Read back our liveblog of semi final 2 of Melodifestivalen 2018

Tonight we will see the second semi final of Melodifestivalen 2018 take place at the Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg. Samir & Viktor return to the Melfest stage and we also see Margeret, who tried to represent Poland at Eurovision in the past.

Just like last week, Allie Lindo will be watching the show and provide you with in-depth coverage of all performances. The line-up for tonight is as follows:

01. Samir & Viktor – Shuffla
02. Ida Redig – Allting som vi sa
03. Jonas Gardell – Det finns en väg
04. Margaret – In My Cabana
05. Stiko Per Larsson – Titta vi flyger
06. Mimi Werner – Songburning
07. LIAMOO – Last Breath

The show begins at 20:00 CET and you can watch on SVT’s website here. Follow along with Allie as she posts below. The newest posts will be at the top. Keep refreshing your page to see the latest updates.

Liveblog of semi final 2 of Melodifestivalen 2018

21:30 – Margaret gets a second chance

Personally, tonight was full of a few good surprises. I must admit to being much happier tonight than I was this time last week. We had a good selection of songs and a much stronger pool of talented singers.

The Swedish public voted Samir & Viktor through and gave Polish singer Margaret a second chance to qualify for Stockholm. Join us next week as we learn more about her competition. Same time! Same place!

Thanks for joining us!

21:25 – More results for semi final 2

The first song through to Andra Chansen is Songburning by Mimi Werner. The second song through to Andra Chansen is Margaret’s In My Cabana.

The final song going directly to the final is Last Breath by LIAMOO.

21:18 – First through to Stockholm tonight

The first song going to Friends Arena tonight is Shuffla by Samir & Viktor!

And thus I am shocked but I really shouldn’t be. These two have a strong fan following and it is a fun song after all, complete with its own dance.

21:10 – Voting is now closed

Only a few minutes left until we learn who will be going to Stockholm and who gets another shot in Andra Chansen.

21:05 – We have a result

Two songs have already been eliminated here in Sweden. Jonas Gardell and Stiko Per Larsson will not be going further tonight. Margaret is still in the running. Final results to follow soon.

21:00 – Let’s review!

I was a bit grumpy at the end of semi final 1 but I feel much better about the quality of songs presented tonight. This is a much stronger selection for Swedes to choose from. I think the only song that was weak was Jonas Gardell’s offering tonight. Jonas has so much talent to offer us but singing is not one of those talents.

Polish singer Margaret offered us a fun and flirty pop song, but she is up against hometown girl Ida Redig for the same share of the audience. Samir & Viktor gave us their usual dance music. If they make it past tonight I see them going to Andra Chansen and not directly to the final, but I am prepared to be shocked.

My personal favorites of the night are Stiko Per Larsson and LIAMOO because they gave us something different and a little more raw which is always nice. Voting is underway now, so let’s see what Sweden decides.

20:55 – Final song of the evening

LIAMOO switches things up again with a mix of singing and rapping. Some of the transitions are not perfect but overall this is a strong song. The staging is simple so the focus is entirely on the song itself. That is an angle not many have taken so far in Melfest 2018.

Good song, and I think it has a strong chance of moving on tonight.

20:47 – Songburning with Mimi Werner

We are already at our second to last song of the evening. Is it just me or is time going by so quickly? I guess SVT just doesn’t like wasting time. Anyway, I would really like Mimi to rethink this bright orange fringe jacket she has on.

As it turns out the orange matches the lighting on stage. As she sings, Mimi is joined by four drummers and I am reminded a bit of a marching band. This staging goes really well with the song.

Overall I think this is a good song, if a little repetitive at times. Mimi’s vocals become a little unstable towards the end but that is probably because she was just marching around the stage with her drummers.

20:41 – Titta vi flyger

This is something different than the previous songs and I really like this vibe. This is a very upbeat song without all the dance music most of the others have used. We’ve got a real band on stage which gives this performance a different and friendly vibe. I feel as though I am watching a mate’s band perform.

Stiko’s vocals are a tiny bit rough in the high notes towards the end, but nothing horrible. We have definitely heard way worse on the stage tonight *cough Jonas Gardell cough*

20:34 – Polish invasion

Hey look it’s Margaret! She’s picked up some Swedish along the way saying “I love Sweden” in her video package.

Now there has been some negative discussions about “In My Cabana” as it bears some resemblance to Camila Cabello’s song “Havana”. Yes the similarities are noticeable. Personally, I also hear a little bit of Margaret’s own “Cool Me Down” which she competed with in Poland a couple years ago.

This song is okay but doesn’t jump out as anything special to me. I do think Margaret’s stage performance was quite good though. So points to her for that.

20:27 – From author to singer?

Jonas Gardell is well-known to the Swedish public. He has a lot of professions attached to his name: author, playwright, comedian, screenwriter…and now he adds songwriter and singer to that list.

Perhaps I should say singer(?) because I’m not fully sure this is singing. I feel bad saying that about an uplifting song about ignoring the shame society places on someone. But honestly, this is more whispering than singing.

But wait, there’s hope! A choir comes to save the day. So there are a lot of people currently on stage singing…none of them are called Jonas Gardell.

20:23 – Ida Redig takes the stage

Ida sees herself as a guardian of sorts for good Swedish pop. Not sure what Robyn would have to say about that. Nevertheless, she believes it is time for a Swedish pop song to win Melodifestivalen.

There is no doubt Ida has a strong voice. The arrangement of this song is nice but for me there’s something missing. Ida and her fellow songwriters did put a lot in the lyrics of this song. No matter what happens tonight, this song will find a comfortable home on the Swedish radio waves.

20:15 – Nu kör vi!

And with the magic words, we’re off! The second semi final is properly underway. First out the gate are Samir & Viktor with their song “Shuffla”.

The song starts off with a little 1920s vibe before swiftly transitioning to Samir & Viktor’s signature dance beats. I have a feeling everyone in Sweden under the age of 25 will be learning the dance to this song.

Overall this song doesn’t really offer anything new from these two but it is fun.

20:08 – A new voting record

Last week’s semi final broke a record – one million more votes were cast than ever before.

20:00 – “Staying Alive” for the Show

Okay folks, we are off to a pretty heated start here. Host David Lindgren is literally pole dancing alongside two backup dancers while singing “Staying Alive”. Way to keep those rating alive, David.

Only last year Lindgren was joking about his dad bod. Now he is putting that dad bod to good use. After his pole antics he is visibly out of breath and jokes “I am not 20 anymore.”

19:40 – The final countdown

Here we are at semi final 2 of Melodifestivalen. Tonight’s show is live from Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. The line up tonight features so familiar faces alongside some surprise additions. Samir & Viktor are back for a third time hoping to make it all the way to Stockholm and beyond.

Meanwhile, noted author and playwright Jonas Gardell is taking a stab at singing. Let’s see if he will add to his already extensive accomplishments. And of course, Margaret takes the stage, having previously competed for the chance to represent Poland. Will she have better luck in Sweden? Let’s find out!