“Luca Hänni is good, but not a Eurovision winner”

Top favorite Luca Hänni from Switzerland receives a lot of praise for their first Eurovision rehearsal today in Tel Aviv. However, at the same time less and less people seem convinced of Luca Hänni’s winning chances.

Philip Houtermans, journalist for Songfestival.be, feels slightly disappointed. “There was not a lot going on, visually. It was just colors, dancers, and nothing else.” Professional gambler Rob Furber can relate to this sentiment. “I think people were looking for a proper wow-moment. And it did not really have that.”

Check out the reactions to Switzerland’s first Eurovision rehearsal:

Despite their criticism, people praise Luca Hänni for a good performance. ESCDaily’s chief editor Steef van Gorkum says. “I was impressed with how Luca combined dancing and singing.” However, Van Gorkum does not see Switzerland as a potential Eurovision winner. “I have never considered it a potential winner, and today did not change that for me.”

Watch Luca Hänni perform “She got me” for the first time:

Switzerland had their first rehearsal today. During the performance, Luca has four dancers with him on stage. The most interesting visual trick they pull, is a split-screen in square. Other than that, the camera mostly shows the full stage.