA. Among them is Raiven who was a superfinalist last year and was almost to make it to Stockholm.