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Tonight, the United Kingdom will select their act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. Once again, the BBC will use their show format Eurovision: You Decide, being previously used in the past two years.

Six acts will compete tonight in a televised show at the Brighton Dome. The show is hosted by previous years’ host Mel Giedroyc, being joined this year by Eurovision Song Contest 2015 winner Måns Zelmerlöw. The winner will be selected via the combination of a public televote, consisting of televoting and online voting, and the votes of a professional jury panel.

The show will be broadcast live on BBC Two, starting at 20:30 CET. We will see six acts in the running to fly the flag for the United Kingdom in Lisbon:

01. RAYA – “Crazy”
02. Liam Tamne – “Astronaut”
03. Asanda – “Legends”
04. Jaz Ellington – “You”
05. SuRie – “Storm”
06. Goldstone – “I Feel the Love”

Liveblog for Eurovision: You Decide 2018 in the United Kingdom:

We don’t see the seperate votes from the jury and audience but immediately get the result of the winner. Which is SuRie with the song “Storm”.

21:44 – Lines are closed
The lines are closed. One more interval video about the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. And yes, you saw it correct, the BBC actually played the full version of ‘Waterloo’, once again. Now: Time for the results.

21:28 – Making Your Mind Up!
For the next fifteen minutes, people can cast their televote for their favourite act. Our guess? It will be a two-horse race between Jaz and Goldstone. What do you think?

21:26 – SONG 06. Goldstone – “I Feel the Love”
Aimie, Rhiannon and Helen start of with a slick performance with two of the girls clapping along as the first one starts to sing. They nail the harmonies (O’G3NE anyone?) something juries at Eurovision always love to hand out points for. Once again the massive LED-screen is being used, while the BBC knows this is not possible in Lisbon in this way. Still, this is a serious contender to win it tonight.

21:19 – SONG 05. SuRie – “Storm”
SuRie is a good (backing) singer, as she proved in the past and tonight. There were some nerves and trembles in her voice, but her qualities and potential is made clear. The song however is quite dated and is not able to showcase her full talent. The staging also definitely needs a revamp for Lisbon, should it come that far.

21:12 – SONG 04. Jaz Ellington – “You”
Jaz provides us with impressive vocals from the first second. An uplifting performance by a good singer. The high pitch notes will not appeal to everybody, but Jaz has soul in his voice and performance. By far the best performance of the night, thus far. If the song is impressive enough to do well at Eurovision? That remains to be seen.

21:04 – SONG 03. Asanda – “Legends”
The song starts with a rapper in a cowboy outfit. It is hard to understand in what language Asanda is singing a modern, fresh and current song with a lot of dancing around her. Again a lot of wide shots, so this seems to be a BBC-production-wise choice. It is good to see, and hear, the young Asanda already is able to deliver this song, vocally, at this age. She seems to lack some experience for the big Eurovision stage yet. But then again, this is also a BBC-choice to send artists without really big experience.

20:59 – SONG 02. Liam Tamne – “Astronaut”
Liam is standing on a platform, performing a song with a short contemporary break and beat in it. The falsetto in the refrain is being performed well, but it remains a singing style that remains a specific taste. There is not a lot going on on stage during the three minutes of the song. A lot of focus on the song and singer and that’s it. “Simple and elegant staging,” was the nice way Mel described it.

20:50 – SONG 01. RAYA – “Crazy”
Greta Salomé co-wrote this first song of the night. Raya is not connecting with the camera enough and is looking more at the audience than the camera. There is a dark stage with a lot of wide and medium shots. Some dancers join her in the second verse, but it is not coming over on screen extremely well as it should. Defenitely a catchy, nice song, but staging-wise there is a lot to improve. Overall the vocals were okay, after a dodgy start. Let’s hope there will be better options for the UK later this evening.

20:42 – BREXIT
“You have to vote, otherwise you are not allowed to complain about the result. BREXIT!” Måns had a little sneeze there!

20:30 – Off we go!
Måns and Mel have opened the show! With a special guest performance by Lucie Jones, who represented the United Kingdom in Kiev with ‘I will never give up on you’. After that, the six acts for tonight are being introduced to the audience in Brighton.

20:15 – Curious for tonight
The last really good result for the UK was accomplished in 2009, when Jade Ewan gave them a fifth place with ‘My Time’. Will one of the hopeful six for tonight be able to give the UK a Eurovision revival?

20:00 CET – The show will begin in half an hour.
Our editor Dennis will watch the show along with you and provide updates on the performances in this blog. Keep refreshing this post as the night passes by for the latest updates.

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  1. SuRieously? This was the best ??? Annie Lennox niece with a cold and nervous vocals in a repetitive song ? Sorry not gonna work in Lisbon. She’d better be back to backing vocals for Belgium.

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