Live: Spain Mira Quién Va A Eurovisión

The time has come for Spain to select their Eurovision entry through the television show Mira Quién Va A Eurovisión. Tonight one of the five potential Spanish artists will win their ticket straight to the final of Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen. For the first time since 2011 the artist has not been chosen internally by the broadcaster TVE and five solo artists have made the cut for tonight’s show.

The show will be broadcast live from the Sant Cugat del Vallès television studios in Barcelona and Anne Igartiburu will be the host for this evening’s event. The voting tonight will comprise of 50% public televoting and 50% from the professional jury which is made up of three well known Spanish singers: David Bustamante, Merche, and  Mónica Naranjo.

The five artists competing to represent Spain this year are:
1 – Brequette – Más (Run)
2 – La Dama – Estrella Fugaz(Shooting Star)
3 – Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing in the Rain
4 – Jorge González – Aunque se acabe el mundo(Even if the world ends)
5 – Raúl – Seguir sin ti(Going on without you)

There has been great interest in the Spanish national final this year with Thomas G:son penning one of the entries and a battle on the Spanish iTunes chart between some of the songs, however, who will win the right to represent Spain all depends on tonight’s events. The show will start at 22:00CET (it’s a late one!) and you can watch the show here. Don’t forget to check back here at where we will be liveblogging the show and bringing you all the results and news live.

WE’RE OFF! The show is opening with a Spanish cover of some of Eurovision’s greatest hits from our host Anne Igartiburu, a dancey, showy opening, she can sing! The stage is very open with a large dancing space and the crowd are rowdy! We’re now introducing the acts vying to represent Spain tonight, each one singing a brief excerpt from their potential Eurovision entry, the standard tonight is fantastic and it’s shaping up to be a brilliant show. Our judges for are also welcomed to a huge reception in the studio, it’s all very high-energy. Before the artists have performed, the lines are open and a recap of all the songs and voting details are shown.

First to perform is Brequette with Más (Run). Penned by Thomas “Euphoria” G:son this will no doubt do well. Brequette stands alone on stage with her microphone on it’s stand surrounded by green lasers. Dressed in a short fitted white dress, this is a power ballad sung partly in English and partly in Spanish. The big note towards the end of the song gets the crowd’s applause and she is really delivering this song with great confidence. The crowd love her, the judges love her and she’s crying! She’s really feeling the love from the audience and the support behind her is incredible. As one of the favourites to win, she’s been locked in a chart battle on iTunes all week reaching the top 5. Her performance is reminiscent of Pastora Soler’s power ballad in 2012. She’s overwhelmed with support when presented with a gift from her daughter. She could do very well tonight.

After an intensely emotional start to the show, the second artist to present their song tonight is La Dama with the song Estrella Fugaz(Shooting Star) and this one is a party number. Wind machine alert! She’s standing alone with a microphone on it’s stand dressed in a strapless floor length white dress. With a purple and white backdrop, it’s very flashy, she moves from her microphone stand to bust some moves, she really knows how to work it! It’s a very playful uptempo number and her vocals are very good. It all seems overwhelming for La Dama when presented with a gift of a pendant and she is in tears at the support, this is proving to be very emotional so far!

Next to perform is another favourite Ruth Lorenzo with “Dancing in the Rain”. Ruth rose to fame on the UK version of X Factor in 2008 where she reached the top five and became famous for her ballad performances and “Dancing in the Rain” lives up to it’s expectations. Red lipstick and a silver floor length dress she performs partly in English and partly in Spanish with three backing singers dressed in white and a pianist. On a podium, she starts dimly lit and gathers pace to a huge finale, it’s no wonder she’s one of the favourites to win, the crowd are going wild. Ruth is overjoyed with her performance and so she should be, she killed it. The song has been creeping up the iTunes charts in Spain over the past week and made it into the top 5. The judges loved her performance and she seems to be really pleased with herself, a fantastic job by Ruth!

Jorge González is next to perform the song Aunque se acabe el mundo(Even if the world ends) and it’s another uptempo number! He’s a stylish man and very adorable, but there is a lot going on here. It’s a latinpop-inspired dance song, reminiscent of something you would expect from an Enrique Iglesias album. Jorge starts the song on a podium and there are four dancers in capes, then there’s pyrotechnics, synchronized dancing and half way through the song, the dancers lose their capes and pick up four violins out of nowhere! I love it! The performance is very “Eurovision” and the song is very catchy, it instantly sticks and it’s certainly not lacking in anything. A bit of an underdog, he has a lot of support from back home and he gets very emotional when presented with a gift of baby clothing and a pregnancy scan. A solid performance of a very good song, he could do well.

The final artist to perform is Raúl with Seguir sin ti(Going on without you) and it’s a ballad. On a pink and blue backdrop, he is dressed in a black suit with a bow tie and is accompanied by four female violinists and a timpani player. As he hits the high note, the backdrop turns yellow and the crowd all cheer for him. The song isn’t particularly memorable and lacks the same amount of “punch” that some of the other ballads tonight have. Nevertheless, Raul gives a very solid performance and is very high spirited. The judges like him, he even gets a hug from David Bustamante! What a charmer!

And that is it! Time for the voting! As we wait for the results, we have covers of “Satellite”, “Only Teardrops”,”Euphoria” and “Europe’s living a Celebration” by Gisela and “random members of the audience” who seem to have microphones attached to them. It’s all-singing all-dancing very high energy and the crowd are loving it! Spain really know how to hold a national final show, the amount of energy is crazy!

Time for the judges vote: The judges have each given out 6,7,8,10 and 12 point to the five candidates, after the voting, the leaderboard looks as such.
Brequette – 36 points
Ruth – 30 points
Jorge – 24 points
Raul – 21 points
La Dama – 18 points

Now for the public vote: All five acts join Anne at centre stage to reveal the result, the points are 18, 21, 24, 30 and 36. After the public vote, the results are:
Brequette – 66 points
Ruth – 66 points
Jorge – 48 points
Raul – 42 points
La Dama – 36 points

As there is a tie break, the act who received the most public votes is the winner and the winner is : RUTH LORENZO! She let’s out a squeal as she’s overjoyed at the result and she takes to the stage once more to perform her Eurovision entry Dancing in the Rain. Thank you so much for sticking with us at for the liveblog tonight and we want to hear your comments, was Ruth Lorenzo the rightful winner? Do you think she could win for Spain for the first time in 45 years? All comments are always welcome.