Read back: How Whigfield failed to win the Danish Final

Denmark will choose its 2018 Eurovision representative at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DMGP) tonight. In the line-up are a couple of notable names, like Whigfield, and Ditte Marie.

The show will take place at the Gigantium in Aalborg.

The show will be divided into two rounds: in the first round, the top 3 artists will be revealed, while the second round is the Superfinal in which the eventual winner will be chosen from the remaining three acts. The result will be determined by 50/50 professional jury vote and public televoting.

Below you can follow our liveblog. You can watch along the show from 20:00 CET through this link.

Liveblog for the Danish final


They take 50% of the vote in the super final and go to Lisbon.

21:50 – Albin Fredy – Music for the road

The stage colours are red and yellow. The visuals are a bold choice as Albin Fredy actually is bald, and the close-up shots therefore could work alienating as much as they could work endeering. This song is rather catchy still though.

21:43 – Rasmussen – Higher ground

The cave men are back on stage with their strong celtic power ballad. Vocally still impressive. There are two white banniers on stage, waving on the rhythm of the wind machine. This is the perfect combination of accessible and alternative that you are looking for for Eurovision success.

21:38 – Anna Ritsmar – Starlight

Vocally a little bit nervous, but this little girl is really adorable in her pajamas and with her ukelele. The song grows on you and the vocals improve towards the end of the song.

21:35 – Whigfield already eliminated

Early elimination for the big pop star. She does not finish in the top three tonight. The three qualifiers will now perform their songs again.

21:30 – Qualifiers in the first round:

02. Anna Ritsmar – Starlight
03. Rasmussen – Higher ground
10. Albin Fredy – Music for the road

This means Whigfield is eliminated… Not surprising based on the performance, but still an enormous let down for her.

21:13 – SONG 10. Albin Fredy – Music for the road

“Music for the road” suggests good old American country music, and Albin Fredy delivers. Of course, in the chorus, he adds a typical Danish touch to it, but still. The guitar intro sounds nice metal rusty, and the act with the five red cards surrounding Albin’s head is at least original. The chorus is catchy. This could potentially work at Eurovision. Vocals good. Infectious whistle towards the end. I would like to see this in the next round.

21:07 – SONG 09. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – Holder fast i ingenting

The nervous piano tunes in the first verse of this song sound an awful lot like the beginning of Abba’s “Mamma Mia”. Visually, the performance starts in black and white with only the red dress of Rikke displayed in its original colour. Vocally good, however, the chorus does not really jump out as much as it should.

21:01 – SONG 08. KARUI – Signals

The first half minute of this song sounds like a slightly more commercial version of Aminata. In the chorus, all resemblance goes away and all of a sudden we switch to an almost Amy Winehouse like dark jazz song. Vocals are very good, but the composition is a bit messy. Karui stands in the middle of the stage, dancing on her own, with one musician to her left and two to her right.

20:53 – SONG 07. Carlsen – Standing up for love

Three middle aged blond woman stand on the big stage without backings. The edge of the stage is filled with bouquets of flowers and pink flowers also dominate the backdrop. The song is as Skyradio as it gets: a really typical middle of the road Danish Eurovision song in the style of “Should have known better” and “In a moment like this”. Vocals are good during the verses but in the chorus, the high notes are a little difficult for the women.

20:46 – SONG 06. Lasse Meling – Unfound

This young fellow gives the most Swedish performance of the night. Ingredients? An uptempo pop song, weak vocals saved by taped backings, and a mediocre Eric Saade styled dance performance. The backing dancers are alright, but Lasse does not look comfortable on the big stage.

20:39 – SONG 05. Sandra – Angels to my battlefield

Four background musicians accompany the alternative looking Sandra on stage. They are standing behind red coloured see-through screens. It reminds the attentive watcher of Quartissimo, who represented Slovenia in Eurovision previously. Vocals are hesitant at the beginning, but better as this indie type of ballad continues. Interesting composition, but it probably requires multiple listens before you can appreciate it fully.

20:30 – SONG 04. Whigfield – Boys on girls

A relatively flat pop song with a catchy flute tone on the background. Catchy, but also quite repetitive in the chorus where three words are repeated over and over again. Vocally this is solid, as Sannie walks across the stage in a female suit and a 50’s hat, with five dancers around her all the time. All in all, I am not impressed by the big Whigfield’s entrance to the Eurovision stage.

20:22 – SONG 03. Rasmussen – Higher ground

An interesting, almost celtic sounding, big bombastic musical song. Rasmussen performs on a dark stage and to a blue backdrop, where the waves of the sea are displayed. The band members are dressed as cavemen and the lead singer looks as though he comes straight from the movie Braveheart. This is a really strong song though, and so are the vocals.

20:15 – SONG 02. Anna Ritsmar – Starlight

Anna is alone on stage with her ukulele and some stricking lighting. She wears what appears to be pajamas? A simple performance, even slightly alternative/indie for Danish standards. But it might get snowed under at Eurovision.

20:08 – SONG 01. Ditte Marie – Riot

Ditte is joined on stage by five male backing dancers and some interesting staging which looks a little like a roadblock. The vocals sound good, but is it good enough for Ditte Marie to go to Eurovision this time around?

19:40 – Below are the 10 artists and acts that will compete in DMGP 2018:

01. Ditte Marie – Riot
02. Anna Ritsmar – Starlight
03. Rasmussen – Higher ground
04. Whigfield – Boys on girls
05. Sandra – Angels to my battlefield
06. Lasse Meling – Unfound
07. CARLSEN – Standing up for love
08. KARUI – Signals
09. Rikke Ganer-Tolsøe – Holder fast i ingenting
10. Albin Fredy – Music for the road