Read back: Ten shows and four finals on Super Saturday

Ten shows tonight, including no less than four finals. It’s Super Saturday, and you can follow everything that is happening tonight in this liveblog.

Many countries continue their search to find their perfect act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Check out the full schedule below, with links to a livestream to watch the show, when available.

Ukraine, Vidbir Semi-final 2 – 18:00 CET
Estonia, Eesti Laul 2019 Final – 18:00 CET
Hungary, A Dal – Semi-final 2 – 19:30 CET
Sweden, Melodifestivalen Deltävling 3 – 20:00 CET
Slovenia, Evrovizijska Melodija 2019 Final – 20:00 CET
Croatia, Dora 2019 Final – 20:05 CET
Latvia, Supernova 2019 Final – 20:25 CET
Lithuania, Eurovizijos Atranka Semi-final 2 – 20:30 CET
Iceland, Söngvakeppnin Semi-final 2 – 20:45 CET
Portugal, Festival da Canção Semi-final 1 – 22:00 CET

Liveblog for Saturday the 16th of February

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23:18 – Oh what a night it was

And with that we have four new Eurovision songs from Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia and Estonia. Check out everything you missed tonight below and stay tuned to ESCDaily for more news (for instance the results in Portugal later this night).

23:10 – Full results in Lithuania

Check out all the scores from semi final 2 in Lithuania below:

Jurijus wins semi final 2 in Lithuania, Monika Marija in the final with two songs

23:08 – Rewatch the Croatian song

23:06 – Jurijus wins semi final in Lithuania, Monika Marija also through

Monika Marija did not get what she wanted. She hoped her song ‘Criminal’ would not make it to the final, since her other song ‘Shine On’ also qualified last week. But she made it to the final with her second song after all. The second semi final was won by Jurijus.

23:01 – Carousel wins in Latvia

Poor Markus Riva, always the biridesmaid, but never the bride. He came close again, but Carousel has won the final of Supernova in Latvia!

22:47 – Roko Blazevic wins in Croatia with song by Jacques Houdek

It has been decided: Roko Blazevic will sing for Croatia in Tel Aviv! In the end, Jacques comes on stage and gets a hold of the trophy from the winning singer. Classic Houdek!

Roko Blažević wins Dora 2019 and will represent Croatia in Tel Aviv

22:46 – Carousel wins the audience vote in Latvia

Carousel on top, Markus Riva in second place now in Latvia.

22:43 – Telemoveis indeed for Portugal

It’s very alternative, but very good. Odds are Conan will make it to the final of Festival da Cancao in Portugal with his song ‘Telemoveis’.

22:34 – Erica Jennings and Jurgis close off in Lithuania

Two former Eurovision artists, Jurgis (2010) and Erica Jennings (2001) have performed as 12th and final act in Lithuania. We will get to know the final four qualifiers for the final soon.

22:16 – Last performance of Supernova

The long night in Latvia is coming to an end, as the last song of the Supernova final is now being performed.

22:11 – First live performance of the Czech Republic

One of the interval acts in Ukraine was the Czech Eurovision 2009 song by Laka Malawi. Jamala certainly liked it! Check it out below:

22:05 – Friðrik Ómar first qualifier in Iceland

As expected, former Eurovision participant (2008) Friðrik Ómar has made it to the final of Söngvakeppnin in Iceland, where he will take it up against Hera Björk! Tara Mobee is the other qualifier in Iceland of tonight.

22:00 – Conan Osíris already a fan-favourite

Portugal starts their search tonight, but the song ‘Telemoveis’ by Conan Osíris is already a fan favourite on Social Media. Question is if he can deliver in a live televized show and reach the final. Eight songs take part and the best four qualify.

21:59 – Will her fans keep Monika out of the final?

Monika Marija is now performing ‘Criminal’, the song with which she does NOT want to reach the final in Lithuania. Since she already made it to the final show next week with another song. Will her fans listen to her and not vote tonight?

21:56 – Kazka makes it to the final of Vidbir

Freedom Jazz has topped the table to win the second semi final of Vidbir in Ukraine, whilst Anna Maria and Kazka have qualified behind them in 2nd and 3rd with My Road and Apart respectively.

Freedom Jazz wins Vidbir semi final two

21:45 – It’s ‘Sebi’ for Slovenia in Tel Aviv!

Once again, Raiven loses a super final in Slovenia. It’s Zara Kralj & Gašper Šantl who will go to Eurovision 2019.

21:43 – All Croatian songs have been performed

All sixteen songs have been performed in Croatia. Read all about our thoughts of their chances in our special Dora 2019 blog.

21:33 – Fatal Error wins televote ticket in Hungary

Here are the final results in Hungary for tonight. Fatal Error has taken the fourth ticket for the final of A Dal in the televote, which means Oláh Gergö is out of the competition.

Joci Pápai moves into A Dal Final as top favorite

21:30 – Victor Crone wins in Estonia!

Stefan finishes in third place in the super final, Uku is second and Victor Crone has made it to Eurovision 2019, being the big favourite of the bookmakers to win Eesti Laul 2019 beforehand.

21:27 – Getter Jaani, Jüri Pootsman, Elina Born perform

The final interval acts in Estonia are a couple of former Eurovision participants for Estonia. Time for the final results now.

21:21 – Full results in Sweden

Apart from Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Lina Hedlund has also reached the final of Melodifestivalen 2019. Martin Stenmarck and Rebecka Karlsson return for Andra Chansen, and we say ‘Hello Bye’ to Dolly Style, which has been eliminated.

21:18 – Joci Pápai clear winner of semi final 2 in Hungary

Here are the first three qualifiers to the final of A Dal, with former winner Pápai Joci taking the position of favourite for next week:
45 Joci Pápai – Az én apám
43 Gergő Szekér – Madár repülj!
42 Bogi Nagy – Holnap
The last qualifier will be found by televote.

21:15 – Jon Henrik qualifies in Sweden

Jon Henrik Fjällgren is the first finalist in Sweden, with his song Norrsken.

21:12 – Roko performed Houdek’s song ‘The Dream’

In his blog about the Croatian final of Dora, Brandon McCann is very enthusiastic about the Houdek-written song ‘The Dream’ by Roko. “It is Eurovision gold to my ears. It was dramatic like Jaques, Roko is dressed with angel wings like Miro. It’s got a key change and gave me goosebumps throughout.”

21:10 – Super finalists in Slovenia

Zara Kralj & Gašper Šantl (Oprost) have made it to the super finale in Slovenia, as did Raiven with her song ‘Kaos’.

21:07 – Victor Crone, Stefan or Uku Suviste for Estonia

The jury results have been converted to 12-1 scoring and are now being combined with the public’s 12-1 that are being announced now. The top 3 combined have advanced to the superfinal, where the voting will be reopened for 15 minutes. Victor Crone, Stefan and Uku Suviste are the three acts in the super final.

21:03 – First eliminations in Sweden

Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Dolly Style, Martin Stenmarck, Lina Hedlund and Rebecka Karlsson can still hope to represent Sweden.
The Lovers of Valdaro and Omar are out of the competition.

21:00 – Riva has the upper hand of Kreilis

ESCDaily’s Latvia expert Robin Tas favors Markus Riva over Edgars Kreilis in Supernova tonight. After seeing both top favorites perform, he concludes: “Edgars Kreilis song is slightly too repetitive. Also, you can see the experience of Markus Riva carrying him on a big night like this.”

20:59 – Raiven not performing as expected

Fan favourite ‘Kaos’ by Raiven doesn’t translate as well as expected on a live stage. “It was very contemporary, but a little disjointed”, says Joshua Mayne in his blog on Slovenia on this website.

20:57 – Stefan wins the jury vote in Estonia

Current standings in Estonia:

20:54 – Fun fact from Sweden

Tonight’s show is the 100th show of Melodifestivalen on tour around the country. We are getting ready for the first results.

20:53 – Metal band Fatal Error loses jury support

During the quarter finals, Fatal Error reached the highest score of all participants with 45 points. However, tonight, the jury hangs them out to dry. With only 40 points, they will not qualify directly. Only televoters can save them from early elimination now. Only Josi Papai still has to perform in A Dal tonight.

20:51 – Jon Henrik closes Melfest in style

Jon Henrik Fjällgren has competed twice previously, finishing second overall in 2015 and third overall in 2017. He is getting a great reception by the crowd again. Could 2019 be his year in Melodifestivalen?

20:45 – Friðrik Ómar is back in Iceland

Last week, Hera Björk returned to Söngvakeppnin in Iceland and reached the final. How will things turn out for Friðrik Ómar tonight? In 2008 he went to Eurovision as the male half of the duo Euroband.

20:39 – Estonia jury results coming in

In Estonia the hosts are calling out to several nations to gather the jury points. Stefan is doing very well in the competition thus far.

20:37 – Grand start of the final in Latvia

Supernova in Latvia immediately starts with the two top favorites performing: Markus Riva first (with new graphics), Edgars Kreilis second.

20:33 – Ula Lozar on stage in Slovenia

Former JESC entrant Ula Lozar performs her very catchy song ‘Fridays’. “Her vocals lack punch, but it is very fun and enjoyable regardless,” says Joshua Mayne, who is watching the Slovenian final EMA now.

20:28 – Markus Riva versus Edgars Kreilis in Latvia

Markus Riva and Edgars Kreilis tried to represent Latvia in the past before and now face each other in the grand final of Supernova 2019. Could this be one of their years, or will another act grab the Eurovision ticket again?

20:26 – Flu holds Oláh Gergö back

Oláh Gergö, runner-up in A Dal 2016 and a superstar in Hungary, suffered from flu this week. You can hear that his voice is a bit hoarse, but Gergö gives a very professional performance nevertheless. The jury, however, places him in 3rd place so far with 41 points. It means that Oláh Gergö will most likely need the televote to qualify for the final.

Current standing in Hungary:
Szekér Gergö – Madár, repülj 43pt
Bogi Nagy – Holnap 42pt
Oláh Gergö – Hozzád bújnék 41pt
Mocsok 1 Kölykök – Egyszer 39pt
Ruby Harlem – Forró 36pt

20:25 – Finally success for Stenmarck again?

Third up in Sweden is Martin Stenmarck. He won Melodifestivalen in 2005 and has taken part two times since, but didn’t manage to qualify to the final. Coming up after him is his sister-in-law Lina Hedlund, who rose to fame with Alcazar.

20:19 – Lots of points for Bogi Nagy

Bogi Nagy surprises with a simple ballad and solid vocals. The jury likes her – the app vote not so much. Still she is in 2nd place right now with 42pt. Next up: Oláh Gergö.

20:17 – First song in Sweden has been performed

The Lovers of Valdaro have performed song #1 in Sweden. The song, sound and act reminds us of BWO.

20:13 – Franka is back in Croatia

Dora opens with Franka sitting with the audience before flying around the stadium ceiling performing a remix of ‘Crazy’, the non-qualifying Croatian song of last year. More about Dora 2019 here.

20:08 – Tribute to Ted Gärdestad

We enter the arena in Sweden with a tribute to the Melfest songs from Ted Gärdestad. Eric Saade performs among other Gärdestad songs “Satellit”, the Swedish #Eurovison entry from 1979.

20:07 Stars in the jury in Slovenia

Big names in the jury of EMA in Slovenia: Darja Švajger (Slovenia 1995), Lea Sirk (Slovenia 2018) and Vladimir Graić (composer of “Molitva”, “Verjamem” and “Beauty Never Lies”) have their saying about the acts of tonight. In-depth coverage by Joshua Mayne can be found here.

20:00 – Will Monika Marija reach the final with her second song?

The second semi final in Lithuania will air tonight. A few days ago, Monika Marija posted a video asking her fans to not vote on her secondary song “Criminal”, clarifying that she wants to enter with only “Light On”. Will her fans listen to her, and keep her second song out of the final?

19:56 – A seperate liveblog for Melodifestivalen

For those who are interested in our extra special in-depth coverage of Melodifestivalen. Our expert Allie Lindo is ready for the third show in Sweden tonight. Check it out here!

Live: Martin Stenmarck competes in third Melodifestivalen semifinal

19:54 – EMA 2019: Raiven or Ula for Slovenia?

A couple of familiar names take the stage in Ljubljana tonight. Raiven, who hosted last year and took part twice before, sings ‘Kaos’. And Ula Lozar wants to go the adult Eurovision with ‘Fridays’, after taking part in Junior Eurovision in 2014.

19:51 – Laud inspired by Mahmood

Update from Ukraine: “Laud has strong vocals along with strong staging. Same colours as ‘Fuego’ and the overall performance is taking inspiration from Mahmood in San Remo. Passion is extremely high,” says Sadie Trent, who watched Vidbir for us tonight.

19:50 – Veteran Ivo Linna interval act in Estonia

Eurovision legend Ivo Linna is the first interval act in Estonia, where we have just seen the recap of the Eesti Laul 2019 final. Now we have a long wait till we get the results.

19:48 – Houdek aims to return as a composer

Will Jacques Houdek return to Eurovision, but as a composer? He co-wrote the song ‘The Dream’ by Roko Blažević, which is one of the 16 competing songs in Dora 2019 in Croatia tonight. Roko, Luka Nizetic and Lorena Bucan seem to be the main favourites but definitely no stand-out favourite. If you want to follow the Croatian final with in-depth coverage from Brandon McCann, click below:

Live: Dora returns to select Croatian entry

19:43 – Melfest Heat 3 preview

The competitors in Sweden tonight are:

The Lovers of Valdaro – Somebody wants
Dolly Style – Habibi
Martin Stenmarck – Låt skiten brinna
Lina Hedlund – Victorious
Omar – Om igen
Rebecka Karlsson – Who I am
Jon Henrik Fjällgren – Norrsken

The Lovers of Valdaro and Rebecka Karlsson are both making their Melodifestivalen debut, whilst the other five acts all have previous experience. Dolly Style previously participated in 2015 and 2016, reaching Andra Chansen both times. Omar competed in Melodifestivalen 2017 as part of the group FO&O, finishing in 11th place in the final. Jon Henrik Fjällgren has also competed twice previously, finishing second overall in 2015 and third overall in 2017.

Martin Stenmarck won Melodifestivalen 2005 with his song ‘Las Vegas’, and represented Sweden in Kiev. Lina Hedlund competed alongside her sister in 2002, as a soloist in 2003, and as part of Alcazar in 2009, 2010 and 2014. She returns for her sixth attempt in 2019.

19:39 – Chart topper opens semi 2 of A Dal

A Dal will start with the first performance now, and it’s the song that’s topping the charts in Hungary at the moment: “Madár, repülj” by Szekér Gergö. “His vocals are less nervous than during the quarter finals. And they added LED-projections that his backing dancers can play with, while Szekér himself stands still in the middle front of the stage,” says our Hungary-watcher Steef van Gorkum.

19:34 – Sandra Nurmsalu closes off Eesti Laul 2019

Sandra Nurmsalu is on stage. She hopes that ‘Soovide Puu’ gets her back at the Eurovision Song Contest, where she took part with Urban Symphony in 2009. It is the closing song of Eesti Laul 2019 and Sandra proves that she is still a wonderful performer.

19:27 – Semi final 2 of A Dal ready for take off

Eurovision 2017-artist Joci Papai, Olah Gergö, Fatal Error… Will the favourites make it to the final of A Dal? The second semi final in Hungary is about to begin!

19:18 – ‘Poli Genova’ look a like in Ukraine

Kira Mazur takes the stage in Vidbir with the song ‘Dykhaty’. According to our Ukraine expert Sadie Trent she is “a Poli Genova look a like. And her song also 100% reminds me of Na Inat in the way it sounded and was composed.”

19:10 – Fokas Evagelinos does Miki’s staging

Spain has snared a big name to create their staging for ‘La Venda’ by Miki. It is Fokas Evagelinos, who has a fantastic track record at the Eurovision Song Contest:

Staging director Evagelinos: ‘Key to success is preparation’

19:08 – Tanja & Birgit start a strong block

There’s a strong block of songs coming up in the Eesti Laul final. Starting with former Eurovision participants Tanja & Birgit, then Uku Suviste, and then Inger, whose campfire styled song is an outsider in tonight’s final.

18:56 – Kazka impressive in Ukraine

“Kazka have a middle paced pop song which suits their style really well,” says Sadie Trent, ESCDaily’s Ukraine correspondent. “There are some hutsal drum beats which are prominent in the bridge and chorus, it shows their ethnicity. They seemed to have gone all out and styled themselves on The HardKiss, in terms of song, imagery and staging.”

18:50 – Loving the comics

Estonia loves the comic strips so much, they have included them into the official Eesti Laul artwork this year.

18:42 – Still learning Estonian

Victor Crone originally comes from Sweden. In the interview backstage, he speaks English, explaining that he is still learning the Estonian language.

18:35 – Meanwhile in Ukraine…

Jury member Verka Serduchka has gotten into a big verbal fight with participant Ivan Navi, who was the first on stage in Vidbir tonight.

18:28 – Computer projected stage performance for Victor Crone

Top favorite Victor Crone is on stage in Eesti Laul. He starts his performance playing the guitar. The quiet, acoustic start slowly moves into a Swedish sounding pop song with a big beat in the chorus. At the start of the second verse, Victor stands back to back with a really blonde female backing singer. The second chorus, we do not see the actual stage or arena, but instead Victor is surrounded by special effects/computer projections.

18:18 – Running order

The artists are called on stage in Estonia. Interesting fact: 12 participants, and Victor Crone will perform already as 3rd in the running order. His two main opponents are both comfortably placed towards the end of the show…

18:15 – Victor Crone top favorite

There is one top favorite in tonight’s Eesti Laul final. Bookmakers are clear: Victor Crone should represent Estonia in Tel Aviv. His main opponents are Uku Suviste with “Pretty Little Liar”, and Inger with “Coming Home”.

Preview: Victor Crone expected to win Eesti Laul 2019

18:07 – Kazka; competition for Maruv?

Fan favorite Maruv qualified from the first Vidbir semi final last week. Tonight, it is time for the second semi final. Will any notable co-competitors pop up?

Perhaps Kazka, the band who scored a huge hit in Ukraine and Russia last summer, can form a serious threat.

18:04 – Ukraine and Estonia kick off early

Two shows have already started. Vidbir in Ukraine, and the grand final of Eesti Laul in Estonia. We will find out 4 more songs for Tel Aviv tonight on Super Saturday, and Estonia is the first of the 4. The Eesti Laul final is scheduled to finish around 21:30 CET due to a 1-hour break midway.