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RTVE will broadcast the Spanish national final to select the 57th Spanish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Six entrants will compete including fan-favourites LaKlein and Mirela to represent Spain in Kyiv.

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[22:oo] The vote has been left to the jury who voted favourably with Manel and not as much to Mirela. Ultimately, the winner is re-chosen as Manel Navarro. That concludes tonight’s show. Thank you for watching!

[21:55] Public votes to be added now. Host has an envelope and with it the total results for this evening. In a shocking twist of events its tied between Mirela and Manel with the viewers shouting “Mirela for Eurovision” in Spanish.

[21:48] Now it’s time for the jury votes with our first juror giving top points to Manel. Second juror gives his douze point to Mirela and final juror gives Manel.

Currently top three from jurors:

  1. Manel (34 points)
  2. Mario (25 points)
  3. Mirela (24 points)

[21:42] Host announces the closing for the public voting. Next up is last year’s entry for Spain “Say Yay!” once again performed by Barei. Crowd react strongly as they chant her name afterwards.

[21:30] On-stage is a telenovela-styled musical of past Spanish ESC songs including:

  • Rosa Perez – Europe’s living a Celebration (2000)
  • Raphael – Yo soy aquél (1966)
  • Pastora Soler – Quedate conmigo (2012)
  • Mocedades – Erus tu (1973)
  • Massiel – La, La, La (1968)

[21:20] After the third recap on-screen we are joined by tonight’s second interval act, David Civera with “Dile que la quiero” from Spain ESC 2001. Next up is the last two artists; Maika and Mirela providing their one minute speeches asking the public to vote for them.

[21:10] Another recap is shown with tonight’s artists. Next up is a performance by 2nd place entrant for Spain in ESC 1971 – Karina performing “En un mundo nuevo”. Host chats to the next two artists: Paula and Mario.

[21:02] Twitter mentions per artist were also shown with Manel, Mario and Mirela in the top three respectively. Host is now in the green room and is now allowing all artists to have a minute speech to why the public should vote for them starting with Manel and LeKlein.

[20:55] All of tonight’s participants have performed and we are now shown tonight’s first recap. We are then shown an infographic of tweets mentioning the national final around the world with quite a large spread worldwide including Africa, Indonesia and Latin America.

#6 || Mirela || Contigo (EN: With you)

Tonight’s final act and fan-favourite to win is Mirela. After some questionable camera angles we see Mirela wearing a short white dress alongside four backing dancers. Vocals are strong and better than expected considering past national finals. Crowd reaction is also strong and jurors showing support for it.

#5 || Maika || Momento critico (EN: Critical moment)

Maika is sporting dyed, red hair while dressed in a red & black blouse as she performs the retro, rock track “Momento critico”. Maika is on-stage with two guitarists, a keyboardist and a drummer. Lighting utilised in an improvement from rehearsal however overall performance doesn’t build to an impactful height.

[20:40] We are joined by tonight’s two female hosts who will monitor the green room. They feature two Spanish music YouTubers on-stage who performs a short rendition of Beth’s Dime from Spain’s entry in ESC 2003.

#4 || Mario Jefferson || Spin my head

Mario is on-stage wearing a glittery top with black coat alongside four, male backing dancers in similar glittery and black attire. In similar fashion his song is in both Spanish and English. Song doesn’t stand out as much as previous performances however it was better than the studio track.

#3 || Paula Rojo || Lo que nunca fue

Sweet, country style track from Paula. Paula wears a pink top with ballerina skirt alongside a ukelele. A surprising song with potential to win, it stands out with good production and vocals deliver. It’ll be up to the voting public to decide whether it’s a worthy entry.

#2 || LeKlein || Ouch!!

Dark lighting with LeKlein sporting new mohawk-like hair with a black suit with gliterred shoulder-pads. Vocals are well delivered however overall performance is slightly lack-luster due to lighting provided a risky performance, however crowd reaction is immense for her. Definitely in the running still to represent Spain.

[20:18] Now we’re shown the next postcard for fan-favourite LaKlein. We are shown a small clip of one of her favourite Spanish ESC act; Bandido.

#1 || Manel Navarro || Do it for your lover

Manel wears a shirt stylised in leaves while performing in a guitar and sings his Summery, breezy track that is comparable to Jason Mraz – I’m Yours. He’s attractive in a way that could appeal to female voters of all ages. Overall good starting performance for tonight’s show.

[20:10] We are shown tonight’s first postcard to introduce Manel Navarro.

[20:00] The show has begun! We are introduced to tonight’s jury members, Xavi, Javier and Virgina – presenters for popular TV & radio for RTVE.

[19:50] Return in ten minutes for the start of the Spanish national final!

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Objetivo Eurovision, the Spanish national final will broadcast from Madrid tonight. 50% televote to 50% jury shall be utilised to decide the Spanish entrant for Kyiv.

Tonight’s jury members are:

  • Xavi Martinez
  • Javier Cárdenas
  • Virginia Díaz

All three juror members are notable figures on RTVE. Tonight’s national final includes the return of Mirela who attempted to participate twice before for Spain in 2007 and 2009. LaKlein is also a fan-favourite to win tonight’s show after winning the “wild card” vote whereas the other five entrants were chosen by RTVE for the broadcast.

Tonight’s running order:

  • Manel Navarro – Do it for your lover
  • LeKlein – Ouch!!
  • Paula Rojo – Lo que nunca fue (EN: What never was)
  • Mario Jefferson – Spin my head
  • Maika – Momento critico (EN: Critical moment)
  • Mirela – Contigo (EN: With you)


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