Live: Wer singt für Österreich?

Tonight is the night that Austria kicks off their selection process for Eurovision 2015. Who will succeed Conchita Wurst as the Austrian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest? Tonight we will be introduced to sixteen of this year’s hopefuls.

2104 – The artists are all congratulating each other whilst our host signs off for the evening! So that’s it! We have our six artists who will compete to represent Austria, the host country of Eurovision 2015. Thanks again for sticking with the liveblog at ESCDaily and next week we’ll be liveblogging the first show where the six artists will have a chance to showcase their talents whilst working with the mentors. It’s something not to be missed!

2102 – Time for the results, the six qualifiers are: Zoe, Folkshilfe, Celina Ann, The Makemakes, Dawa and Johann Sebastian Bass!

2055 – Our host then takes over and we’re treated to a recap of all the performances.

2051 – Johann Sebastian Bass is the final performer tonight. He is dressed like Mozart with the wig and make up and everything. His two other performers are also dressed in similar attire. “Heart of Stone” is the name of the song and there are keyboard guitars and voice transformers and it’s brilliant! They’ve got their own style of electronic music, it’s funky, edgy, yet has a classic edge to it. These guys have really got this down, they maintain their cool sound whilst having the comedic edge of their theatrical costumes to enhance the performance. This could do well for Austria.

2046 – Wo/Men are the penultimate performers of the night and they are a female duo accompanied by a four piece male band to perform a cover of the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. They do the song justice and hold it together very well vocally but they fail to add their own style to the song. The performance is like a typical audition on a reality show that has been done a million times before. They would need a lot of work if they were to go to Eurovision.

2040 – Celina Ann is next to perform, she’s taken her mother with her as one of her backing singers! How adorable! “I Never Loved A Man” is the name of her song. It’s a country influenced song which is clear in her style of singing. The song is angry and passionate sounding. She could be compared to Carrie Underwood.

2135 – Thirteenth are Tandem. They are a male/female duo who perform an electronic 80’s style song. Accompanied with a live band, the female singer leads this uptempo song which is sung in German. There are plenty of flashing lights on stage to accompany the performance. It’s a really powerful performance with a guitar solo towards the end.

2128 – Kommando Elefant are next. These guys are edgy, electronic and rock influenced. In all honesty, their performance seems a bit all over the place. The song is pretty intense, I’m not sure what they’re singing about but it feels dark and politically influenced. I’m not sure if this could go well with Eurovision.

2123 – The eleventh performer is Folkshilfe. They are a three piece male band who are heavy on the accordion: very typically Austrian sounding. “Seit a Poa Tog” is the name of the song they perform. This has Austria written all over it, mid-tempo folk music which is very very heavy on the accordion. It sounds like something you’d hear at a traditional barn dance and maybe not at Eurovision, but these three young guys do manage to inject some life into this otherwise dull style of music.

2116 – Katti Kallauch is next. She’s a very beautiful woman, a bit of an indie princess. She’s accompanied by an all male band to perform a happy indie number. The song is a dreamy, easy listening song. The only thing about her is that she doesn’t really stand out in comparison to a lot of the other artists tonight.

2110 – The ninth performer are Mizgebonz. A mixed group, they are very current and cool, their performances are typically novel with a hip hop/rap edge. They perform a medley of songs. Four male and one female singer perform this fun rap song, which then turns into a crazy hip hop song as they remove layers of clothing to reveal brightly coloured outfits. I have no idea what’s going on here, this performance is all kinds of crazy. They’re a bit like Trackshittaz from 2012.

2104 – The next performer is Lemo. He’s a guitarist and singer/songwriter who is a bit of a joker and enjoys a playful guitar tune. His music is generally upbeat, cheerful and easy listening. For this performance he sings a song called “So Leicht”. Singing in German, he accompanies himself on guitar and also has another guitarist and a pianist to guide him through this ballad. A change from what he usually performs, it’s generally well received by the judges and the mentors.

2058 – Next up are The Su’sis, a 1950’s styled girl band. They are a trio who wear plain white shirts and coloured skirts. They pride themselves on their swing style music. They perform a song called “This and That”. It’s very 1950’s. They are accompanied by a three piece male band who play piano, drums and double bass. You’d expect to hear something like this in a ballroom dance in the 1950’s. It’s uptempo and catchy but not very relevant to today’s Eurovision audience.

2052 – Renato Unterberg is the next performer. He is a long haired man with an iconic sounding voice. Quite a quirky character, the judges compare him to Iggy Pop. The song he’s performing is an uplifting britpop style song, very 90’s.

2046 – The fifth artist is Zoe. She’s a blonde woman who will sing in French. Her song is called “Adieu”. She’s fab! Her style is french electronica. The song combines traditional sounding french music with a modern electronic sound, like the kind of music you’d hear in an advert for a fancy European car. The coaches really really like this girl.

2040 – The fourth artist is Dawa. Two female and two male singers make up this band. They perform a song called “On The Run”. They accompany themselves with each band member playing a different instrument. Musically, this song is exquisite. It’s an emotional indie sounding song, the male lead singer has a very strong voice and the band come together brilliantly on this track. The coaches and the expert jury are taken aback by this performance, it’s hugely captivating. These guys could do very well.

2035 – Next up are Royal Kombo. These guys are an Austrian hip hop/reggae trio. They are singing a reggae influenced song called “Ram Pam Pam” and it’s certainly something different. The vibe is very reggae and this is really what they’re going for. The coaches are getting a chuckle out of this performance, perhaps this isn’t one to be taken seriously? Who knows?

2030 – Clara Blume is the second performer hoping to make it to the live shows. She performs a song called “Love & Starve”. She’s a bit of a rocker chick with a quirky edge. The coaches compare her to Amy Winehouse. The song is a dramatic dark song which she sings accompanied by her all male band, she really puts a lot of emotion into the performance and it’s quite powerful.

2022 – The first act to perform are The Makemakes. They perform a song called “Million Euro Smile”. It’s a cool song, these guys are pretty cool. They are a three piece band who look like Mumford and Sons, but sound a bit like Fall Out Boy. Their style is very pop rock. This whole process is very similar to “The Voice” in that it feels like an audition in front of a studio audience. Judge Andi Knoll gives his comments at the end of their performance.

2019 – Nazar, Anna F, and The Boss Hoss are then introduced as the coaches who will mentor this year’s contestants in the art of songwriting and performing and aid them in the competition.

2015 – The show begins! We’re introduced to the format of the show, the studio audience and we’re given a brief introduction to each of the sixteen participating artists and their current positions within the music industry in Austria.

As last year’s winner and this year’s host country, Austria will automatically qualify for the grand final of the competition this year. The Austrian selection show Wer singt für Österreich? will take place every Friday for the next four weeks. The introduction show this week will introduce us to 16 artists who hope to represent Austria at Eurovision in May. An expert panel will then decide which 6 of these 16 artists will continue forward in the competition to compete in the live TV broadcasts over the coming weeks. The 16 candidates looking forward to earning a place in the competition are:

  • The Makemakes
  • Tandem
  • wo/Men
  • Royal Kombo
  • Clara Blume
  • The Su’sis
  • Katti Kallauch
  • Johann Sebastian Bass
  • Celina Ann
  • Renato Unterberg
  • Lemo
  • Kommando Elefant
  • Dawa
  • Mizgebonez
  • Folkshilfe
  • Zoe

Join us here at for the liveblog at 2015CET where we’ll be dissecting the artists and learning more about them as well as bringing you the results of the expert panel’s decisions.