Switzerland: Read back our liveblog for the national final

SRF, RTS & RTI will broadcast the Swiss national final to select the 58th Swiss entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Six entrants will compete including fan-favourite Timebelle to represent Switzerland in Kyiv.

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  • Representing Switzerland in Eurovision 2017 is… Timebelle!
    That concludes tonight’s show. Thank you for following the blog.

[21:30] We’re shown a VT of Ukraine’s two victories within Eurovision and a short message from Jamala. Sven calls all artists back on-stage for tonight’s results.

[21:10] After two recaps of tonight’s songs including voting lines and a commercial break, voting lines are closed and we’re joined by tonight’s interval act – Sebalter who performs the bridge and final chorus of his ESC 2014 song for Switzerland “Hunter of Stars” followed by his new single “Weeping Willow.

#6 || Timebelle || Apollo

Timebelle are on-stage with the lead singer wearing a red velvet dress and the band members wearing tuxedo suits with bow ties. A piano and two drums are utilised while main singer stands with a microphone stand. Vocals are flawless. Surprise red petals drop after bridge. Crowd erupts with applause. Did we just see the winner?

[20:58] Sven asks Shana a question regarding Justin Beiber, Shana hestitates but answers the question to cheers from the audience. We’re re-joined in the green room as Stefan chats to Michele, Nadya and Ginta very briefly. Another short VT showcasing Swiss ESC performances. Now for tonight’s final act, Timebelle.

#5 || Shana Pearson || Exodus

Wearing a short, white-crystal dress that barely covers her legs is Shana Pearson singing the EDM-house style track “Exodus”. It’s a welcomed change from the previous track. Vocals weren’t flawless however use of cyan spotlights and wind machine helped the performance to stand out.

[20:48] After the host’s chat we’re shown another reminisce of the Swiss history within Eurovision. Next up is tonight’s penultimate act… Shana Pearson.

#4 || Freschta || Gold

Freschta is dressed in a black dress with visuals showing a bird made of stars. Vocals are interesting and well delivered however the track itself sounds quite dated and with no real rising moment. Sparks fly down during end of track also.

[20:40] Michèle comes across charming in her quick post-chat with Sven. We’re rejoined by Stefan in the green room where she chats to Shana Pearson and Timebelle’s lead singer who speak in French and English respectively. Timebelle’s lead singer is sitting with a jar of honey and a spoon to help “sweeten her voice” before her performance later. Half-way through, coming up… Freschta.

#3 || Michèle || Two Faces

Michèle is wearing a silver, glittered crop top with a black skirt. Use of neon bars and male backing dancers on-stage. I feel a massive disconnect between the artist and the track and it’s coming across on-stage. Her vocals don’t particularly suit the track’s range and there’s issues during the belts.

[20:30] During the host’s chat to Ginta she speaks in English: “I have no words” in reply to the crowds reaction and balloons in the audience held by fans and family spelling her first name. We’re now shown another VT playing clips of Switzerland’s history in Eurovision including Lys Assia and Celine Dion. Next up is Michèle.

#2 || Ginta Biku || Cet air là

Ginta is on-stage wearing a white-somewhat, tooth fairy to a black backdrop. Heavy use of holograms and motion blur throughout the performance. Production of the track seems calmer but they may just be the unexpected visuals compared to the Live check performance. Another fan-favourite, vocals are decent and if chosen it would still have a chance to get onto the left hand side of the board.

[20:22] Sven chats with Nadya on-stage followed by Stefan chatting to Freschta in the green room, as expected a few jokes are said before we return to tonight’s second postcard featuring Ginta Biku.

#1 || Nadya || The Fire In The Sky

Nadya is dressed in black drapes while standing on a small platform to projections of fiery clouds – matching the song’s name. Vocals are impressive however the track production doesn’t give the track the bravado and ‘power-ballad’ ambience it deserves. Sparks fly from the roof for the final chord of the track.

[20:15] Artists return backstage and we’re brought to the green room where our second host – comedian Stefan Büsser has a short conversation with Sven. Our first postcard is given featuring a live narration by Sven over the visuals, an interesting concept.

[20:12] We’re shown a quick introduction of tonight’s competitors followed by Conchita Wurst wishing the acts good luck. Artists are then introduced on-stage with the loudest reaction going to Timebelle. Host then quickly chats to all artists.

[20:08] The show has begun! We open to a short VT of our host Sven Epiney imagining hosting Eurovision after Switzerland’s next win before he runs out onto the stage. Even though he speaks German, he greets the audience also in French and Italian.

[20:00] Return in five to ten minutes for the start of the Swiss national final!

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Tonight, Die Entscheidungsshow, the Swiss national final will broadcast from Zürich and be hosted by ESC commentator for SRF since 2000, Sven Epiney and in the green room will be local comedian Stefan Büsser. 100% televote shall once again be implemented to decide the Swiss entrant for Kyiv. Tonight’s interval act will be Sebalter who represented Switzerland in 2014 with “Hunter of Stars”. He will be performing his latest single “Weeping Willow”.

Tonight’s entrants:

  • Nadya – The Fire In The Sky
  • Ginta Biku – Cet air là (EN: That tune)
  • Michèle – Two Faces
  • Freschta – Gold
  • Shana Pearson – Exodus
  • Timebelle – Apollo