Read back: Serbia brings back Beovizija for 2018

RTS, the national broadcaster in Serbia have decided to bring back their national final for 2018. Beovizija was last used as a national final back in 2009, when Marko Kon & Milaan were selected, and their song was titled Cipela. Who will be selected to represent Serbia in 2018? We shall find out tonight.

You can watch the 2018 edition of Beovizija from 21:00 CET through this link (Though you have to create an account on facebook and sign in before the network will allow you to watch), and join our editor Sadie Trent who will provide a live blog below!

The 17 entries for the final tonight (in performance order) are as follows:

  1. SevdahBABY – Hajde da igramo sada
  2. Rambo Amadeus & Beti Dordevic – Nema te
  3. Maja Nikolic – Zemlja cuda
  4. Srdan and Emil – Bar da znam
  5. Ivan Kurtic – Ni sunca, ni meseca
  6. Sanja Ilic & Balkanika – Nova deca
  7. Koktel Balkan – Zato
  8. Boris Režak – Vila
  9. Lana & Aldo – Jaca sam od svih
  10. Dušan Svilar – Pod krošnjom bagrema
  11. Igor Lazarevic – Beži od mene
  12. Saška Jankovic – Pesma za tebe”
  13. Lord – “Samo nek se okrece
  14. Danijel Pavlović – Ruža sudbine
  15. BASS – Umoran
  16. Osmi Vazduh & Friends – Probudi se
  17. Biber & DJ Niko Bravo – Jutro (Svatovi)

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And the winners are… Sanja Ilic & Balkanika


Sanja Ilic & Balkanika lead after jury votes finiah


Now on stage from Croatia is Jacques Houdek with his song ‘My Friend’ very well received by the crowd in Belgrade tonight


Up now in the interval act is Bojana Stamenov (she is the only recognisable one. She is singing her Eurovision entry Beauty never lies. She still has her powerful vocals and her unique style.


Serbia has 15 minutes to televote for their favourites from the show tonight

22:29 – Biber & DJ Niko Bravo – Jutro (Svatovi)

Finally on to the last act of this edition of Beovizija. The female vocialist has great vocalist for this type of standard pop song. This is very radio friendly and would do well in the charts but not sure if it would do well at Eurovision though. She is wearing an ethnic outfit which he seems comfortable in. Vocals hold out well throughout the song even when the key and pace changes ever so slightly.

22:26 – Osmi Vazduh & Friends – Probudi se

A very colourful performance. Outfits are very mismatched from all members so are very hard to describe. Male vocalist is not needed, he does not add anything at all. The females would be ok on their own. This is your typical cheesy Eurovision pop song in terms of sound and look.

22:23 – BASS – Umoran

WOW! Where are these extremely low vocals coming from. These 2 voices do not work well together at all since one is so high and one is so low. Meaning their harmonies are so out of pitch and they do not sound right. However the beat and composition of this ballad type song is great, maybe one person singing it on their own would be enough.

22:17 – Danijel Pavlović – Ruža sudbine

Great pop/rock song and vocals to match. His outfit was laid back to match the nature of the song. Not much to say about this one really

22:14 – Lord – Samo nek se okrece

A dance/pop track which is getting the audience moving. His vocals are ok-ish, again they do need some work. He is wearing a hat with a black top and trousers. In this sequence they do some traditional Serbian dancing which is great.

22:11 – Saška Jankovic – Pesma za tebe

The first thing that strikes me is the bright pink hair (almost like Dinah Nah). However this is a ballad with some ethnicity thrown in. Vocals are on the low side for a female but are still great, but then they sore and the keep soaring right until the end of the song. She is wearing a blue jump suit which shows off her figure well. This is a great song for her voice.

22:06 – Igor Lazarevic – Beži od mene

A great reception for Igor to start. A typical slow pop song with some rock elements to demonstrate his amazing vocal ability. He is multi talented. He is the only act so far tonight to sing and play an instrument at the same time. He is wearing a leather biker jacket and the rest of his outfit is what Ii would describe as a typical rocker outfit. This is not the song of Eurovision song I would expect to qualify, but it is a great song though.

22:03 – Dušan Svilar – Pod krošnjom bagrema

This song has a Spanish feel to it, which works well with him singing in Serbian. He is wearing a casual suit reflect the laid back nature of this song. His ability to reach high notes and hold them is reflected well in this song. A faultless performance.

21:59 – Lana & Aldo – Jaca sam od svih

Strong vocals. This is a pop/disco track. Momentum in female vocalists voice is kept all the through this song. Ethnic drum beats add a lot do this song. Female is wearing long black dress with a MASSIVE skirt (it looks as though it has a frame on the top of it). She is doing well to keep changing key in the song and back again.

21:47 – Boris Režak – Vila

This song has a strong 1920s feel to it. It sounds like it belongs in a foreign version of Bugsy Malone (only real way to describe it) Vocals fit in well though, he is trying hard to keep up and is doing well. All the dancers fit in with the 1920s theme with their flapper dress and headband outfits, he is wearing an all black suit.

21:44 – Koktel Balkan – Zato

Very strong vocals. This is a pop song but a slower one. She is wearing a glittery blue mini dress. Her vocals are being shown off in various different parts of the song but not in all of it Does not end on a high note which is pretty disappointing.

21:40 – Sanja Ilic & Balkanika – Nova deca

It starts off as a ballad, and then it turns into a pop song. A lot ethnicity in this song (which I like). The female voices harmonise well together, and then when the male voices come in, it adds another dimension which is great. The females are wearing long pink dresses and the men are wearing black casual outfits. A great try from this group.

21:31 – Ivan Kurtic – Ni sunca, ni meseca

This song has a really strong French feel and vibe in its sound running through out it. An accordion is being played which is giving it that vibe. Vocals are ok-ish, could do with some work, his vocals on the top notes need more ork than the rest of the song as he really struggled with it. He is wearing a smart black suit to keep with the smart and classy nature of this show.

21:27 – Srdan and Emil – Bar da znam

A pop song with some blues and jazz elements. This reminds me of the Richard and Joe song from Malta. There is actually 2 of them singing here (unsure if they are a father and son duet). The voices compliment each other really well. They were really laid back, and their costumes were laid back to match the nature of the song.

21:23 – Maja Nikolic – Zemlja cuda

A pop beat with some unique beats (which can’t be pinned down). This is the best of the first 3 so far. Her vocals are shown off all through out the song. Her costume consists or a MASSIVE collar. She is making use of the stage space, and is utilising her dancers well. Her vocals keep soaring in the song, and she manages to maintain the momentum.

21:18 – Rambo Amadeus & Beti Dordevic – Nema te

Song is really slow (like a ballad) with some jazz elements added in. Beti does have some great vocals though. Rambo does not add much to the performance apart from playing instruments. This song could do without that. Beti is wearing a stunning long black dress. Rambo is just talking through his parts of the song and not showing any vocal ability at all. he is wearing a suit with a hat, again which adds nothing to this performance.

21:14 – SevdahBABY – Hajde da igramo sada

This sounds like a Serbian version of something that would come from The Fresh Prince of Bel air. For the tempo of the song (which is quick with the beat of a 90s pop song) the soloist is hardly using the huge stage in Belgrade to his advantage. He also has 4 cardboard cutouts of himself playing different instruments. He is wearing a red tracksuit with gold glasses, and his vocals are not great. Not a great start in Serbia. It is almost as though he is using the cardboard cut outs to fill the stage.


Well the show has begun, no acts have performed yet. What a stress trying to get onto the broadcast because it is all in Serbian though.


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  1. Ivan’s song has a French feel? Sorry, but this accordion is played in the utmost Balkan (Serbian folk) way as possible. 🙂

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