Read back: The Mamas surprise victory in Melodifestivalen final

Robin Bengtsson, and Anna Bergendahl are among the artists competing for the chance to represent Sweden in Rotterdam. 

After 5 rounds of competition, 12 songs remain in the competition to take the stage in Rotterdam. Bengtsson previously represented Sweden in 2017. He placed 5th in Kiev. Anna Bergendahl took the stage for Sweden in 2010 in Oslo, but infamously did not qualify for the final.

Victor Crone also has experience of being on the Eurovision stage. He was Estonia’s representative in Tel Aviv, where he finished in 20th place.

The running order for tonight is:

1. Victor Crone – Troubled waters
2. Paul Rey – Talking in my sleep
3. The Mamas – Move
4. Mohombi – Winners
5. Hanna Ferm – Brave
6. Méndez feat. Alvaro Estrella – Vamos Amigos
7. Dotter – Bulletproof
8. Robin Bengtsson – Take a chance
9. Mariette – Shout it out
10. Felix Sandman – Boys with emotions
11. Anna Bergendahl – Kingdom come
12. Anis don Demina – Vem e som oss

The final begins at 20:00 CET. Watch it live on SVT’s website and follow along with our liveblog below. Keep refreshing the page for the latest updates.

Liveblog of Melodifestivalen 2020 final

21:56 – Audience votes…and the winner is…?


21:30 – Jury Points!!


8 – Boys with Emotions
10 – Bulletproof
12 – Kingdom Come


8 – Take a Chance
10 – Shout it Out
12 – Vem e som oss


8 – Boys with emotions
10 – Take a Chance
12 – Move


8 – Boys with emotions
10 – Move
12 – Bulletproof


8 -Kingdom come
10 – Bulletproof
12 – Move


8 – Move
10 – Kingdom Come
12 – Bulletproof


8 – Boys with Emotions
10 – Talking in my Sleep
12 – Shout it Out

The Netherlands

8 – Shout it Out
10 – Vem e som oss
12 – Boys with Emotions

At the end of the jury votes Bulletproof and Move are tied with 65 points. Boys with emotions is in third place with 53 points.

21:20 – Let’s review!

Phew! SVT really doesn’t like to waste time huh? That was a sprint and not a marathon, so let’s take a moment to review what we’ve seen. So far my “don’t have a shot at all” list is Victor Crone and Anis don Demina but for very different reasons.

Victor’s song just isn’t “it” and his performance just doesn’t make up for it. Anis is fun onstage and he knows how to get a crowd going. I may or may not be sending a vote just for that. But do I see Anisdam happening? No.

We saw some solid performances tonight which was lovely. The top two favorites Anna and Dotter certainly gave it their all.

Keep in mind the international juries have already voted. They did so before the show started tonight. The jury results will be revealed later in the show.

21:14 – Anis don Demina – Vem e som oss

The magazine cover staging for this song is fun. I like that. He’s updated it tonight to be Rotterdam specific with headlines like “Eurovision is thicker than blood”.

However, every time I hear this song I think of Macklemore’s song Can’t Hold Us. I half expect Anis to transform into Macklemore onstage (surprise Macklemore speaks Swedish!). I dislike that after a while the backup singers are the ones carrying the song. You barely hear Anis.

But you know what, there’s no denying how much fun this song is overall. But no, this will not be the winner tonight.

21:08 – Anna Bergendahl – Kingdom come

Anna is looking for revenge tonight. Ten years ago she famously did not qualify for the ESC final. Now she’s looking for a second shot at it and she’s certainly fighting for it. She’s even enlisted shirtless men wearing kilts. As a fan of the TV show Outlander, I think this was a great choice.

Overall, Anna gives a remarkably solid performance that gets the audience up on their feet. She’s certainly giving the top favorite Dotter a run for the top prize. I really hope this song does well with the juries because it would be a shame if it didn’t.

21:02 – Felix Sandman – Boys with emotions

If you’ve been reading my blogs for some time you know that I am a Felix Sandman fan. So keep that in mind while I say this…

Now that I’ve seen what Dotter can do with a similar subject, Boys With Emotions doesn’t seem as solid as it did before. This is still a good song. At the moment it feels like it’s missing a bit of energy that could get it across the finish line.

20:57 – Mariette – Shout it out

So in the Melfest pre-show there was some discussion that this song was the worst entry Mariette has competed with. Do you agree? I admit I haven’t connected with this song the same way I did with A Million Years.

Shout it out still belongs here in the final though. A final with Mariette is always better than a final without Mariette. Watching and listening to her perform feels good after the many bad performances we’ve had throughout the 5 weeks of competition.

I’m not sure this song has a strong chance with the juries, but we’ll find out soon enough since we’re quickly approaching the end of the performances.

20:52 – Robin Bengtsson – Take a chance

I don’t why but I’m suddenly bored by this song. Robin isn’t a bad singer and he has won this competition before. I wish there was a bit more to this song and then maybe it wouldn’t feel incomplete to me.

Regardless Robin puts in a solid performance and I thank him for that.

20:47 – Dotter – Bulletproof

She’s the favorite to win tonight but she’s still not bulletproof.

I loooove the staging for this song. The use of lights is fantastic, especially bouncing lights off Dotter’s mirrored top. What this song does well is the combination of strong vocals, staging, and moving lyrics. Is this my favorite to win? Yes. It was my favorite the moment I heard it.

20:41 – Méndez feat. Alvaro Estrella – Vamos Amigos

This is probably the most fun song in the competition. For that alone, I’m glad it made it here to the final. I’m glad the guys and their backup dancers brought colorful Latin American flair to the stage. I’ll be hearing this song for a while no matter what happens tonight.

20:36 – Hanna Ferm – Brave

I’m still not exactly sure what it is about this song I like. Perhaps it’s the energy Hanna has while she performs it. It’s a fun song with a powerful message behind it, and frankly I like Hanna. I like that she’s back here on her own after appearing in the final last year with LIAMOO.

I like this song and I hope it does well tonight.

20:31 – Mohombi – Winners

Again I like this song. I have no doubt I’ll be dancing to this and remixes of it throughout this year. Do I think this is the song that should make it to Rotterdam? No. And again that’s not because Mohombi is a bad singer, because he is not. Tonight he shows why he has been successful internationally. The man has earned his awards.

This song just doesn’t feel strong enough to compete on the European stage. It will still do well outside of Mello and ESC.

20:25 – The Mamas – Move

For me there’s no question that The Mamas are the most vocally powerful artists on the stage tonight. They’ve been the most vocally consistent in their performances. They are great performers as well. However, after John Lundvik last year, I’m not sure if Sweden (and the juries) will want to go in this direction again.

Will these ladies move mountains all the way to Rotterdam?

20:20 – Paul Rey – Talking in my sleep

This is a cute little song that will undoubtedly do well beyond Mello. There’s clearly emotion behind the song which makes it easier to connect with. I like this song but Paul seems to be missing a bit of his energy again. Let’s see how the audience and the juries feel.

20:14 – Victor Crone – Troubled waters

Victor, oh Victor. As usual he seems a bit flat in a few notes in the beginning. Perhaps this is his singing style? He’s doing much better than I would be so perhaps I should give him a break. And most importantly, Victor is having a great time on stage.

This song is likely not going to be the winner tonight, but Victor has come a long way vocally since he took the stage for Estonia previously.

20:07 –  Nu kör vi!

We open with our hosts taking us through a classical music inspired run-through of our contestants tonight. Victor Crone looked cute and awkward as usual. Mariette looked like the queen she is and Felix Sandman is just there to have a great time.

May I just say David Sundin is really rocking this dramatic skirt. Where can I get one?

19:45 – Expectations and anticipation

After 5 weeks of competition, it’s all come down to this. At the end of tonight’s show, we’ll know who will take the stage for Sweden in Rotterdam.

The heavy favorite for tonight is Dotter. As we mentioned in our preview, bookkeepers give her a 46% chance of winning the crown tonight. So right now it’s looking like hers to lose.

Anna Bergendahl is still considered a fan favorite but takes a distant second place spot in predictions.