Malmö 2013: SVT advises fans on tickets

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The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 received amazing coverage by the press and media, and of course the annual involvement from the OGAE fan club. Now, after the victory of Loreen, the contest is flying to the ‘Eurovision Land’ as many eurofans say. The contest is not only popular in Europe, but it is watched all over the world, with an amazing audience and with a lot of people already, fans and media included, planing their travel to the next edition, that will be held in Malmö, as the Swedish Broadcaster (SVT) announced some days ago.

Now, that the countdown has started, Christer Björkman (SVT), warns the media, fans and the people who is planning to attend the contest that any ticket shouldn’t be purchased or reserved until the EBU and the SVT release the official tickets on their official websites. This is due to the plans regarding the development of the stage are still incomplete, therefore making it impossible to announce the number of seats and therefore tickets available.

Regarding accommodation, Christer promises there will be enough for everyone who wants to attend the contest and there is no reason for stress, and as is customary, hotels in Malmö have already been booked up to accomodate the delegations. Later on the hotel accommodations will be released. SVT will try to give the best options possible for attendees with regards to accommodation and tickets for the contest and of course a suitable solution for everything. Due to Copenhagen’s close proximity to Malmö, there will be two international airports for arrivals to the city; Malmö Sturup Airport and Copenhagen Kastrup Airport.

Christer also promises, that an ” unforgettable Eurovision world”, will be created around the event and that’s the reason why Malmö has been chosen, focusing on the true spirit of the contest and the artists. Also, the production team want to reach new creative heights with the 3 shows to be broadcasted in 2013.

So stay tuned here, for coming news about the next edition of Europe’s TV favourite show!