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01:03 – Conan Osíris wins!

After receiving the most jury votes and televotes, Conan wins with a total of 24 points. This unanimous decision means that he will represent Portugal with his song Telemóveis at Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv.

00:50 – Jury votes

Portugal has been divided into seven regions, with each jury giving every act points in order of preference (Eurovision style). Conan Osíris received 12 points from six juries, giving him a commanding 82 points.

00:00 – Voting is still open…

45 minutes later, and recaps are still being shown. Telemóveis continues to receive the greatest amount of applause.

23:15 – Voting is open

We will now wait as Portugal votes to decide who will represent them at Eurovision. Festival da Canção has a reputation of taking notoriously long to reveal votes, so we could be here for a while…

23:13- Ana Cláudia – Inercia

This is a nice conclusion to tonight’s final, but it lacked impact. The melody was pleasant, and the vocal performance was very confident. However, it may get lost in an impressive selection of songs available to vote for. It is still a good entry, but there wasn’t a particular standout moment or aspect.

23:09 – Conan Osíris – Telemóveis

Conan receives the biggest and best reception of the night after his exceptional performance. Easily the most unique entry of the night, Telemóveis fuses ethnic and modern instrumental to create a captivating entry. The staging is personal to Conan, and his energy on stage suits the song. He believes in this song, and so does the public. But will the jury vote for it too?

23:04 – Madrepaz – Mundo a Mudar

This entry gives off a wonderful campfire song vibe, with staging emphasising nature. The acoustic instrumental paired with good harmonies is lovely to listen to. Although not a favourite, this has the ability to charm many people, and potentially the jury – it is executed very well.

23:00 – NBC – Igual A Ti

Winner of Semi Final 2, NBC is another one of the main contenders tonight, and he gives it everything he’s got. As evident last week, this entry has the ability to attract votes, but there are arguably stronger entries in the mix tonight. Vocals, staging and the song itself were all good, but it felt like something was missing.

22:48 – Surma – Pugna

We are moving at a very good pace now, and are up to the fourth song tonight. Surma delivers a unique and contemporary performance. There is undoubtedly a captivating and other-worldly atmosphere created on stage, but the song isn’t as memorable. The target audience for this could be quite niche, so it may struggle in the televote.

22:43 – Matay – Perfeito

There is undoubtedly a Disney feel to this song, which gives it a very charming quality. One of the bookie’s favourites to win, an impressive and composed vocal performance certainly helps Matay’s chances. This is definitely a contender tonight, but will it stand out amongst the relatively high number of ballads?

22:38 – Mariana Bragada – Mar Doce

Mariana delivers an ethereal performance, with the simple staging reflecting the nature of the song. Although not a favourite to win, there is definitely an audience who will vote for this gentle, delicate ballad. Vocals were everything they needed to be as well.

22:32 – Calema – A Dois

A well executed mid-tempo pop song, A Dois is an enjoyable way to start tonight’s proceedings.They have good chemistry as a duo, and are able to harmonise well. The song failed to reach a great height, but it was nonetheless a good song that fans enjoyed.

22:20 – Pre show

Portugal are certainly putting on a show with numerous Eurovision-themed skits and songs. Their flair for performance still remains after they hosted in 2018.

22:00 – Bem vinda!

Welcome to the liveblog for the final of Festival da Canção 2019. Tonight, a jury and the Portuguese public will vote to decide who will represent Portugal at Eurovision in Tel Aviv. You can read our preview of the potential winners here.

You can watch tonight’s show via this link, or alternatively, here.

Below are the eight acts (in running order) who will compete for the crown…

Calema – A Dois

Mariana Bragada – Mar Doce

Matay – Perfeito

Surma – Pugna

NBC – Igual A Ti

Madrepaz – Mundo a Mudar

Conan Osíris – Telemóveis

Ana Cláudia – Inercia