Preselections continued in France, Hungary & Lithuania (20th of January)

Check out what is happening tonight in our special Saturday night live blog. There are preselection shows in France, Lithuania and Hungary and we keep you up-to-date on all three events!

In the following blog, you can find the latest Eurovision news from tonight, with the newest update appearing on top. The show in Lithuania will start at 20:00 CET, Hungary’s A Dal kicks off at 20:30 CET and France will have their second semi final at 21:05 CET. Wanna watch along with us? Click on the time of the desired show, and a livestream will pop-up in another tab of your browser.

23:32 – That’s it for tonight

With that we have all results for tonight. Thank you for joining us this Saturday and stay tuned to our website!

23:27 – We have our qualifiers in France

Malo’ will be joined in the French final of next week by Madame Monsieur, Max Cinnamon, Nassi and Igit.

23:18 – Madame Monsieur gets first ‘douze points’

The first 12 points from the internation jury go to Madame Monsieur, 10 to Max Cinnamon, and 8 to Nassi. ‘Lisboa Jerusalem’ gets the 12 points from Italy. After Christer Björkman gave his points, only Lucie Vagenheim still has 0 points. After collecting the voting from the international jury, Madame Monsieur leads with 30 points.

23:10 – Time for the French results

Isabel Boulaye (one of our judges) gave a stunning performance of a true chanson in the interval act. Now it is time for the results. Which four acts will go the final of next week?

23:00 – June the Pretty Girl

If Eurovision, or Destination Eurovision, was a modeling competition, June the Girl would win tonight. But more important: She also sounds fantastic. A hauting performance, which would deserve a spot in the final next to Australia’s Malo’.

22:45 – We have heard almost all songs in France

After an emotional performance from Sarah Cailibot, Sweem performed his song “Là Haut”, hoping to continue to the final of Destination Eurovision. The evening will be closed by June the Girl.

22:35 – Tamas Vastag gets the wildcard

Tamas Vastag has won the wildcard and gets the sixhth ticket to the semi final of A Dal 2018.

22:21 – Viktor Kiraly and Gabi Knoll also through in A Dal

We still get a public wildcard, perhaps to Fourtissimo who scored well in the public vote earlier tonight. But the first five qualifiers for the semi final stage of A Dal 2018 are known:

01. Leander Kills – Nem szol harang – 44 points
02. Zsolt Sule – Zold a majus – 44 points
03. Viktor Kiraly – Budapest Girl – 43 points
04. Ceasefire X – Satellites – 41 points
05. Gabi Knoll – Nobody To Die For – 40 points

06. Noemo – Levegot! – 39 points
07. Living Room – Kirakat elet – 36 points
08. Tamas Vastag – Ne hagyj remenyt – 36 points
09. Fourtissimo – Kisnyuszi a kalapban – 33 points
10. Patikadomb – Jo szelet! – 33 points

22:15 – A true contender in France!

One of the surprises of the evening is Igit. Lisboa Jerusalem is a very strong, typical French cultural song. Almost a spoken word performance by Igit. Very strong, if one likes this type of song. Suitable for Eurovision.

22:10 – Paula qualifies, Mia is eliminated in Lithuania

A early shock exit for former finalist Mia in Lithuania. She has been eliminated in the second heat of Eurovizija. Last year’s finalist Paula got through, but did not win tonight’s show:

01. Saulės kliošas – Man gaila (12+6=18)
02. Twosome – Hello (10+8=18)
03. Paula – 1 2 3 (6+12=18)
04. Elizabeth Olshey – Bejausmis (3+10=18)
05. 22:15 – Juozas Martin – Don’t Give Up (8+4=12)
06. Audrius Petrauskas – In My Bones (7+5=12)

22:03 – Three qualifiers known in Hungary, including Leander Kills

Leander Kills, Zsolt Sule and Ceasefire X have already qualified for the semi finals. As we only have Viktor Kiraly and Patikadomb left to perform!

01. Leander Kills – Nem szol harang – 44 points
02. Zsolt Sule – Zold a majus – 44 points
03. Ceasefire X – Satellites – 41 points
04. Gabi Knoll – Nobody To Die For – 40 points
05. Noemo – Levegot! – 39 points
06. Living Room – Kirakat elet – 36 points
07. Tamas Vastag – Ne hagyj remenyt – 36 points
08. Fourtissimo – Kisnyuszi a kalapban – 33 points

22:00 – Two very different worlds in France in a row

Act 3 in France was Jane, who performed a decent ballad. Not enough impact for Eurovision. The song ‘Rêve de gamin’ by Nassi is more risky and fitting for 2018. Athough his vocals are not very steady, it is not a huge issue because there is a lot of dancing involved in the act.

21:55 – We heard all songs in Lithuania, results follow soon

Audrius Petrauskas has a nice starry backdrop and a decent song with a female dancer. Elizabeth Olshey is doing well with the public vote and looks to qualify. Former finalist Mia is looking for revenge and has a strong, mistique song, which is being slowly underrated thus far. Emilija Valiukevičiūtė’s song is called ‘Bye bye’ and that sums it up. She will not qualify. With these four, we have had all 12 performances for tonight. The results of the public will be in soon, and combined with the jury votes give us the results and six qualifiers.

21:40 – Madame Monsieur living up to the expectations

In France, Madame Monsieur and the song ‘Mercy’ was well received online and the expectations were high before this second semi final of Destination Eurovision. We can say she did deliver tonight. The song ‘Mercy’ is a nice piece of electropop. The jury is complimenting the lyrics of the song and state that this has the chance to win it all next week.

21:36 – It’s getting interesting in Hungary

Standings after six performances in the first heat of A Dal 2018:

01. Leander Kills – Nem szol harang – 44 points
02. Zsolt Sule – Zold a majus – 44 points
03. Gabi Knoll – Nobody To Die For – 40 points
04. Noemo – Levegot! – 39 points
05. Living Room – Kirakat elet – 36 points
06. Tamas Vastag – Ne hagyj remenyt – 36 points

21:31 – Paula Valentaite is back!

After a horrific performance by Twosome, we see Paula return to Eurovizija in Lithuania. She still has the looks and voice, but her song ‘1 2 3’ might not be as strong as her entry of last year. The performance should be good enough to get her through to the next round.

21:24 – Problems in Hungary, Lucie has a shaky start in France

Freddie tells the public in Hungary that the App voting has crashed and will not be used tonight. Only SMS voting will be taken into count. Meanwhile in France, we have heard the first song by Lucie. Some shaky vocals and it looks like a ballad (like her cover song) would have perhaps fitted her better.

21:08 – Early standing in heat one of A Dal 2018

Still seven acts to go, but after the first three we have a current standing. The best five will qualify, out of the other five the public will give a wildcard:

01. Noemo – Levegot! – 39 points
02. Living Room – Kirakat elet – 36 points
03. Tamas Vastag – Ne hagyj remenyt – 36 points

21:05 – Destination Eurovision has started!

Who will join Malo’ in the grand final of Destination Eurovision in France? We will find out in the next two hours, as France is now airing the second semi final on TV5Monde Europe.

21:00 – Jury-vote winner impresses in Lithuania

At Eurovizijos 2018, Rūta Kotryna sang ‘Ghost’, a strong mysterious composition, well delivered. Would deserve to qualify. After winning the jury vote, Saulės Kliošas will probably also do well with the public tonight.

20:55 – The line-up in France

We are close to broadcast time in France. The nine songs competing in the second semi-final are:

1. Max Cinnamon – Ailleur
2. Igit – Lisboa Jérusalem
3. June The Girl – Same
4. Lucie – My world
5. Sweem – Là-haut
6. Madame Monsieur – Mercy
7. Nassi – Rêve de gamin
8. Sarah Caillibot – Tu me manques
9. Jane Constance – Un jour j’ai rêvé

20:40 – A weak start in Lithuania

Time for an update from Vilnius. The first four acts have been on stage. Despite getting 8 points from the jury, Juozas Martin struggled with his vocals. Justina Žukauskaitė let’s us hear why she scored bad with the jury. Elvina Milkauskaitė & Balys Kulikauskas duet gave usthe best (vocal) performance thus far and Lukas Jonaitis presented a very, very dates rock song.

20:34 – A song by all participants in Hungary opens A Dal 2018

The hosts for A Dal 2018 are Kriszta Ratonyi, and Freddie – Hungary’s ‘Pioneer’ Eurovision entrant in 2016. A Dal 2018 starts with a clip throughout Hungary, showing the 30 participants in a joint song. Having trouble opening the livestream? Click on the purple ELO box on the right site of the Mediaklikk website and hit the broadcaster Duna.

20:20 – 10 acts in Hungary, only 6 tickets for the semi final!

A Dal will start in a few minutes. Tonight’s first quarter final sees a total of ten acts, but only six of them will get a ticket to the semi final stage. Five acts will be qualified by both jury and televoting and a last wildcard will be handed out by public vote. Tonight we will watch the following participants with their entries:

01. Living Room – Kirakat elet
02. Tamas Vastag – Ne hagyj remenyt
03. Noemo – Levegot!
04. Leander Kills – Nem szol harang
05. Zsolt Sule – Zold a majus
06. Gabi Knoll – Nobody To Die For
07. Fourtissimo – Kisnyuszi a kalapban
08. Ceasefire X – Satellites
09. Viktor Kiraly – Budapest Girl
10. Patikadomb – Jo szelet!

20:08 – Will Paula and Mia qualify from heat 2 in Lithuania?

Presenters Mantas Stonkus and Ugnė Skonsmanaitė have opened the second heat of Eurovizija in Lithuania. Juozas Martin will be first, singing ‘Don’t give up’, giving an acoustic singer-songwriter performance. Later on, we will have former finalists Paula (8th starting slot) and Mia (11th in the running order) on stage.

19:50 – Half of the result in Lithuania is already known

The second show in Lithuania has been taped earlier this week and the results of the jury voting has already been revealed. The best six acts, with combined results from tonight’s televote, will qualify for the next round and join the six qualifiers of last week.

Here are the results of the jury for tonight’s show:

1. Saulės Kliošas – Man Gaila – 12 points
2. Twosome – Hello – 10 points
3. Juozas Martin – Don’t Give Up – 8 points
4. Audrius Petrauskas – In My Bones – 7 poonts
5. Paula – 1 2 3 – 6 points
6. Rūta Kotryna – Ghost – 5 points
7. Mia – Arrows – 4 points
8. Elizabeth Olshey – Bejausmis
9. Elvina Milkauskaitė & Balys Kulikauskas – So Long My Love, My Lover – 2 points
10. LJ – Over Now – 1 point
11. Justina Žukauskaitė – Love Doesn’t Lie – 0 points
12. Emilija Valiukevičiūtė – Bye Bye – 0 points

19:20 – Things to look forward to tonight

Paula Valentaitė returns to Eurovizija in Lithuania. Last year, she lasted until the grand final with the fan favourite ‘Let You Go’. She is the eighth artist in the running order. Mia is a former finalist (2015) as well.

Viktor Király, Gabi Knoll and Leander Kills will all take the stage in A Dal and hope to qualify for the next round. And way at the end of the evening, we see ánd hear The Voice 2013 star Sarah Caillibot in France.

19:00 – We’re getting ready

Tonight, our editor Dennis from The Netherlands will guide you as three countries have a preselection show. Lithuania will be first at 20:00 CET, followed by A Dal in Hungary half an hour later. France will join the join from 20:55 CET on, as we will find out who will join the Australian singer-songwriter Malo’ in the grand final of Destination Eurovision next week.