Read back: The search for the successor of NAVIBAND in Belarus

Who will be the successor of the duo NAVIBAND, who made it to the final on behalf of Belarus last year, at the Eurovision Song Contest? We will find out tonight, at the Belarusian national final.

In the final, some familiar names take part, like the group NAPOLI and Gunesh. Both acts took part in Belarus before. Alekseev already emerged as an early fan-favourite in the community, despite allegations that his song should have been disqualified, breaching the rules of being performed prior to the 1st of September. You can watch the show live on Belarus 24.

Below you see the line-up of the show. A winner will be chosen based on a televote and jury result:

01. Adagio – “Ty i ja” (You and me)
02. Alekseev – “Forever”
03. Shuma – “Chmarki” (Clouds)
04. NAPOLI – “Chasing Rushes”
05. Anastasiya Malashkevich – “World on Fire”
06. Gunesh – “I Won’t Cry”
07. Radiovolna – “Subway Lines”
08. Alen Hit – “I Don’t Care”
09. Lexy – “Ain’t You”
10. Kirill Good – “Deja Vu”

Read back of the national final in Belarus

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As suspected, Alekseev swept the board, picking up all 12 points, so he will be representing Belarus in Lisbon.


Another performance from NaviBand. Keeping with the sound and spirit of Story of My life, it has a similar sound and they are acting in the same way as they did during that song.


The SMS results place Alekseev at the top with 5184 votes. 2nd place is Shuma with 3042. So Alekseev leads by 2142 votes at this stage. One of last years participants, Lexy Weaver lags behind on 669 votes which means the gap between her and Alekseev is a staggering 4515 votes.

21:21 – Kirill Good – Deja Vu

Now we are on the last song of the final tonight. This is another typical euro pop song which sounds like it has been produced abroad. It is very high quality indeed. The male soloist is wearing a burgundy and black suit same as his female backing singers. They certainly add depth and structure to this song. He is struggling a very tiny bit to change notes and hold them, but other than that, a good all round performance. Not the best song, but certainly not the worst either that we have seen tonight.

21:18 – Lexy – Ain’t You

A pop start to this song for a returning artist in the show tonight. A strong vocal start from Lexy (as expected). She is wearing a white long dress which is short and it has a longer purple piece to show off her amazing figure. This song develops into an amazing cross between a ballad and a pop song. Her staging is also advanced for Belarus. A perfect performance for Lexy. It will be a battle for the ticket between Alekseev and Lexy. The crowd are going crazy for her.

21:14 – Alen Hit – I Don’t Care

A great strong start to this pop song. Like Alekseev they have extremely advanced staging which has never been seen in Belarus before. The vocalist is wearing a tracksuit to match his backing singers, and it blends in well with the staging. There is not many high notes in this song so we are unable to see what he is able to do in that respect, but he is singing well in the rest of the song, and is able to change notes quickly and well. Great use of ethnic drums in the song too to blend in with the feel of this pop song.

21:09 – Radiovolna – Subway Lines

A ballad which is well composted and put together. A solo male vocalist in all white including his hat. He isn’t struggling in any part of this song at all. He reached the top note in the song and held it without ay hesitation or shaking in his voice. Although this is a good song, it would struggle to qualify should it win.

20:59 – Gunesh – I Won’t Cry

The crowd are going wild for this one. This is a pop song. She has a really strong youthful voice that has no trouble holding notes or reaching top notes. This is a cross between pop and rock. She has gone casual with a blouse and jeans to fit in the nature of her staging. This song would certainly make an impact and qualify should it win tonight.

20:54 – Anastasiya Malashkevich – World on Fire

Her vocals start off really strong in this typical euro pop song. She is wearing a red dress with a collar with a top bun and huge glasses (that doesn’t really add anything to the performance). Her vocals are also really strong, and is also able to cope with the change in notes. She can also hold the long notes really well without any real trouble. She continues through this song with a faultless performance.

20:50 – NAPOLI – Chasing Rushes

Napoli is back! Looking amazing. A long red classy dress, black hair, with a black eye mask. Her vocals are on point tonight as always! Now they have ripped the dress off to reveal a red PVC catsuit, and she looks incredible. This is a pop song with the speed of a ballad. Napoli is hitting all the high notes and holding them without struggling. Her voice is complimenting she song well. This would be an easy qualifier if this wins tonight.

20:44 – Shuma – Chmarki

Unique vocals from Shuma. A Belarus version of Pur:Pur in terms of looks. This is a cross between pop and rock. There is a lot of repetition in this song. Her costume is unique, a purple fabric cop half and a gold bottom half. She is moving with the song, and taking in the beats and is feeling the performance, which is what you need in a Eurovision performance.

20:40 – Alekseev – Forever

The favourite in the show tonight. His vocals are well trained and sharp. His costume is groundbreaking. It is a suit full of individual lightbulb (mini ones) which are lighting up. This is a standard pop song which is nothing new for Alekseev. He is not struggling with his vocals. The only thing letting him down is that he could use the stage to his advantage as he is standing still a lot of the time. Other than that, a faultless performance.

20:36 – Adagio – Ty i ja

Adagio are up first. A ballad and slow start to the song. The male vocalist is starting low on this one. Another male vocalist comes in with a much higher voice to compliment. These voices can harmonise really well. They are wearing all black suits and are trying to give off a vibe of Il Volo (although minus the opera voices). Then a rock element of the song comes in. The voices work well in 2 2 pieces but not as a 4 piece band sadly. WOW one of the band members can hold a really long note and did not struggle at all.


Naviband open the show with their song from last year, Story of my life. The female vocalist can still belt them out and move. They still kept all the elements, vocals and iconic moves from the song last year.