Read back: How Slovenia picked their Eurovision entry at EMA

21:32 – The winner is…

Zara Kralj & Gašper Šantl with their song Sebi! They will now represent Slovenia at Eurovision 2019.

21:15 – The two superfinalists are…

Raiven (Kaos) and Zara Kralj & Gašper Šantl (Sebi)

20:59 – Raiven – Kaos

An interesting conclusion to the songs in Slovenia. Kaos seems to be a fan favourite, but it didn’t exactly translate as well as expected on a live stage. The entry is also a little disjointed. There are still positives about the electronic aspects of the song, though.

20:55 – Zara Kralj & Gašper Šantl – Sebi

This alternative entry is not offensive, but it is rather flat and doesn’t progress. The jury could enjoy this though, as it is simple yet complex. However, the performance was fairly one dimensional, which may not maintain the interest of viewers.

20:49 – INMATE – Atma

The second rock entry of the night is more powerful and impactful, creating a great live atmosphere. Your attention is captured immediately from the beginning of the song, and your interest is maintained throughout. Will Slovenia vote for a rock song, though?

20:41 – Okusticni – Metulji plešejo

The artists work very well as a duo in this entry, reminiscent of Estonia 2015. They sing separately, but then produce lovely harmonies. Although it is very enjoyable to listen you, will it spark voters to pick up the phone. It could definitely perform well with the jury votes, though.

20:36 – Lumberjack – Lepote DNA

A solid rock entry, but it lacks originality and energy. There will be an audience who will vote for this, but it will struggle to get through the jury first. A little insipid for a strong Eurovision rock entry.

20:31 – Ula Ložar – Fridays

Former Slovenian Junior Eurovision representative Ula makes her debut at EMA with her song Fridays. The entry is extremely catchy, and the staging reflects the fun nature of it all. However, her vocals lack some punch (which is understandable as a young performer). Definitely a contender, though – it was received well by the audience.

20:26 – Fed Horses – Ti ne poznaš konzev

This folk and country inspired entry is easy listening, and the vibes of the staging are very relaxing. Its simplicity is its greatest strength, with the ability to stand out come voting. Could this win? Potentially. It has an appeal similar to Portugal 2017.

20:20 – René – Ne poveš

A very competent performance of a modern pop song. It doesn’t exactly stand out as a potential winner, but the staging was very smooth overall. Vocals were solid too, but not exactly impressive.

20:13 – Renata Mohorič – Three bridges

Unfortunately this song isn’t particularly original, and seems like a typical pop-style ballad. Further, the staging and outfits are bizzare and don’t seem to match the song. In 2nd position as well (an historically difficult position), this entry may struggle.

20:06 – Kim – Rhythm back to you

A good, energetic start to the show with this dance song. Although there’s nothing remarkable about the song itself, it was fun regardless. A solid vocal performance does put the entry in good stead to potentially represent Slovenia, but there are still many other upcoming performances that could top this.

20:00 – Welcome to tonight’s liveblog of Slovenia’s Eurovision national final – Evrovizijska Melodija (EMA)! You can watch tonight’s show via this link. Listed below are the ten competing acts.

Kim – Rhythm back to you

Renata Mohorič – Three bridges

René – Ne poveš

Fed Horses – Ti ne poznaš konzev

Ula Ložar – Fridays

Lumberjack – Lepote DNA

Okusticni – Metulji plešejo


Zara Kralj & Gašper Šantl – Sebi

Raiven – Kaos