Malo’ qualifies for Destination Eurovision final in France

Malo’ has qualified for the Grand Final of Destination Eurovision. The Australian singer-songwriter finished in third place during the first semi final with his song “Ciao”. Lisandro Cuxi won the show.

Malo’s mystical performance was clearly a love-or-hate entry. On social media, his song received comparisons to Coldplay, and lots of love for the falsetto vocals. However, there were also critical comments to his eccentric movement on stage. In the end, however, all six jurors awarded Malo’ with points, while two of them gave him the top score of 12 points.

Full results: Lisandro Cuxi wins first semi final

Lisandro Cuxi, winner of The Voice in 2017, clearly won the first semi final with 66 points. His song “Eva” had a nice urban ring to it and was performed confidently. Juror Amir complimented Lisandro on his English pronunciation and awarded him 12 points. Lisandro was also highly popular with the international jury. He there received twelve points from the Italian and Belarussian Head of Delegation while Christer Björkman gave him 10.

Zazie and Maitre Gims

The other two qualifiers both leaned on a highly recognized composer. Emmy Liyana had her song composed by French superstar Zazie, while Louka’s song was written by the popular hiphop singer Maitre Gims. He recently scored a worldwide hit with the song “J’me tire”.

Who is Malo’?

Malory Pablo Legardinier is from Caen, where he does his musical apprenticeship. His mother, however, is Australian.

An early singer, Malo’ first appeared on stage at the age of seven. Eager to become the master of his songs, he learns successively bass, drums and guitar and piano, and composes his first songs.

Later at sixteen, he recorded his first title, “Over Place or Off the Premises”, followed by the album self-produced The Old Way, which appeared in 2011. It is in Australia, where his mother lives, that Malo ‘performs his first promotional tour in the spring of 2012. He also took the opportunity to win the Northern Beaches Festival Award in front of a hundred local competitors.

At the beginning of 2013, Malo’ began writing and composing the songs of his new album Be / Being. Now we are five years later and he will try to represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest.