Live: Spain chooses for Stockholm tonight

Tonight, TVE will broadcast the Spanish national final live from Madrid – “Objetivo Eurovisión”. Six artists will compete to represent Spain for their 56th participation in Stockholm 2016.

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Overall Results

  1. Barei (114)
  2. Xuso Jones (94)
  3. Salvador Beltran (72)
  4. Maria Isabel (68)
  5. Maverick (66)
  6. Electric Nana (66)

Televotes with International jury:

  1. Barei (66)
  2. Xuso Jones (54)
  3. Salvador Beltran (52)
  4. Maverick (42)
  5. Electric Nana (38)
  6. Maria Isabel (36)


  • 36 points to  Salvador
  • 30 points to Barei
  • 24 points to Xuso Jones
  • 21 points to Maverick
  • 18 points to Maria Isabel
  • 15 points to Electric Nana

[23:45] International jury votes are now to be announced. Swedish ambassador for Spain is on-stage and presents Anne a golden envelope with the votes inside.

[23:39] Edurne transists from the last mash-up to perform her entry live from last year “Amanecer”. She’s dressed in a blue full-dress with a leg slit and jewel-embedded belt-piece. Audience sing live with her and applaud her loudly afterwards. Edurne discusses her thoughts of Eurovision to Anne followed by some advice to all the participants regarding representing Spain in Eurovision.

[23:35] Tonight’s interval act featuring some of Spain’s most popular non-qualifiers for Spain’s national selection. Brequette opens tonight singing a snippet of “I Love You Mi Vida” followed by Jorge singing “Dile que la quiera”. Rodolfo’s “Baila el Chiki Chiki” plays for before a male dancer kicks the jukebox to allow Coral to sing her adaption of the song that lost her the win in 2010, “Algo pequenito”. Mirela follows with “Dancing in the rain”. D’Nash attend the stage to sing Spain’s 1984 entry “Lady, Lady”.

[23:32] Yet another recap is shown of tonight’s entrants. Social media is divided on who should win the right to represent Spain. Jury likely to decide tonight’s winner.

[23:20] Anne now chats to tonight’s participants about their thoughts on tonight’s production and their performance. Majority mention how they feed from the energy the euro-fan audience provides.

[23:14] Another recap is shown followed by the return to the green room with Julia. She chats to participants parents about how they felt their child’s performance went.

[23:10] Song #06: Electric Nana – Now

Electric Nana performs with gold glitter over her eye-lids which is a hit-and-miss look. Track opens requiring mostly Nana’s vocals and she delivers well. Develops into an 80s-inspired dark mid-tempo pop-rock track. Chorus however is repetitive lyrically. Audience react well however.

[23:07] Recap of all songs is once again shown for tele-voters before tonight’s final participant Electric Nana performs.

[23:02] Song #05: Maria Isabel – La vida sólo es una (EN: There’s only one life)

JESC winner, Maria Isabel is up next. Her vocals have improved since winning JESC however whether her vocals suit “La vida sólo es una” is a debate. She dances on-stage to the beat of the track and the audience have reacted very well for her. Could she be making her debut to adult Eurovision?

[22:55] Song #04: Salvador Beltran – Días de alegría (EN: Days of joy)

Next up is Salvador who showcases a great deep Spanish voice and style that would be suited to Eurovision. However his entry “Días de alegría” is a traditionally sounding Spanish song perhaps too different in style to do well across Europe. Seen as tonight’s dark horse to represent Spain in Stockholm.

[22:50] Song #03: Xuso Jones – Victorious

Xuso is singing the very Swedish-produced “Victorious”. Mainly English with the bridge sang in Spanish. Overall works well however previous national finals have not taken well to Swedish-produced music. He has issues belting the song’s big notes, however ends well. Loreen mentions that they must have the same songwriter due to the similarity of music, he finds it hard to speak English.

[22:41] Recap of all songs is once again shown for tele-voters. Next up Xuso Jones.

[22:36] Song #02: Barei – Say Yay!

Barei has a great image with the silk black dress and her hair worn up tight. However harmony between Barei and her backing singers is strenuous until the 2nd verse. Once fixed, potential for a fresh, contemporary take on Spain’s entrant for Eurovision 2016 is shown.

[22:27] Song #01: Maverick – Un mundo más feliz (EN: A happier world)

Song begins with Maverick leading a girl from the audience to sit on the stage while he dances with four backing dancers. Maverick has a solid fresh typically Spanish voice for Spain. “Un mundo mas feliz” showcases a lot of inspiration from David Bisbal’s “Corazon Latino” from Spain’s national final in 2002. Performance  suited Maverick  however further thought would be required for Stockholm.

[22:34] Shown snippets of random draw with participants to showcase tonight’s running order is random. Already the full recap of songs has been played as televote has been opened from the beginning. Clips shown from earlier’s dress rehearsal. Coming up next, tonight’s first entrant: Maverick.

[22:30] We see on-screen short clips from tonight’s international jury which include RAI Head of Delegation Nicola Caligiore, BBC Semi-final commentator and DJ, Scott Mills and Swedish Head of Delegation Christer Bjorkman.

[22:25] Tonight’s six participants are now being sent to sent to tables adjacent to the jury members, live on stage to watch the others perform. They lip-sync ten seconds of their songs before taking a seat.

[22:23] Loreen is now begin greeted by tonight’s host Anne Igartiburu who introduced us to tonight’s backstage host Julia Varel to show us the green room and look at tonight’s current response on social media (via. #ObjetivoEurovisión).

[22;20] The show has begun! Opening tonight will be Loreen performing her ESC winning song “Euphoria”. Loreen will be one of tonight’s artists’ jury.

[22:00] Return back at approx. 22:20 CET for the start of Objetivo Eurovisión.

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Tonight’s host will be Anne Igartiburu, who had previously hosted several Spanish selections in the past. Presenting from the green room will be Julia Varela, who’ll be monitoring the public’s opinions on social media via. tonight’s hashtag #ObjetivoEurovisión.

Objetivo Eurovisión will be decided via. 40% televote and 60% jury (30% artists, 30% international). Artists’ jury include Edurne (Spain 2016), Loreen (Sweden 2012), and Spanish opera singer from Il Divo, Carlos Marín.

Running Order for Tonight:

  1. Maverick – Un mundo más feliz (EN: A happier world)
  2. Barei – Say Yay!
  3. Xuso Jones – Victorious
  4. Salvador Beltran – Días de alegría (EN: Days of joy)
  5. Maria Isabel – La vida sólo es una (EN: There’s only one life)
  6. Electric Nana – Now

The broadcast will also include an interval performance by Loreen and a Eurovision medley with previous fan-favourite entrants including D’Nash (Spain 2007) Mirela (NF 2007, 2009), Coral Segovia (NF 2008, 2010), Brequette (NF 2014) and Jorge González (NF 2014).

Maria Isabel previously won the 2nd Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Spain in 2004 with the song “Antes muerta que sencilla” (EN: Better dead than plain). She won by 171 points, 31 points higher than runner-up for that year: United Kingdom.