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It is time for the United Kingdom to select their entry for The Eurovision Song Contest 2019. They are still using the You Decide format – however, the set up is slightly different. In 2019, we have a total of six acts singing 3 songs in a variety of different genres and styles, and it will be one of these 6 acts who will be flying the British flag in Tel Aviv.

If you are a UK viewer, you can watch the show live on BBC 2, or if you are an international viewer, you can watch the show here. The show starts at 20:30 CET. Most recent comments will be at the top and all comments will be in in the CET time zone.


21:57 CET – We have a winner

and the winner is Michael Rice. A surprise result. He will be singing Bigger than us. See you in Tel Aviv

21:53 CET – Winners duet between Katrina and Mans Zelmerlow

Katrina and Mans singing love Shine a light. The Audience love it, and surprise appearance from Katrina.

21:47 CET – Welcome back SuRie

SurRe is doing her new arrangement of Storm which is part ballad and part uptempo. She performed this on her post Eurovision tour, and the reception was amazing. All back with a black piano was how she performed this on her mini tour.

21:45 CET – A decade of Graham Norton

The hosts note that is has been 10 years since Graham Norton took over from the legend that is the late Sir Terry Wogan as the UK Eurovision commentator, and the VT displays what an amazing time he has had since he began the amazing role. He has done well since he had big shoes to fill.

21:40 CET – Welcome to Salford Netta!

 Netta singing Toy is getting an amazing reception. Everyone is the audience is doing the chicken dance, and it is going down well. she is stunning in Pink and Silver.

21:33 CET – Second Performance of Bigger Than Us by Michael Rice

Michael is singing Bigger than us again, and is, again much better second round, everyone is singing along and carrying him through, and he is getting rave reviews fro presenters and judges alike. This song has a typical Eurovision key change, and Rylan believes would do well with the juries and public alike.

21:27 CET – Second Performance of Freaks by Jordan Clarke

Next for the second time is Jordan Clarke singing Freaks. Not much of a reaction than Kerrie-Anne but he is also better second time around vocally. Again no change to staging or costume. He gets better and better vocally as the song goes on.

21:19 CET Second performance of Sweet Lies by Kerrie Anne

Netta is introducing Tel Aviv. Sweet Lies is bering performed a second time by Kerrie Anne, and the audience are carrying her through, suggesting that she is the favourite. No changes to staging or costume. She is much better vocally and has much more energy this time around. Her energy is much greater and her end vocals are also much greater this time around, and the audience are loving it.

21:17 CET Jury Voting

Through to the super final with Bigger Than Us is Michael Rice

21:12 CET – Bigger Than Us by Michael Rice

Michael Rice has a Greatest showman twist on his version of Bigger Than Us. He is wearing a striped suit which compliments his curvy figure. This ballad version works well with some faster elements. The audience reception for him is crazy. his staging is simple and classy, and compliments the song well. His voice is really strong and he hits the highest notes without any struggle. The end of the song and his voice are extremely strong, and he does it without any struggle He is one of the favourites tonight, so will he do well? he is getting rave reviews from the jury

21:05 CET – Bigger Than Us by Holly Tandy

Holly is one of the youngest contestants. The song is pop with elements of country and pop and she carries it off well. She is in all red, and looks a bit like Lucie Jones. Her voice is unique and suits this song and you can hear that she carries it well even through the key change. Dancers add atmosphere and she came off a silver/gold pyramid to start the song. The country element of this song is well received by the audience in the studio. They mention 17 year olds who have done well at Eurovision, meaning they have high hopes for Holly. Molly notes that she is better live than on the studio recorded version.

21:04 CET: Deadlock on jury voting

Jordan Clarke is through to the super final. Rylan had the casting vote due to deadlock.

20:58 CET – Freaks by Maid

Maid are the novices in the competition, however one of the members is currently understudying Jade Ewan in Aladdin. Their version of the song is eery, and the harmonies are perfect. Their outfits are rather mis matched for the performance. No dancers or staging for the song. Their voices are perfect for the style of song, it is pop but a much slower tempo than the previous version, and it has elements of jazz in it. Outfits contain Red, black and White, these colours seem to be a running theme tonight. Rylan is extremely harsh on the girls and he doesn’t like, Marvin agrees with them. Mel gives the band some encouragement. Molly loves the band together, and as a former girl band member, she is giving them some great advice.

20:53 CET – Freaks by Jordan Clarke

Jordan Clarke is singing Freaks and is taking inspiration from Mikolas Josef from Czech Republic in looks and style of the song. He is wearing an army style jacket and black skinny jeans but this does not add anything to the performance. The staging is plain, but he does have dancers and they work well, but again they do not add anything. His voice is weak in places but in the main section of the song he is great as the voices is in the perfect key for him to manage, so he is not struggling. Freddie Mercury mic stand makes the performance great. Rave reviews from the jury. Rylan compares him to Benjamin Ingrosso and Mikolas

20:50 CET: Jury voting

Kerrie-Anne is through to the super final as determined by the jury.

20:44 CET –  Sweet Lies by Anisa

 Anisa is singing Sweet lies in a different way channeling her inner Paula Selling from Playing with Fire. This different version of Sweet Lies is a start contrast to Kerrie-Anne’s version. Much slower Temp, no movement, and she is playing a piano to suit her own voice key. She is wearing all black, and seems to be styled on Paula Selling crossed with Ruslana. Her voice carries through the song well, and her tones and execution of the song is fabulous, the cheers for her speaking volumes. Could this be the shock of the night? All of the judges compliment her, however they do not believe a ballad will be strong enough to stand out in the strong field of songs that have already been selected, and the songs that are due to be selected by other countries.

20:39 CET – Sweet Lies by Kerrie-Anne

Kerrie-Anne looks amazing in a gold fringe dress. the song is of the pop genre and she is carrying off this extremely fast paced song very well, and is channelling her inner Eleni Foureira. Raising the bar extremely high to start the show. Dancers compliment the performance very well, and the colour combos of gold, Black and Red work very well. Rylan wants Kerrie-Anne to be the next Eleni.

20:30 CET – Introductions from Mel and Mans

And we begin. judges are Rylan, Molly King and Marvin Humes. Mel and Mans hit it off as per usual, jokes a plenty between the both of them, their presenting styles work together amazingly well.

20:25 CET – Welcome to the show

Welcome to the ESCDaily liveblog of Eurovision: You Decide. The 6 artists and the 2 different songs between the artists are as follows:

  1. Bigger than us – Holly Tandy/Michael Rice
  2. Freaks – Jordan Clarke/Maid
  3. Sweet Lies – Kerrie-Anne/Anisa